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Loyal’s Murder (RIANSH) #OS (one shot)

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The OS begins from Mrs. D’souza’s death.

In VR mansion,

In the morning,

Riddhima’s POV:

I am in my room. I still can’t digest the fact that Mrs. D’souza was the one plotting against me and the family. It’s really difficult for me to believe because she was the one who told me that she saw the yellow gloves person in the basement. It can’t be Mrs. D’souza. Though her reports say that she’s mentally ill, there were no symptoms. She was absolutely fine and healthy. My thoughts were broken as Vansh entered the room. He came and sat next to me.

Vansh: Do you need anything Riddhima?

Riddhima: No, I am good!

Should I tell him that I still don’t believe Mrs. D’souza to be behind my attacks? What if he doesn’t believe me? Doesn’t matter Riddhima! Just put forth your view.

Riddhima: Vansh, I need to tell you something!

Vansh: What is it?

He gave me a confused questioning look. But I had to carry on.

Riddhima: Vansh, I still can’t believe that Mrs. D’souza is the one behind my attacks.

Vansh: But Riddhima according to the reports she’s mentally ill.

Riddhima: The reports can be forged too.

Vansh: Not possible Riddhima, Mom was the one who got those reports.

Riddhima: But Vansh every patient carries some symptoms, right? Y’all have been with her for so long Vansh, believe me, Please!

He gave me an assuring look and went from there. I don’t think that this person would take any action. I, myself, will have to find out.

Vansh’s POV:

I can’t understand why does Riddhima keeps doubting everyone. I understand her insecurities, everyone loves life. I can also understand that she’s shock to believe that Mrs. D’souza is the one behind her attacks. But that doesn’t mean she’ll doubt others. I want to talk about it to my family but then they will think that Riddhima carries grudges against them. But I can speak indirectly, to whom? DADI!! I walked to Dadi’s room and found her sitting, deep in thought. I walked in her room and sat besides her, holding her hand in mine.

Vansh: Dadi, all okay?

Dadi: Yes Vansh! But still I can’t believe that D’souza was the one doing all this.

She had tears in her eyes. And now definitely I can’t speak about Riddhima directly to her. I’ll have to beat around the bush.

Vansh: Dadi, please calm down!

Dadi: Vansh, I am all good! Tell me, what made you come here?

Vansh: Actually Dadi, Riddhima has been worried.

Dadi: I understand Vansh! You need to take good care of her. She took your death on herself. No one does it Vansh! Especially, not in today’s selfish world.

Vansh: I know Dadi! And I regret the decision of not listening to her when she said it’s someone from the house against her.

Dadi: Vansh, she’s your better half. You can’t ignore her words. Her doubts, her insecurities, you need to clarify. Whatever you think about them, if you want to get her out if it, work on it. Don’t ignore them. For the world you maybe Vansh Raisinghania, the business tycoon but for her you are her husband, Vansh!

After speaking to Dadi, I felt really good! Something new in me. I smiled at her and left her room. If I need to remove Riddhima from those thoughts, I have to work it. I’ll have to show her that it’s just her doubt and fear, nothing else! Riddhima, is my responsibility which I can’t ignore!

Riddhima’s POV:

In the night,

I woke up suddenly from sleep. I wanted to have water but the jug was empty. I saw Vansh sleeping next to me. I couldn’t remain thirsty so I decided to go to the kitchen and have water. I walked down and went to the kitchen. I removed water bottle from the fridge and drank it. As I was about to go back to my room, I saw Anupriya walking towards the gate, she went out. At this hour? Why? She didn’t inform anyone. Though, I wanted to ignore her going out, something in mind asked me to follow her. That’s like my detective mind! I followed her, secretly. She was quite far from the house, at a walkable distance of 10 minutes. Not that any one would mind her going alone but at this hour, yes! I was following her and then she reached here location, I guess. I stood behind a tree, hiding myself. I could see a man wearing a hoodie, his back was facing me.

Anupriya: My son!

What? Her son? Who? The person turned and I got the biggest shock of my life. Kabir?

Kabir: Mom!

Anupriya hugged me and I widened my eyes.

Anupriya: My son! My biological son! I am so happy to see you! But once we destroy Vansh, we’ll live a happy life in the mansion.

Destroy Vansh? Why?

