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Pandya Store 1st May 2021 Written Episode Update: Rishita hurts everyone’s sentiments

Pandya Store 1st May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rishita asking Dev why is he lying. He says I m feeling hungry seeing the tasty food. Everyone begins to have the food. Gautam asks Raavi to sit in his place. He says its your first rasoi today, you have the first right to have food, you are working hard since morning. He feeds the food to Raavi. Dhara smiles. He asks Shiva to have food. He also feeds Shiva. He asks everyone to come and have food by his hands. He feeds them. Everyone smiles. Dhara cries happily. Raavi says you have to feed me twice. Shiva says four times to me, I will have all the food by Gautam’s hand today. Rishita looks on. Dev asks Rishita to come. Rishita says no please, I can’t have food this way, how can you eat food from the same plate. Rishita says you have a habit to have food mouth to mouth. Dev coughs. Raavi asks Krish what is he saying. Shiva asks Krish to have water. Dhara says now Raavi is also Krish’s bhabhi, Krish doesn’t know what to say in front of others. Rishita goes.

Gautam keeps the plate. Shiva says you didn’t eat it. Gautam says I had it. He goes. Dhara asks everyone to come and have food. Dev feels bad and goes. Gautam recalls Rishita’s words and cries. Dev comes and hugs him. He says I m sorry, I will never do this. Gautam asks why are you saying this. Dev says I have to become like you, so much patience and maturity, I m embarrassed by Rishita’s doing, forgive me. Gautam says she is new here, she will need time to understand our family, its imp that we understand her, take her outside to make her mood better. He hugs Dev. He sees everyone coming with their food plates. Jeevan ka ye pahiya….plays… Raavi says you said its my first rasoi, you have to eat it from my hands. She apologizes to him. He says you didn’t do anything. Gautam eats the food by their hands. Dhara says you came here, you didn’t think how will I have food without you. Rishita comes and looks on. Gautam feeds food to Dhara and wipes her tears. They all have food together. Rishita goes. Yaadon ki baraat….plays… Dev sees her leaving. Dev says I will just come. He goes after Rishita. Gautam says enough now, how much will you feed. He laughs. Rishita says I will not stay here, what a strange family, what did I say that they got angry on me. She feels disgusted.

Prafulla packs the bag. Anita asks is it imp that I go. Prafulla says yes, I can’t leave Raavi alone, go and protect her. Anita asks shall I not go. Prafulla says don’t tell Raavi about our surprise, she will be glad. Dev comes to Rishita and scolds her.

He says you don’t care for anyone’s emotions, why. She cries. He calms down. He says I want my family to love and respect you, we have become husband and wife now, we have to stay with family, Raavi is also keeping the relation, why can’t you keep it. Rishita says because I can’t act, Raavi doesn’t love Shiva, she does love drama with everyone, I can’t fake it, I love you and will always do, I also want people to love me, what about hygiene. He says you can have food by my hands. She says I love you. He says my family loves me, you gave the answer. Gautam comes to call him. Dev goes.

Gautam asks why are you sad. Dev says no. Gautam says I can see it, I called you because our talk was incomplete, everything will get fine. Rishita says I also love my mum and dad, but we didn’t have food together, what is this behavior. Dev says Rishita behaves such, I don’t know how to react. Gautam says give her time, understand her, its imp, make her believe that she is a beautiful part of this family, you didn’t leave the family and go there, she came here, we should give time to relations. Dev says yes, but she hurts the family sometimes. Gautam says no, we are brothers, one blood, we will always love each other, we don’t need to prove it, but your love is new, its our responsibility to keep her happy, I have made bonfire arrangement at night, everyone should be happy in the family, just take care of Rishita, go. Dev leaves.

Raavi drops her clothes down. She sees the marbles fallen on the floor. She says I will pick it soon. Shiva comes and falls down. She laughs. They argue. He asks her to stop laughing. He says I had 23 marbles since 13 years. She asks is this bag 13 years old, I won’t touch it. He says keep all the marbles back, you don’t think my heart melted for you, I m still same bhootnath, take your clothes. He goes. Dhara comes. Raavi says careful. Dhara thinks she will feel helpless until I pacify her.

Shiva and Krish scare Rishita about the black spirit. Rishita sees a shadow and screams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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