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Guilty OS – Riansh IMMJ2

Guilty OS- RiAnsh IMMJ2

Hi guys, I’m back with another OS. Please continue supporting in the comments section and let me know how you find this one.

Today is Kavya’s birthday @Kavya45. Wishing you a very happy birthday bena!! 🥳🥳Bhagwan tari badhi wishes puri kare ane tane bahuj khush rakhe!! ❤❤❤

So this OS is when RiAnsh had their confrontation scene by the pool side and the events after it till Vansh introducing Ahaana as his wife in front of the media. So I’m writing it completely my way except that some of the parts near the poolside and the other places will be more or less the same. And its been two months since the glass house.

Riddhima: You were the one who ordered for all those attacks on me? (crying) Yes or no?

Vansh: Yes

Riddhima: (broken) Why? You want to kill me? You mean all that time you were just pretending to take care of me?

Vansh: Yes

Riddhima: All those glass house moments were fake? (broken)

Vansh: (no answer)

Riddhima: What does your silence mean? No no….. it can’t be FAKE!! (she shouted) Why did you do this to me? Why? (angry and broken)

Vansh: Because you BETRAYED me!! You deceived me! Now you know how I felt when you betrayed me! (anger)

Riddhima: What betrayal? I had told you everything in the glass house!

Vansh: Really? You told me? When huh? Stop lying! All your love was fake! All your care towards me was fake! Our marriage was FAKE to you!! (Shouted and held her tight)

Riddhima: Ahh! (winced in pain) I know all that time I wasn’t willing for the marriage, I never loved you then but now I do, wholeheartedly! I love you!! (put her hands on his cheek) Please, I’m saying the truth, I had written a letter to you and even gave it to you that day! You had come with a rose so I thought you had forgiven me!

Vansh: Lie!! (shoved her away and she fell down) You want me to trust you right? (she nodded) Fine then, prove your love for me!

Riddhima: (Shocked) Prove my love! (choking) (to herself) Where am I standing? Why is history repeating itself, first Kabir and now Vansh? Why do I have to prove my love all the time!

Vansh: What happened (smirked) can’t do it!

Riddhima: I love you a lot Vansh! But I’m not going to prove my love for you! I don’t need to prove my love for anyone! Am I toy, anyone I love asks me to prove my love! Love is priceless! If you say you love me then you wouldn’t have asked me to prove my love. (anger) Not again! (She says)

Ishq ki nah toh koi kimat deti jaati hai,

Nah toh koi kimat maangi jaati hai,

Ishq to woh hai,

Jiska koi mol nahi hota,

Ishq toh anmol hota hai. 

(by Parita- tried writing one)

Vansh, in anger he left from the poolside. He thought that she would be ready to do anything for him, he believed her deep inside him but that belief was broken. If she was ready to prove her love for Kabir then why not him! He didn’t understand the situation, her side of the story and made conclusions. He seeing her hurt and dejected pierced his heart but he had decided not to fall weak in love, he was VR and will remain him, his rules wouldn’t change. He was ready for the next plan. Riddhima on the other side cried inconsolably, she needed someone, but at that point she felt like a stranger.  She knew no one would support her. She felt really hurt, she never expected Vansh to do anything like that, but expectations are expectations, you may sometimes expect more and get nothing except for sadness and tears. Vansh’s words ran through her mind and soon she fainted.

After a few hours, Angre passed by the poolside and saw Riddhima lying there unconscious with blood oozing out of her forehead as she had hit the pool pavement. He quickly ran and picked her up. He decided to just take her to the hospital instead as he knew what Vansh had done. As soon as they reached the hospital, he rushed inside to seek help and admitted her. The doctors checked her and outside Angre continued pacing around in worry. He deep inside knew that his Bhabhi couldn’t do that, couldn’t hurt Siya, couldn’t give all the proofs even though she was at first with Kabir. He had seen pure and true love in her eyes for Vansh. He wanted to believe her but also couldn’t go against Vansh, who had given him this life to live, who had given him all the love of a brother.

Soon the doctors approached him after examining Riddhima. They broke the news to him that she was pregnant and she had fainted due to the stress she received. Angre was really happy for her and Vansh but at the same the thought struck to him that Vansh may not accept this child, before he could pass on the news, Riddhima arrived outside. She was weak, her face pale, eyes all red due to crying. She had a small bandage on her forehead. She came to Angre and requested.

Riddhima: Please Angre, don’t tell him about my pregnancy (requesting and keeping her hand on her stomach)

Angre: Bhabhi how can i? Don’t you think it’s his right to know?

Riddhima: Angre it is his right. But do you think he will accept it, he would blame my baby too, which I wouldn’t be able to bear. I’ve tolerated everything that was on me but now if it’s on my baby I won’t. He asked me to prove my love, love is priceless isn’t it? (he nodded with guilt) He asked the price of my love, I had done that mistake before as well and now no more. You all think I betrayed you, but I didn’t! I was used by Kabir! He sent me to you all by force, he pretended to love me and all he wanted was money and Vansh’s property!  I never knew back then, but then when I got to know that Vansh was innocent, I broke up with him and started a new life with Vansh! I truly love him!! (cried) Angre I know you won’t believe me but please, I’m saying the truth!