Kabir: Yes Mom! If Riddhima would have got to know that you were the yellow gloves person then there would have been chaos! But one thing went bad.

Anupriya: What?

Kabir: Dsouza’s death! You killed her!

I gasped! How cruel can someone be!

Anupriya: I had to Kabir! She saw me. If she would have gone and told everything to Vansh and Riddhima, our hardwork of years would have gone in vain.

Hardwork? It’s called cheap work!

I wanted to go there and slap both of them but some part of me didn’t agree with it. I had to stop and hear them ahead.

Kabir: Mom, you have no idea, how difficult it was to get a pawn like Riddhima?

Pawn? Me?

Kabir: I had to make her love me so that she could do anything. That fool agreed to marry a stranger, a criminal for my love. She thinks it a mission, it is, I don’t deny the truth but the complete truth is, it’s my personal mission and not the nation’s mission.

I cried. I couldn’t hold on my tears. What the f*ck had I seen in this a**hole that made me love him. Ohh, I guess, his fake love. Today, more than hating him, I hate myself.

Anupriya: I agree Kabir! When Vansh will go behind bars, we’ll lead a happy life, together! Riddhima, what about her?

Kabir: Vansh, behind bars! Riddhima, behind soil!


Anupriya: What?

Kabir: Ohh my sweet Mom! Death!

Some part of me wished to have a gun at that moment to shoot him and his Mother. They sat down on the bench and Kabir kept his head on Anupriya’s lap. I walked away. I don’t want to make a fool of myself again. I came back to the mansion and walked to my room. I saw Vansh sleeping. What a fool am I? I loved the one who used me, and hated the one who took care of me! I will tell Vansh everything once he wakes up in the morning! I let Kabir use me but I can’t let Anupriya use him. I laid down thinking about my horrible fate wanting to sleep. But me being someone’s pawn brought me only thoughts and not sleep. I was so stupid to love the wrong one and believe his sugar coated words.

In the morning,

I couldn’t sleep. Not even a bit. Whole night I spend thinking about my life which is nothing but a lie. Me, being a stupid fool doing things for others and not for myself. My thoughts went away when I looked at Vansh. He looks so calm and sweet. For the first time I wanted to be next to him and embrace myself in his arms. Weird, isn’t it? Though, he’s strict, arrogant, firm, rude and all the possible bad qualities, he still has a heart of gold. I can’t keep a person like him in dark. I need to reveal myself to him. Thinking about the further consequences, I had tears. Just then Vansh woke up.

Vansh’s POV:

So deep in sleep. I didn’t have much intentions to wake up but then I felt a drop of water on my forehead. Though, I was awake, I didn’t want to open my eyes. But that one drop of water made me do that. As soon as I opened my eyes, I worried. Riddhima had tears in her eyes. I went closer to her and wiped her tears. On seeing her eyes, I could understand that this little girl didn’t sleep whole night. But why? And now that I am wiping her tears, she should stop crying, right? But no, she cried more and hugged me tightly. I couldn’t understand anything at that moment rather than to hug her. Her cries now were breaking me from inside. Why? Why was she affecting me? But her, hugging me gave me a feeling that she feels protected. She crying her heart out made me feel that she trusts me with her emotions. Neither of us broke the hug. We just embraced ourselves in our partners arms, feeling completed. She had stopped crying but still stuck to me. Though I didn’t want her to step back, I wanted to know the reason of her crying in the morning. Is there something she fears of? I broke the hug and looked in her eyes, still watery. I took her face in my palm and said with concern,”What happened Riddhima?” That one question and she again hugged me tightly. Og God! Is this something really serious? Though I don’t know why but I like this closeness, still I can’t ignore the fact that she’s in pain and wants to vent it out. I hugged her back and without breaking the hug I said, “Riddhima, what happened? Is there something that’s bothering you? You can tell me!” She broke the hug and looked down. Her eyes didn’t meet mine which affected me. She took my hands in hers and said, “Sorry!” with tears in her eyes. Now what is she sorry for? Crying in the morning? I asked, “Sorry for what?”

Riddhima: Sorry for not believing in you. Sorry for accusing you. Sorry for insulting you. Sorry for b*t*hing about you. Sorry for being rude to you. Sorry for mistrusting you. Sorry for betraying you. And most importantly, Sorry for marking my entry in your life.

