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Falling Head Over Heels For A Wizard Riansh FF – The Prophecy

Hello friends Thank you for supporting the character sketch. I will put my best to give a story in a way you all like it.

Chapter 1 : The Prophecy

With the start of the story hills  are shown on the outskirts of a city surrounded by water on all sides. Its a full moon night with the moon hidden behind the black clouds hovering the sky.A boat reaches the landing area and a man gets off the boat which is anchored as he gets off. The man’s face which was hidden in the dark is clear now as the moon is free from the clouds. And that man is Angre. As he steps in there is a loud howl from a distance. He looks up at the sky

Angre : Arrey its a full moon day..so today they will be out there. Its good that I came by the boat and not through the forest

Angre walks inside a cave hidden inside the hill and well protected from the water around

As he walks further he hears huge cries for help and rushes inside to witness a guy rolling on the floor crying in pain and his eyes fixed on something or someone at a distance. Angre walks forward to see the person on whom the victim’s eyes were set. Angre sees a tall and handsome guy holding a stick like thing towards the victim and it was erupting lights which lit the place. Angre runs to the person and moves his hand holding the stick like thing away from the victim. Once it was taken away the person who was in pain till now is relieved

Angre: Vansh bhai what are you doing ?

Vansh: Why did you stop me?

Angre: What else will I do? You were using Peditto on him. It will cause terrible pain and you know it

Vansh: So what? He deserves that pain. Anyone who dares to disobey Vansh Rai Singhania has to undergo this pain

Angre: What happened bhai?

Vansh: I want the prophecy ball and this idiot will not give it to me

The guy on the floor: Its wrong sir..it’s against my duty

Vansh: I made you the incharge and its your duty to serve me not anyone else.

The guy: But sir it will be a great risk. We cant procure the prophecy ball so easily

Vansh: Ill risk my life for it

Angre: Not you bhai..Ill risk mine for you. Just tell me where to get it

The guy: You are becoming worse than the Dark Lord which the world feared long long ago

Vansh: Our paths are different you fool. Now dont waste time and tell me where to get the ball

The guy: Its behind the Prince College Library. But the guards are on the prowl

Angre: Ill take care if it. Bhai you will have it by morning

Angre leaves from there with his wand. The stick like thing which Vansh held is a wand. Every wizard has one specially made for themselves.

With Angre leaving Vansh gets up and goes to another chamber of the cave. Its dark everywhere

Vansh extends his wand and : Prakashit Bhawa

The wand gives a bright white light and Vansh walks inside. He sees a trunk on the corner of the chamber and walks to it. He kneels down and opens it . Without revealing whats inside the trunk he starts to cry

Vansh: Ill conquer this world of magic and avenge you. Its a promise.

These tears and pain of Vansh is felt by someone else too

In a parallel an apartment is shown. A young girl is sleeping peacefully in a her bed but she suddenly wakes up to a choking feeling and at the same time Vansh too chokes while crying . Thus their souls are connected and yes the girl cant be anyone other than Riddhima

Riddhima : Why am I feeling like this?

She gets up and grabs some water and drinks it. At the same time Vansh is soothed a bit. He shuts the trunk with a bang and walks away. Riddhima gets to her bed still in a state of confusion but soon dozes off which is her special talent by the way.

Next morning

Angre comes to a huge mansion which is the Rai Singhania Mansion. He walks in with a box and bumps into Ishani

Ishani: Good morning Angre ( and in a whisper) my love

Angre smiles at her but suddenly steps away on spotting Sia

Sia: Hai Angre bhaiya . Another new set of books for autograph (she asks pointing the box in his hand)

Angre nods and hurries to the first floor where Vansh’s room is located. He finds the door locked and knocks on it

Angre: Vansh its me Angre

The door opens in an instant and he walks in with a smile of pride. Vansh notices this

Vansh: So you got the prophecy ball which will lead me to the ultimate power of the world of Wizardy

