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Kumkum bhagya (always there for you) Chapter 17 fan fiction

alia- i am fine aunty

doctor enters

doctor- if you want we can discharge her tomorrow and one person can stay with her

randeep- i will stay

doctor leaves

vikram- ohh can’t stay away from would-be-wife

randeep- it nothing like that

abhi- oh then what is it

dida- abhi and vikram stop teasing randeep

vikram- ok

they left

randeep- you know while you faint on the road i was so worried

alia- you should be mr.fiance

randeep- alia now it’s time for medicine

alia eats the medicine

after 3 month

mehra house and kohli house is decorated

alia is in her room ready

alia- at last i found my true love and i am getting married yay

in randeep room

randeep- i waited for this moment for so long and today alia and i will get married

marriage finished

after five years

two girls are showing hugging a girl

the girls are PRACHI


pragya goes amd sees them

pragya- wake up you three of you

(prachi calls rhea as ri and kiara as senior)

(kiara calls prachi junior amd ria as chotu

(ria calls kiara as didu and prachi as pridi )

(the trio call alia son as avu , i will change name as aryan as i wrote ashish by mistake)

(sahana is cousin and best friend of kiara,prachi, ria her mom dad are dead she kives with her grandmother who is ownwer of restaurant names sahana’s tastes )

(sahana role played by shivika rishi and sahana granny name is vardhana played by farida jalal

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