Woah! Wait….. What’s wrong with her? I can’t understand anything. So many Sorry’s.

Vansh: Be clear Riddhima!

Riddhima: I am a spy!

Busted! More than her Sorry’s, this one sentence broke me. I couldn’t hold on to it. But why is she confessing it to me?

Vansh: Why are you confessing it to me?

Riddhima: I’ll tell you the whole truth from the start and then the decision is yours.

Whole truth? What is it?

Vansh: Go ahead!

Riddhima: I was Kabir’s fiance. Kabir, a CBI agent who wanted to put you behind bars. He still wants to. He and I were together for past two years. I loved him truly. The day you and I met for the beach party, was the day I had proposed him. He said that he’ll answer my proposal in the evening. He reached late, wounded! Seeing him in such a state broke me. The next day he revealed to me that he’s a CBI agent because all the while I was thinking him to be a PT teacher. After accepting my proposal, he said that he needs to complete a mission before making me his. On asking him, he said that he wants to put Vansh Raisinghania behind bars. He asked me to enter your life as a spy and told me to find evidences against you. You are the king of crimes. I entered your life from the day of the cruise. But letting me enter your mansion was your decision. And the story after that, you know! I searched for evidence against you but found none.

I was broken completely to the core. Riddhima being a spy hadn’t affected me much but the truth that she loved someone else did. Some part of me knew that she has her own intentions but never had I thought that she loved someone else. Well, I didn’t feel that she could love me but today, I wish if she did! She loved someone or does she still love him? She loves Kabir, my biggest enemy. But all of a sudden why is she confessing it?

Vansh: Why are you confessing it now?

Riddhima: It’s necessary!

Vansh: Why?

Riddhima: I didn’t complete myself yet!

Still more? Does she think I can take all shocks in a day? Now I don’t want to hear that she has kids with him. But still I gathered courage.

Vansh: What else?

Riddhima: Even you are being used!

Woah! Now I can think that it’s all a dream. Who the hell can use me? Do they have a death wish?

Riddhima: Anupriya is using you!

What the f*ck! Does she even know that she’s speaking about my mom? How can she say that? Is it her fear speaking? Stay calm Vansh!

Vansh: What makes you say that?

Riddhima: Last night, I went to drink water in the kitchen and saw her walking out of the house, I followed her. (She continues with Kabir and Anupriya’s conversation)

It’s her fear and insecurity speaking! I can’t yell at her. She already cried too much thinking over it.

Riddhima: Believe me Vansh! I am not lying.

Vansh: Am I saying you are?

Riddhima: Means you trust me?

Without answering I left from there and walked to my study room.

In study room,

The first time I faced failure. Riddhima loved someone else, Kabir! Out of everything that she spoke, it’s only Kabir’s topic that’s on my head. But for now, I need to ignore the talk of Mom, Riddhima is just having illusions!

‘Vansh, she’s your better half. You can’t ignore her words. Her doubts, her insecurities, you need to clarify. Whatever you think about them, if you want to get her out if it, work on it. Don’t ignore them. For the world you maybe Vansh Raisinghania, the business tycoon but for her you are her husband, Vansh!’

Dadi’s words again crossed my mind. Should I work on them? But what if it’s a trap laid by Kabir and Riddhima? I need to do something regarding it. I walked back to my room and saw Riddhima, sitting at the same place. I went to her and knelt down, holding her hands in mine.

Vansh: I trust you!

The smile+shock on her face was laughable. I smiled at her but only one question was in my head that Does she still love Kabir? I wanted to ask her but,

Riddhima: Thank you Vansh for trusting me! After whatever I heard from Kabir’s mouth, I hate him Vansh! I hate from the core of my heart!

Those words satisfied me. Wonder why? She left to freshen up while I walked down. I saw Mom in the kitchen, I still don’t completely believe Riddhima but thought of giving a try on Dadi’s words. I went to her.

Vansh: Good Morning Mom!

Anupriya: Good Morning Vansh!

She smiled at me but I had to ask her to know her reaction. I needed to know if Riddhima’s lying for Kabir or she’s fearing Mom. Or is Mom really at fault?

Vansh: Mom…

Anupriya: Yes Vansh!

Vansh: Mom, last night when I came to your room, you weren’t there. Where had you gone late at night?

