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Love or hate – IMMJ2 FF – chapter 1

Hey everyone this is mysterious unknown story teller! I came here just for writing and learning some new things as well! I am starting with a story! Do read me! And If you like it do let me know in the comments section!
Character sketch

Vansh: A sassy teenager with some dreams in his eyes! Baddass for some and caring for some at the same time ! The popular bad boy at downvalley college!

Riddhima : Another teenager who is an ambivert ! Rude and beauty with brain at the same time!

Kabir : topper of the class ! Good looking boy

Vishal : leader of bullies

Mrs. Singhania : vansh’s mom

Mrs. Bansal : riddhima’s mom

Alisha : vansh’s ex

7:00 PM
Ting tong
Ting tong!
( Mrs. Singhania was sitting on a chair. Vansh was in his room)
Mrs. Singhania : v beta! Open the door!
Vansh : mom can’t come! Checking your seats and tracking your train’s location!
Mrs. Singhania : OK let me open the door!
( she opened the door and riddhima was standing there )

Riddhima: good evening Mrs. Singhania!
Mrs. Singhania : oh dear riddhi! Come in ! have a seat !
Riddhima: sure
Mrs. S : your mother is such a lovely woman! She told me that you’re new here and because of the festive season you’re unable to find a place for staying! Right?
Riddhima : right! But don’t you worry about that! I’ll find some place to stay as soon as possible!
Mrs. S : C’Mon riddhima you can stay here. I have no problem with that at all!

Vansh: mom ! Who is she? She can’t stay here!
Mrs. S : oh vansh she is riddhima! Your classmate and riddhima he is vansh ,my son !
Vansh : she can’t live here mom!
Mrs. S : of course she can!
Riddhima : no no aunt ! I’ll manage
Vansh : mom when someone doesn’t want to live here then why are you forcing her to stay!
Riddhima : is that so? Then I’ll stay here ( smirk)

( riddhima 1 vansh 0 )

Mrs. S : oh it’s 7:15 now I’ll have to leave, else I’ll miss my train
Riddhima : train?
Vansh : yes mom! Hurry up! Here’s your bag and cab is waiting outside!
Mrs. S : bye ani! Take care of riddhi! Umahh!

(Mrs. S left)

Riddhima : what? She left?
Vansh: oh she didn’t told you about it! So sad! You’ll have to live with me
Riddhima : that means!
Vansh came closer and whispered in her ear : that means YOU, ME, WE, TOGETHER baby ( winked)

( riddhima 0 vansh 1 )

( our bad boy is teasing miss beauty with brain! I am sure he’ll create every single problem for riddhima to leave his house but riddhima is not that easy)

Vansh came closer to riddhima and pushed her on the wall

Riddhima : what the hell are you doing?
(she tried to escape but vansh grabbed her and placed his finger on her lips )

Vansh. : shhhhhh! You agreed to stay here . Now you will pay for this!
( vansh came closer to her neck! Smelled her perfume . Riddhima skipped a beat. She was scared )
( riddhima kicked her leg right in between his thighs) vansh : ahhhh! Ouchh what have you done ?
Riddhima : you think I am easy. If you’re playing a game then I would like to tell you that this game is mine
Vansh : shut up and just leave! This is my house after all
Riddhima : okay of you say so! ( she took her bag and slammed the door and went outside )…….

To be continued……


What will happen? Will vansh the bad boy fall for a rude girl? Will riddhima come back ? She went in night? Is it safe ?…

Stay tuned for next episode!
If you have any doubts or questions about it you can ask me in the comments section!
Thank you! 🙂


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