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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Emotional Dilemma

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Madhuri serves food to Sai and asks her to eat well. Sai says she is and realized the value of food when Virat kicked her out of house at midnight. Pulkit says whatever happened was wrong, but Virat is repenting for his mistake. Sai says let us call Devi for lunch. Madhuri says she will feet Harini later. Devi says Harini is her daughter and she will feed her. Pulkit says she saw Harini’s behavior and should wait until her behavior changes. Devi says she will just feed Harini and calm her down. Pulkit asks what about Sai, she will feel bad if Devi leaves her midway. Devi says she will have food with Sai first and then meet Harini, starts food and tells Sai that she never used to have food with family earlier and now she is having food with her family here. Sai says soon Harini will have food with her. Devi says good that her bad aayi doens’t know about Harini, else don’t know what she would have done. Sai asks her not to think about her mother. Pulkit says soon he will take Devi to Chavan Nias. Devi panics that her mother and uncles will harm them again. Sai asks her to calm down as nobody can harm them. Pulkit says they are married now and need not worry about anyone, so they will visit Chavan Nivas for sure. Madhuri says when the person who got them married doesn’t stay there, why will they go there; they should wait till Sai returns to Chavan Nivas. Sai says she will never return to Chavan Nivas. Devi says Sai cannot stay without Virat for long and will go to him for sure. Pulkit says Devi is right, Sai will return to Virat for sure. Sai says situation and people change. Pulkit says its not easy to change situation and people back and needs a lot of courage.

Sai gets Mohit’s message that Virat has gone on a dangerous mission and requests to pray for his safety. Pulkit says it must be the same dangerous mission. Devi says Viru went for mission when Sai didn’t forgive him. Pulkit requests Sai to reconcile with Virat. Sai says they should stop talking about Virat or else she will go to hostel and have food. Madhuri requests not to go. Pulkit requests not to insult food and she will not get tasty food in hostel. Sai reminisces Virat stopping her from having food, later requesting her to have food with him, kicking her out of house, then requesting her to return home with him. She tells Pulki that he is right, nobody can prepare tasty food like mother, she will eat everything and munches all dishes. She cries saying Aayi brought food for her, but she denied to have food and insulted Aayi and food; anyways she doesn’t care about all this, coughs, and drinks water weeping and saying she doesn’t bother about Virat or his family. She reminisces Virat bringing her favorite food and Pulkit telling her that Virat wants to talk to her while on a dangerous food. Pulkit says when lips don’t speaks, eyes speak and she should understand it. Sai continues praising Madhuri’s food and weeping.

Viait reaches mission venue to fight with terrorists and goes in ordering his team not to shoot until he signals. He checks terrorists’ locations and informs that terrorists are all over the place, they all will follow him. Sai returns to her hostel room and while studying thinks why she is thinking about Virat, what can she do if he has gone a dangerous mission as part of his duty. Virat orders terrorists to surrender. Terrorists shoot towards him, and he retaliates. Reporters cover news outside venue. Sai feels nervous, she gets Aniket’s call who asks to switch on news channel. She switches on TV and sees news about Virat fighting with terrorists and drops remote in concern. She reminisces Virat calling her to inform her about mission, but she disconnecting call; thinks how can she be so selfish. Chavan Family watches news about Virat bravely fighting with terrorists.

Pakhi says she knew Virat went on a dangerous mission, why did she hide it from them. Mohit says Virat cannot reveal about his mission to them, they should just pray for his safe return. Ashwini worried says Samrat also went on a similar mission and didn’t return. Bhavani yells at her to stop thinking bad, nothing will happen to Virat. Ashwini says Sai is also not here. Bhavani yells even now she is thinking about Sai, why didn’t she return when Virat went to take her. Ashwini says why will Sai lose her self-respect. Sonali asks if she means they don’t have self-respect. Ninad yells that they didn’t forgot how Sai insulted them in front of neighbors. Pakhi says they should speak to virat and calls him. Ashwini snatches phone from her and asks how can she be so dumb and call Virat when he is on such a dangerous mission.

Precap: Virat is shot by terrorists. Sai calls Virat and is informed that he is shot. She rushes towards hospital.

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