I noticed her expressions. They seem worried and feared. She didn’t answer my question to which I had to repeat.

Anupriya: I was not feeling sleepy so was in the lawn.

She took the breakfast prepared for Dadi and left. She was actually worried. Is Riddhima speaking the truth? Is Mom really with Kabir? Or is my mind thinking that because of Riddhima’s accusation?

Riddhima’s POV:

I was so happy to know that Vansh believed me. But so easily was strange! Still he did! I still don’t know what made me hug him and feel safe in his arms. But I only wished if I could stay there a little longer. Kabir, I’ll make sure that you rot in hell. Because of you, I accused Vansh. But wait… Now that I know Kabir is at fault, should I give a chance to my marriage? This family is really loving. Vansh, Dadi, Sia, Chachi, Chacha they are all good. Vansh isn’t as bad as I have been thinking. Maybe I thought him to be bad because of Kabir’s way to portray him and I ignored all the good qualities of Vansh. I walked down the stairs and went to the kitchen to help Chachi serve breakfast. We did it together. Dadi and Anupriya didn’t join us today since Dadi isn’t keeping well. I sat besides Vansh and served him in his plate and then sat down to have mine. Weird? Even I feel the same! All of a sudden to do wife’s drama! I am doing it like it’s my daily routine. And now that I know that Kabir had given me all false information regarding Vansh, so I guess even Ragini’s information is wrong. But now, I don’t need to worry much, Vansh is there! We completed our breakfast and everyone departed to their own work. I was going back to my room and I bumped into Aryan. Oh God! Out of all, him!

Aryan: Woah! Which train do you need to catch in VR mansion?

Riddhima: You are equally at fault!

Aryan: Really? Anyways, I don’t have time to argue with you!

Riddhima: What work do you even do?

Aryan: Who the hell gave you the rights to talk me in that tone?

Riddhima: It’s my wish!

Aryan: So listen, all thanks to your not so beloved husband because of whom I am considered unworthy!

Vansh? Not what has my husband done? This idiot doesn’t know to work so is it my fault?

Riddhima: Excuse me? How is it related to Vansh?

Aryan: He thinks that I’m unworthy and doesn’t let me join his company. He gives me projects which are already done or which are not so important.

Riddhima: So prove your capability!

Aryan: Huh?

Riddhima: I’m serious! If you think you are worthy then prove your worth to him. You can’t expect Vansh Raisinghania, the business tycoon to spoon feed you, right? Even if he gives you the deals which are not too important or almost completed show your dedication and don’t treat them like null. He’s Vansh, he’ll notice your expressions when he alots you the work, you showing disinterest would definitely make him think that you are useless! It will take time but once you prove it to him that you are worthy, he’ll handover your business back to you!

Aryan: Done with your lecture?

Riddhima: Whatever! You need anything related to this, let me know!

I walked off. Helping Aryan is not my cup of tea. But if he thinks that he’s unworthy then I had to speak up for him. He isn’t completely useless and a jerk. He got influenced by his surroundings. I reached back my room.

Aryan’s POV:

Huh? First she bumped into me and then started giving me lectures! What the hell does she think of herself? I am not Vansh bhai who will tolerate her drama. Wonder what did Bhai even notice in her? Her words are irritating me but equally affecting me. Maybe because it’s the first time someone tried to make me realise about myself. Should I believe her? Should I give her a try? Though, I still don’t like her, I hate her! Still, if I get my business back, what’s wrong? Right? Thinking about it, I went to her room and found her sitting on bed. I knocked! Unbelievable right? She said, “Come on!”

Aryan: I need to talk to you!

Riddhima: You already are doing!

I smiled. Damn, why?

Riddhima: About?

Aryan: If I listen to your words and work hard but Bhai still doesn’t let me in business, would you help me?

Riddhima: He definitely will let you in! But if he doesn’t, I’m there by you!

Aryan: Friends?

I forwarded my hand. Strange! She shook hands with me and said, “Friends” with a smile.

Aryan: I am sorry if I misbehaved with you in the past!

Riddhima: If? Really?

She’s right! There’s no ‘if’. I had misbehaved with her.

Aryan: I am sorry for misbehaving with you in the past.

Riddhima: It’s okay!

We smiled and I left. I came back to my room and recalled the file which Bhai gave me yesterday for completing.

