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#Love from the heaven.. #39 The mystery to unfold?

Episode starts as..,

The next morning, 

Riddhima receives the message that Tara and Rudra have arrived Ludhiana, and they all reach there to explore the farms today..(Finally, they came to mera watan, my place) (By the way, the farms are imaginary) They reached in front of a farm. Divided in the groups, they start running inside. Riddhima is running in the farms while Vansh is chasing her, same happens with all of them..Then, Riddhima stops.

Riddhima : Can’t run more..

She gets tired. Vansh catches her in his embrace. 

(Ignore the clothes)

Vansh : I won, Riddhima..Sad?

Riddhima : Your happiness is my happiness…

Vansh kisses her on the forehead. They share an eye lock. Riddhima’s phone rings.

Riddhima : I’ll be back..

Vansh : Weird..

She goes.

Vansh : Why is she behaving weird? She is definitely hiding something, but why? 

Over to Riddhima’s call : 

Tara : Beta, we’ve reached here..

Riddhima : OK mom, now ?

Tara : Will call Uma and Ajay to come here..

Riddhima : But-

Tara : No but, what, we’re a family, and gonna tell them the past..

Riddhima : OK mom..I’ll just look for Kiara..

Tara : Be careful..

Riddhima: Yes mom..

The call hangs up. Riddhima calls Abhi.

Abhi : Yes mam?

Riddhima : Listen, I need the location of Kiara, right now..

Abhi : OK mam..

The call hangs up again.Vansh taps on her shoulder.

Riddhima : Vansh..What happened?

Vansh : Same questions..

Riddhima : Vo..wrong..n..number..

Vansh : Ohk..

After spending some time in the farms, they all went back to the Villa. 

Riddhima : Guys, I’ve some extremely important work, will be back soon.

They all bid goodbye to her and she left.

Vansh : Don’t you think she is behaving weird?

Aryan : Yes, I don’t know why?

Siya smirks.

Angre : Maybe some stress..

Sejal : No, she’s not like that, there’s a big thing..

Siya (in mind) : Indeed a very big thing..

Vansh : Come, we’ll follow her..

Over to Riddhima, Tara and Rudra :

Rudra : Let’s go..

The trio sat in a black car and went to a godown, followed by Vansh and party. 

Riddhima : Everything will be fine naa?

Tara: Yess, my child, don’t worry..

Riddhima nods. 

Rudra : Today Kiara’s chapter over..Load your guns, be ready. 

Riddhima gets a call from Abhi, 

Riddhima : What??? Will call you..

Rage, Anger is completely visible in her eyes.

Tara : What happened?

Riddhima : 

Precap : Riddhima slaps ******

That’s all I could give you today, if you want past revelation in the next episode then , 30 comments (excluding mine) , lemme tell you the side effects too, if the past won’t be revealed, marriage won’t happen..So, decision is yours..See y’all..Stay safe! And keep guessing, also keep watching IMMJ2, I’m loving the track indeed!! And lastly, Can you suggest any Bollywood song that could be dedicated to mother-child duo? Remember to both!! Thank you so much! N today is

1.Kavya’s Birthday ; Happy Birthday Dear..

2. Labour’s Day

3. Global Love Day

Sending lots of love to y’ all..


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