So I live in a joint family with 13 more log, and today was a sudden demise of my cousin sister’s nanaji. So I was with her all the day because she loved him very much. And the goal wasn’t complete too!!

After 10 days
Riddhima is in the room, looking at her and Vansh’s photo and crying desperately.
Riddhima: Where are you Vansh? I miss you so much. I have faith you will come back. Please come. Mummyji is threatening me to marry Kabir or she will kill my only family. Angre is still not out of it. Nobody is believing me that you will come back. I miss you Vansh. Please come back. (Rula diya Mujhe 🥺)

Anupriya comes laughing from behind. Riddhima wipes her tears and stares her. She was having a bridal lehenga in her hand. Riddhima stood up and threw the lehenga away. (Imagine krne mai bohot maza aaya) Kabir heard the noise and came there. Anupriya was about to slap Riddhima when Kabir stopped her.
Kabir: Mom! She is your Bahu. Don’t do this to her.

Riddhima: I am not! I am always Vansh’s wife!
Kabir: Uff Riddhima, you look so beautiful when you are angry. But what will you do? You are getting married to me in the evening. The whole family hates you! But I love you, I will give you everything that Vansh didn’t even think of! And the first thing is a sweet little baby.
Riddhima tried to slap him. But he pushed her back. She fell on the floor
Riddhima: I am not marrying you! Do whatever you can!
Kabir: I didn’t want to, but now you will not be able to remember our marriage now.(calls someone) Hello, tie up all the members of the house and shut them up in a room.
Riddhima: No!
Kabir pulled her back. Anupriya was enjoying all these things.(khadoos)
Kabir: Get ready, sweety. Go and wear this lehenga right now.
Riddhima had no choice. She came out wearing the lehenga with tears in her eyes.
Kabir: Gorgeous. Now let’s get married!

He pulled Riddhima and gave her an injection. Riddhima became unconscious. She tried her best to be conscious. She was not able to fight Kabir. Kabir took her in bridal style and took her down. Riddhima wasn’t able to do anything. She was seeing and listening everything. She saw Angre tied to the pillar in the hall.
Angre: You! Leave Bhabhi! I will kill you! Leave her right now.
Kabir: Ha! What can you do? You are tied up. Just enjoy the wedding. She will still remain your Bhabhi. But as my wife, what’s your problem?
Angre: Open me, I will tell you what’s my problem! You will be killed for sure Kabir!
Kabir: You are ruining my marriage, please give him an injection too.
The servants were also scared.
Kabir: Give na servant! What are you standing for!
One of them came ahead to give injection to Angre. He ditched Angre from the back. Angre became unconscious. Riddhima was able to listen all this. She wanted to shout and call Vansh. But she had no power.
Riddhima: Van… V…. Vansh….

She fainted.
Kabir told the pandit to chant the mantras. There was a voice from behind (you all know who it is)
It was Vansh. Kabir was astonished seeing him. He had strips on his hand and he was all well.
Kabir: You are alive! This is not possible!
Vansh: Everything is possible in Vansh’s world.
He came forward and punched Kabir right on his face. Riddhima fell down from Kabir’s hands. Vansh went to wake her up but Kabir attacked him back. Vansh was angry but he wanted Riddhima to be safe first.
(immense fight in which Vansh of course won)
Vansh opened up Angre. He got consciousness and took Kabir to the basement and tied him. Vansh took Riddhima to the room. Vansh came back downstairs and Angre saw him. Angre was having tears of joy seeing him.
Angre: Boss! You are fine! Thank god!
Vansh: Yes Angre. Where is everyone?
Angre opened the room where everyone was kept. All saw Vansh and were very happy. Dadi and Siya hugged him. Ishani hugged Angre.

Siya: Bhabhi was right! You are back!
Vansh: Riddhima….
Dadi: Go to her Vansh. She is the one who suffered these days to keep us safe.
Vansh goes to the room. He saw Riddhima on the bed and gleamed at her. He went to the bed beside her. Just then Riddhima gained senses. She sat up with her eyes closed.
Vansh: Riddhima…
Riddhima opened her eyes and saw him. It was Vansh. She hugged him tightly.
Riddhima: Vansh! You are here! I missed you so much.
Vansh: I missed you too sweetheart. But now I am here. Nothing will happen to you and our family.
Riddhima looked at him for a while. And they kissed each other.

PRECAP- A New Entry….

Hope you all like it, and the next episode will the revelation episodes of what happened in all these 10 days, so stay tuned!

Tanvi 🌠

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