Riddhima’s POV:

I am sure today is my last day. What is happening today? First, I confessed everything to Vansh about my past and he didn’t over-react. I spoke to him regarding Anupriya Mom’s and he still kept quiet. I want to give my marriage with Vansh, a chance. I started doing the wife’s things. Aryan and I became friends. If all impossible things happen in a day then be sure that you are dreaming.

In the night,

Vansh still isn’t back. Maybe he’s busy. Or did Kabir do something to him? Did he? I was having all possible bad thoughts for Vansh but they were broken when he entered. I have no clue of what got into me and I hugged him. He responded and asked, “Anything wrong?” I got back and said, “Nothing!” Luckily, the conversation didn’t move ahead because the servant asked us to come for dinner. Vansh went to fresh up and I walked down to the kitchen. I was heating the food when Aryan came there.

Aryan: What are you doing?

I didn’t know my newly made friend is blind!

Riddhima: Heating food!

Aryan(taunts): I can see that!

Riddhima(confused): Then why did you ask?

Aryan(smiles): To see if you reply with sarcasm.

Riddhima(giggles): I would have but I am not in mood!

Aryan and I started laughing. He helped me place the food on the table. I felt somebody’s gaze on me.

Vansh’s POV:

I am sure that this is a dream. First, she confesses everything to me about her past and motives, then, she does all the wife’s things, then, she hugs me after I come back but the shocker, she’s laughing with Aryan. When did she and Aryan become so close? As long as I remember till yesterday they used to not even smile with each other. And today he’s helping her. The whole family and we sat down together for dinner. I sat besides my wife. She smiled looking at me. Is it her trap? Mom came and sat in front of me. Riddhima’s popped in my mind. Unwantedly, now I am doubting my own Mom. Why? Aryan was sitting besides her, his presence around her is annoying me. Am I jealous? We had our dinner and departed to our rooms. I was about to move to couch when “We can share the bed.” I turned. It was Riddhima. I denied but she was adamant. I laid down on my side and she on hers. I looked at her as she’s sleeping. She looks so pretty even while sleeping. So beautiful! I wish to always see her besides me. But today, I couldn’t sleep so I decided to go for walk.

Author’s POV:

In the morning,

Riddhima woke up but didn’t find Vansh besides her.

Riddhima(thinks): Where did this person disappear in the morning? Maybe went for work early.

She freshened up and went down to prepare breakfast. While she was preparing Aryan came there.

Aryan: Good Morning Riddhi….. Sorry Good Morning Bhabhi!

Riddhima: Good Morning Aryan!

She noticed Aryan closely.

Riddhima: Why didn’t you sleep whole night?

Aryan: You noticed?

Riddhima: Yes!

Aryan: I was working on a stupid project.

Riddhima: *glares*

Aryan: Sorry! Sorry! I was working on a project.

Riddhima: Ohhh!

Aryan: Could you just send my breakfast in the room?

Riddhima: Ofcourse!

Aryan leaves from there and Riddhima starts keeping the breakfast on the dining table. Everyone came except Aryan, they sat down.

Chanchal: Where’s Aryan? Why isn’t he here? I’ll call him out!

Riddhima: He said that he would have his breakfast in his room.

Chanchal: I know my son better! He’ll come here!

Chanchal asked a servant to call Aryan for breakfast. Vansh sighed and looked at Riddhima. Aryan came with a grumpy face.

Aryan: What’s wrong Mom? I told Bhabhi that I would have my breakfast in the room.

Out of everything, the family was astonished with Aryan refering Riddhima as ‘Bhabhi’ with a childish tone.

Chanchal: But why in room?

Aryan: Because I am busy.

Aryan left from there since he had to give a final glance at the project while the family was completely surprised with Aryan’s behaviour.

Vansh(thinks): When did Riddhima and Aryan become so close? She knows about his breakfast also.

After breakfast again everyone departed for their work. Today, Vansh was working from home so he was in his study and there was a knock at the door. He said, “Come in.”

Next day,

The family was together having breakfast when the police arrived.

Police: We are here to arrest Mrs. Raisinghania!

Sia: But what did Riddhima do?

Police: We are talking about Anupriya Raisinghania.

Dadi: What? On what charges?