Angre: Bhabhi if what you’re saying is true then I will look in to it. I will do my best tonight to get the proofs, either against you or supporting you. Today night you stay here, I won’t tell Bhai anything. Please take care of yourself and the baby. (he took her to the room) Bhabhi stay here, I will be back.

Riddhima: Angre, don’t. I’ll go home myself tomorrow morning. Your brother needs you right now. (cold look) After all he’s feeling betrayed. Just go to him. (saying so she lied down on the bed clutching her stomach tight) Baby don’t worry, your mum will put everything in the right place. (smiled hopefully)

Angre left the hospital and had decided to go deeper to find everything. He did find out with Vansh but not as deep as Riddhima shared. He wanted to reach the starting point and get out everything that happened from then, all the time when Vansh pretended to be dead till now. He had a hope that he would be able to save his bhai and Bhabhi’s relationship. He saw truth in Riddhima’s eyes, as a brother he had to do it. He returned home for a bit where he saw Vansh heavily drunk, trying to overcome his grief. He helped him to bed and ventured out for the truth immediately.

The next morning, Vansh was full ready with his plan. He wanted to Riddhima hurt and dejected and make her realize the wrath of Vansh Rai Singhania. He convinced the rest of the family members to join hands with him. He had announced a press conference in order to announce something important. Before the conference could start, Kabir entered again. Vansh gritted his teeth and fisted his hands in anger.

Kabir: Hi half-bro! Missed me?

Vansh: Not all half-bro, why are you here Kabir? (serious)

Kabir: See your dad (showing some papers) had accepted me in this family legally! So how can I not be part of this huge announcement! (Vansh read) Done? Now I don’t need permission to enter right? (he went and sat down)

Vansh: (murmured) where’s this Angre! Why isn’t he here!  Let me just start the conference.

Vansh started the conference and announced that he had to introduce a new person in the family. Everyone in the family new what he was talking about except Kabir. He was unaware of the fact that Riddhima and Vansh had a confrontation. He wondered where Riddhima was. Riddhima on the other side left the hospital after getting discharged for VR Mansion. When she entered she was aghast seeing a press conference. She straightened her hair, and composed herself when she heard Vansh.

Vansh: There she comes….. Mrs. Ahaana Vansh Rai Singhania! (pointing towards the staircase and smirked seeing Riddhima’s reaction) She’s my wife!

Riddhima: What nonsense! (she couldn’t hold up anymore) I’m Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania!! And not her! (angry)

Vansh: Excuse me MS, who are you?

Riddhima: Who am i? I’m your wife Vansh! Don’t tell me you’re doing this from yesterday’s….. no you can’t!

Ishani: Oh hello you cheap, low class lady! You’re such a gold digger, just here for money. Why are you pretending to be bhai’s wife! Get out of her AT ONCE!!

Riddhima: ISHANI!! Don’t you dare! (She walked a few steps away from the door, going inwards) Vansh? Seriously, you won’t tell her to stop! Wow! (clapping) You’re ego has blinded you! You revenge has blinded you, that’s why you can’t see what’s true or false. You took my identity! This is how low you stoop after asking the price of my love!

Vansh: Ms. Unknown, Please you’re interfering in my conference! I don’t know you so from where did the relationship between us come from? You’re maybe deceived by someone, so you might be in shock! (smirk)

Riddhima: Of course, deceive by the one and only Vansh! I hate to admit that I loved you! (hatred and a cold look) How can you respect women if you can’t respect your own wife!

Vansh: Enough! If you don’t want to be kicked out of here, then I would advise you to leave from here as quietly as you can.

Mushqil Hai Bohat Hi,
Ab Chhupana Ya Batana,
Zyada Paas Aana, Hai Asal Mein Door Jana,

Mere Saath, Mere Zakhm Bhi Hai,
Dard Bhi Hai,
Jinse Hai Bigadta Jo Bhi Chaun Main Banana,
Mujhe Nazdeekiyon Se Mili, Ye Dooriyan,
Yeh Duriyan!

Riddhima was broken! She felt the ground slipping away below her feet. Her whole world turned upside down in a second. She never knew Vansh would go so low, she had loved him truly, and was still loving him. She placed her hand on her belly and reminisced the doctor’s words. It was supposed to be a happy news for all of them but now she doesn’t even have that right to tell them. Even if she got the right, she wouldn’t want her child to be in such an atmosphere where his own father refused to accept his mother, his wife! Just then Angre came as a savior.

Angre: Bhai don’t! (panting) Bhai Bhabhi is innocent! (Riddhima teared eye looked up to Angre with hope) Bhai she didn’t do anything (approaching him) It was all Kabir’s game. He used her by manipulating her, he sent her to you saying lies. After that truly Bhabhi fell in love with you! She never wronged you after that. Siya was attacked by Anupriya and Kabir. Kabir was about to kill Ishani and our baby and Bhabhi saved her, he blackmailed her to marry him for Ishani and our child. I’ve got the proof!

