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Imlie 1st May 2021 Written Episode Update: Tripathi Family’s Surprising Decision

Imlie 1st May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Malini informs Aditya that there was someone else in her life while she was studying in college and she used to like him. Adi asks how does it matter as it was her past. She says she now realized that she cannot stay without him, she knows all their vows and relationships became weak in front of him, she is getting attracted to him somehow, she should have informed Adi long ago and shouldn’t have hidden it as they are good friends first and didn’t hide anything till now, she betrayed Adi and his trust. He says she didn’t betray him, but life did. She asks what does he mean. He says its not her mistake and he is not angry on her. She says even then she hid this secret from him and he shouldn’t inform anyone. He holding her hand says he will not and it proved that she is his good friend and he couldn’t follow his friendship. She says she told he will feel bad. He says he is feeling bad for the other person, then says he is the other person and asks if she shared her feelings with the other person. She says no as she felt she should inform him first. He says he thought they knew each other well, but didn’t discuss what is in their hears; she must have gathered a lot of courage to tell truth and hopes even he tells his truth with her. She asks him to tell then. He asks her to have food and goes to bring plates. She cries thinking her one lie revealed Adi’s truth, he didn’t even mind any other person in her life, it means he doesn’t love her at all. She continues crying painfully.

Nishant gets Adi’s call and informs family that he is calling and they should discuss the issue with him. Rupali asks what happened. Aparna says she is forced to think that Imlie is the reason for problems between Adi and Malini. Tauji says Imlie can’t be reason for their problem, what did Imlie do that they all are blaming her. Imlie hears their conversation and thinks if they found out that she is reason for Malini’s attempt at suicide. Rupali says they all are blaming Imlie as she silently listens to them and never opposes. Aparna says nobody said that, she is just telling that Malini is doubting Imlie. Rupali says its just a doubt and how will Imlie feel if she hears this. Nishant says didi is right, this is not the right time to discuss about it and should think of solving problems between Adi and Malini. Tauji asks him to call Imlie. Imlie tries to rush away when Nishant notices her and calls her. Rupali asks Imlie why did she come here instead of resting. Tauji says everybody are worried for Imlie and are trying to solve the issue. Adi walks in. Rupali looking at him says whoever has made a mistake should correct it and walks away with Imlie.

Adi asks if there is any problem. Pankaj says situation has gone out of control, they spoke to Anu and she doesn’t want Malini to return here. Tauji tells Adi that he should concentrate less on job and more on Malini and take good care of her. Adi says he will do whatever he can, now its should be only Malini’s decision whether to come here or go to her parent’s house. Pankaj says he will not do favor to anyone by taking care of his wife. Aparna says she never thought that she has to explain Adi difference between relationships and responsibilities. Tauji says its important that they don’t forget their responsibility towards Malini and should try their best that Malini returns her. Pankaj asks Adi to think well and take a decision. Tauji says Pankaj is right, he should bring Malini home. Adi thinks he never thought that he is following responsibility and not relationship with Malini; Malini told his truth today and don’t know when he will tell his truth to her.

Dev and Anu return home. Daadi asks if Malini is fine. Dev says yes. Daadi thanks god and asks Anu if Malini will go to her in-laws’ house or come here, she knows Anu takes a right decision for Malini always. Anu says she knows they both want Malini to return to her in=laws’ house and even Malini must be wanting same, so she will let her return there and try to revive her marriage, but she has a condition. Daadi says they accept her decision. Anu asks what happened in her absence and why did Malini take such a big step. Daadi reminisces Malini informing about Imlie’s interference in their lives. Dev says there are many reasons, one of them is Malini and Adi’s growing differences. Anu asks Daadi her reasoning and says even if they are trying to hide truth, she can guess it; she will visit Tripathis and put a condition in front of them if they want Malini at their house. Dev asks what does she want. She says to root out problems from her daughter’s life.

Adi sees Imlie preparing food and asks why is she preparing food when everyone finished dinner already. Imlie says she is preparing Malini’s favorite food as she is returning home tomorrow, asks what he thinks. He says they should inform truth to Malni. She says no woman can see her husband with someone else. He asks how did she see then. She says she is afraid. He asks even when he is with her. She says more when he is around and asks him to go while she serves milk and juice to family. He asks how she does it. She asks what. He says whatever happened is his mistake, but his family blamed her. She says she considers his family as hers and when she can enjoy their pampering, she can bear their scolding. He says he did injustice to her till now and will not let anything wrong against her either by him or anyone else.

Tauji informs family that Radha told Anu is visiting them. Nishant says its a big issue then. Aparna says they should listen to her. Nishant says they should find out what Anu wants. Tauji says he doesn’t want Anu to blame Imlie. Nishant says to avoid this, they should sent Imlie to hostel. Tauji asks if he has gone mad. Nishant says when many parents send their children to hostel, why can’t they; they can meet Imlie whenever they like. Tauji yells why they are listening to Nishant’s wrong suggestion. Pankaj says Vishu is right, its not a punishment for Imlie. Nishant says Imlie can concentrate on her studies there. Tauji asks if they should tell Imlie to get out of house as they think she is the reason for Adi and Malini’s fights. Taiji says they all like Imlie like him, but. Aparna says Imlie will not stay here forever and will return to her mother some day. Taiji says they have gone dumb, he will not support in their decision. Aparna hopes everything gets well and Malini returns home.

Precap: Anu tells Tripathis if they want Malini to return to their house, servant Imlie should leave their house.

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