Police: On the murder charges of Uma Raisinghania attempt to murder over Ragini Mittal and Mrs. Riddhima Raisinghania.

Every was shocked including Riddhima to know the charges. Only three people had kept their mouth shut and were watching the scene with a bright smile on theri face.

Dadi: Maybe you are having some confusions. (To Vansh) Vansh, please tell the inspector something.

Vansh: Sure Dadi! Inspector, please take this lady away from our sight.

Anupriya: Vansh!!!

The inspector took Anupriya away while the family was sad and Riddhima was just staring at Vansh who carried a smile on his face.

Dadi: But Vansh, how are you sure about Anupriya’s crimes?

Vansh: Actually Dadi,

The past,

Author’s POV:

After breakfast again everyone departed for their work. Today, Vansh was working from home so he was in his study room and there was a knock at the door. He said, “Come in.” The person entered.

Vansh: You? What do you want Aryan?

Aryan: I’m here to talk to you!

Vansh: About?

Aryan: About Badi Mom!

Vansh(disinterest): What about her?

Aryan: Actually Bhai today,


Aryan’s POV:

Aryan: Could you just send my breakfast in the room?

Riddhima: Ofcourse!

I left from there and was walking back to my room. But while I was crossing Badi Mom’s room, she was on call.

Anupriya: I very well know that after we shot Riddhima, Riddhima and Vansh have come slight close. And we need Riddhima to make place in Vansh’s heart, no matter what! Though, Vansh didn’t kill Ragini, I did! Still she can give false evidences for Vansh to be under arrest. Moreover, Riddhima’s closeness with Vansh is understood. But I wonder where did Aryan go to hit his head? How is Riddhima bonding with him? We need to do something quickly or else this Riddhima will make place in everyone’s heart here! (Stopped to listen the other side, then continued) Don’t worry child! No one knows about my crimes and even if anyone would doubt me, Vansh wouldn’t believe them. He believes me like I’m his mother, not knowing that I’m the one who snatched her position and put her to death. I need to go now, if I delay then they’ll come to call me.

She hung the call.


Aryan: And so now I am come here to you.

Vansh: And why do you think that I’ll believe this?

Aryan: Not my words but the evidence?

I played the recording infront of Bhai. I am Aryan Raisinghania, I am not a fool always to play something without proof submitted or proof erased. Bhai broke in front of me, not believing the recording. There was a time when I wanted to this state but today, it’s hurting me. Now the question is, whom was she talking to?

Vansh’s POV:

I still can’t believe Mom can do it. I loved her like I loved my Mom. I thought she was a woman with a golden heart but she doesn’t even have a heart. Every crime of her’s pierced me. Some where I wished if it was not true. But it was! Now the question is, Whom was she talking to? Kabir! Riddhima’s words came up in my mind. Her son! Her cheap son! Anupriya will suffer legally but her son will have to go through my torture, Vansh Raisinghania’s torture. I called Angre and asked me him to kidnap Kabir and torture him, my loyal did it too. While Aryan called the cops for giving them evidence. I wish if I had believed Riddhima earlier.

The present,

Riddhima’s POV:

Everyone was sad and departed to their room. Vansh and I also came back. Now the question is, where does this marriage lie? Before I could ask anything,

Vansh: If you want then you can go back to previous living!

What? When I wanted, he didn’t! And now since I don’t want that, he’s agreeing! Unbelievable!

Riddhima: I want to give us a chance!

I said while looking down. But then he came closer to me and lift my chin, making me look at him. He’s smiling! Ohh Wow, He’s smiling! Wait….. He knows to smile? Still so cute! We hugged each other.

Vansh’s POV:

With a heavy heart I said, “If you want then you can go to your previous living.” I really didn’t want her to go away. But then, “I want to give us a chance.” That one sentence made me smile. She was looking down, I made her look at me and hugged her. That was the best feeling ever. We got back.

Vansh: Won’t you ask about Kabir?

Riddhima: No! Let him go to hell! I know you won’t let him come between us!

So much trust!

Riddhima: Vansh, Can you give Aryan a chance to prove himself? Please!

Vansh: But….

Riddhima: For the sake of our new start!

Vansh: okay!

I couldn’t deny her, could I? I feel blessed to have her in my life. I don’t want anyone to come between us, unless the person wants to die. We hugged each other thinking about our future.

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