Riddhima: (whispered) Thank you Angre!

Vansh was in extreme shock. If all that Angre said was proven to be true, he couldn’t have imagined what he would have done to Kabir. He was enraged at him, for one, to use his love and two, harm is family. He took a glance at Riddhima, he felt guilty on what he did. She was right, revenge and ego had blinded him, leading him to not notice the truth and trust the wrong person. How could he have simply not trust his own love, how could he have thought about hurting her when he regarded her as his mother’s reflection. She instead had saved his family. He was trembling thinking about the consequences he would have to face. He couldn’t lose her, he couldn’t live without her, and she was his life, world. Angre played all the proofs, videos, CCTV camera recording of what Kabir did and a confession from Mishra on misleading Riddhima.

Vansh was angry, on himself the most. His hands fisted, they were ready to punch and drag Kabir out of VR mansion. Those hands were ready to be folded in front of Riddhima for forgiveness. He looked towards where Kabir was standing but saw no one there. Kabir that time had sneakily gone behind Riddhima and took her as a hostage.

Riddhima: Leave me!! (gaining everyone’s attention)

Vansh: Riddhima!!!  Kabir don’t you dare! (approaching them)

Kabir: Vansh! Don’t I will kill her right away! (Tightened his hold on to her, while Riddhima tightly clutched her tummy)

Angre: Bhai please, don’t risk their life!

Kabir: You all got to know my motive and game plan. It was to destroy you MR Vansh Rai Singhania! You will get destroyed for sure! I’m supposed to be Kabir Rai Singhania! The owner of VR… sorry not VR, KR industries! Kabir Rai Singhania Industries! You’ll get destroyed even if I don’t get the property!

Vansh: No way! You’re not going to achieve anything half-bro! Nothing! Leave Riddhima, this is between us.

Kabir: Say bye to your love!!

Kabir stabbed her on the stomach mercilessly and she screamed in pain. He pulled out the dagger and stabbed her again while she let out screams and tears rolled down her face. Blood oozed out and her knees became weak, leading her to fall on her knees. Vansh stunned with that move and shouted her name and ran to her. Angre ran to her too. Vansh took the weak and stabbed Riddhima in his laps and cried for her to stay strong. Angre held her hands giving her hope.

Riddhima: Va…nsh

Vansh: Riddhima, I’m calling the doctors, Aryan call the doctors!

Riddhima: Van…sh I won’t (breathing heavily) be a…ble to mak…e i…t! I didn’t betray yo..u.

Vansh: Shsh! Stop talking. Riddhima! No you can’t leave me, you can’t leave me! (Crying and caressing her face) You can’t give me such a punishment! I know I didn’t do right with you but, no you can’t go. I’m sorry! Please.

Riddhima: (her hand on her stomach) Van…sh I’m sorry, I couldn….t te..ll you before I’m…

Vansh: Please don’t drain yourself, you can make it!

Angre: Bhabhi please, I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you both…… sorry! (crying)

Vansh: Both, what both!

Riddhima: Vansh I was pregnant!!  I’m sorry I couldn’t save our baby.(she breathed heavily) I love you. (she died)

Vansh: Riddhima!! (he shouted) Nooooooo!!!!!

She left him! It was the end of Riddhima and Vansh’s love. He was stunned after what he heard, she was pregnant. He was going to be a father. Not only did a husband lose his wife but a father lost his unborn child! Angre told everything to Vansh about the hospital incident. He cried heavily, reminiscing their moments, their love confession, their marriage, and the pregnancy kept running in his mind. He was at fault! She had died due to his carelessness, of not finding the full truth, for trusting the wrong person. She had died because of his revenge. He blamed himself. He couldn’t ask forgiveness from her. She left him to suffer in his own guilt, as his punishment.

The newspapers were flooded with the news “Vansh Rai Singhania killed his wife”, “Vansh Rai Singhania loses wife in revenge”, “Guilty of Killing Riddhima Rai Singhania in the fire of Revenge”. Vansh was devastated. He always sat in the room, secluded, away from everyone. He was a murder in his wife’s eyes a couple of months back and now he was a murderer in his own eyes. His room all messed up with Riddhima’s belongings, him crying every night hugging her dupatta. He used to love inhaling her scent, it made him feel that she was near him but she wasn’t. He cursed himself for asking all those questions to her beside the poolside, asking her to prove her love for him. He had made up his mind to prove his love for her. He glanced at the gun and rose he had gifted her.

His eyes were stuck on the gun ready to take the step to prove his love. To be eternally with her for the next lives to come.

I hope you guys like this OS and please do comment and support In the comments section on how you found it. I had been wanting to write on this from a long time but I didn’t get a proper plot but I just did a few nights back so I thought to write it down. Please keep supporting my FF as well. Thank you!

Also would you all like to read an OS on a Riansh meet and them being long distance friends or Riansh with friends on a trip to Kenya? And which one first? (i may write both) Pls do tell me in the comments section.


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