Angre: There were quite a few, I could not find yours exactly

Vansh: You will need me for that idiot. Open the box

Angre opens the box to show many white balls inside it. Vansh puts his hand and touches each and every ball but nothing happens. He digs deeper and touches a ball which starts to glow on his touch. He takes it in his hand and gives it to Angre. Once into Angre’s hand the glow stops

Vansh: So this is it. Get it read as soon as possible. I need to know what’s lacking in me and get it done soon

Angre: Ill arrange that soon but now you have a meeting with the publishers about the next part of the book

Vansh: Ill take care of it but this is

Angre: I know it is of utmost importance but dont worry Ill not let our efforts go in vain

Vansh holds Angre by his shoulder and : I trust you more than I trust myself.

These words broaden the shoulders of  Angre which makes Vansh happy

Vansh: Thats my commander. Off to duty

Angre leaves with the ball well concealed in a bag. Vansh gets ready for the day with excitement.

Prince College

Riddhima enters the college as usual by walk . Walking to college is her favourite part of the day. She walks to a tree under which Aryan is sitting engrossed in his mobile games. Riddhima gives a nice hit on his back which makes him jump to his feet

Aryan: Ouch Riddhu it was hard

Riddhima: Games early in the morning. There is something called studies too in this world

Aryan: When I can pass with bits who will study?

Riddhima: Useless

Aryan: You will need this useless too one day and that time Ill prove my worth

Riddhima: Im tired of hearing this from childhood

Sejal: Hey Riddhu hey Aryan its time lets go

All three walk to their class. With Aryan lagging behind because of his game Riddhima and Sejal are left alone

Riddhima: I felt the same strange things yesterday night too

Sejal: Are you sure you dont need a medical test?

Riddhima: Thats not the issue Sejal..how..how can I express

Their way is suddenly blocked by Kabir

Kabir: Hey beautiful good morning

Riddhima moves aside avoiding even his gaze. She holds Sejal and walks as fast as she could

Sejal: Why are we rushing like this?

Riddhima: His gaze gives me irritation and I cant stand him even for a second.

Sejal: You really need a psychiatrist Riddhu. We are going in the evening and no more excuses

Sejal sees Aryan still lost in his mobile and literally walking like a tortoise. She grabs a notebook and throws at him hitting him straight on his nose making it turn as red as a cherry wile his face turns pale making him look like a white forest cake topped with a cherry

Sejal: You lazy goose come soon

Aryan wipes his nose and joins them. They start to talk all nonsense and laughter fills the air. Riddhima forgets the strange experience of the night and gets happy with the day.

A dark room

Vansh rushes inside with his wand and a few men behind him. He sees Angre with an old lady. The prophecy ball is placed in the centre

The lady: Sir..please take your seat

Vansh sits and the lady paces his hands on the ball. Once he touches the ball glows.

The lady goes into a possession state and

The Lady: You are aiming for the greatest powers in this magical world. Your heart has darkest secrets and your eyes are a ball of fire. But all that you possess do not seem suffice to get what you want because your heart lacks something which will give you the greatest power. There is someone whose soul is connected with you and their love will lead you to your greatness

Angre: Who is that person?

The Lady: The girl who is born in a lineage of pure magic yet unaware of her magical heritage living all alone has fallen in the eyes of the greatest werewolf of our time awaits your arrival. She is the key to the doors of your glory and her love is the key to doors your dreams.

Vansh: A girl will lead me to success?

The lady: Every great man in this world has a great woman who led to his success. Don’t forget the greatest wizards whose success were much contributed by great witches

Angre: How do we find her?

The lady: Destiny will bring her into your lives. The meeting of ice and fire has to either melt the ice  or put off the fire. But that will be decided by the fire and the ice themselves

Vansh: But How do I identify that its her?

The lady: The prophecy has the answer sir. Soul connection and you will feel it. And her magical abilities will be revealed once your union time comes.

Vansh gets up and walks out while Angre follows him close behind


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