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Don’t leave me!! Riansh Is..

Hello so you all said if possible upload both OS and FF so here you go..



But I need 30 comments atleast in this OS..pls this is my wish..*puppy face*





This Os starts when Vansh introduced Ahana as his wife..


So Riddhima went from there when Ishani throw her..😂(I was not getting words so I used throw..)


And the press was fake..and Vansh also send Ahana out of the house as she was getting on his nerves..


So yay let’s start





OS starts..


7 years later..





VR mansion…





It was like a normal day..


Vansh was busy in his study working on his laptop..(he again become a workoholic man..)





Dadi and Siya were preparing for pooja..





(yes Siya is normal..Vansh knew everything about Riddhima’s innocence..he tried his best to find her but all in vain..Siya and dadi didn’t talk to Vansh..Ishani and Angre were now in love..and Ishani was somewhere guilty..and she change her attitude..Aryan was also somewhere feeling guilty he joined buisness..chanchal and Rudra were now living in jaipur due to some buisness issues..)





So where I was.. ?





Yes so Vansh was busy in his laptop..his eyes were dark..face was pale, sadness in face..no charm..


He used to cry..yes our great Vansh Rai Singhania used to cry at night.. remembering His sweetheart..





It was a long period of 7 years..he missed her badly…if someone said that if he couldn’t find her she must be death by now but he believes she is alive and he will met her..(guys Faith..)





He receives a call..





On call:-





Vansh:- yes..





On the other side:- Sir we are calling you from little heart hospital.Am I talking to Mr.Vansh..husband of Mrs Riddhima..sorry I am extremely sorry Ex husband I missed that word(how she can be so careless missed the word Ex..😂)..Can you pls come to the hospital it’s urgent..





Vansh:- Is she alright..and mind your words I am her husband not ex husband.. understand..😠


I am coming…





He cuts the call..





He rushed towards his car..





When angre said..





Angre:- Bhai where are you going we habe our meeting in 5 minutes.





Vansh:- Cancel all the meetings…





Angre:- but bhai everything is okay why are you so tensed..





Vansh:- Angre I received a call from hospital..and he asked me it’s emergency…and she asked me that Ia m Riddhima’s husband..(tch tch he missed this time Ex husband..😅)





Angre:- What!! I will also come..(why not kabab mein haddi🍗🍗)..





Vansh:- okay..!!





They reached hospital…





At reception..





Vansh:- I am Vansh Rai Singhania..I received a call..





Receptionist:- yes sir..your ex wife condition is not good..We couldn’t find any details of his present so thought to call you..and her..





SHe was cutter by Vansh..





Vansh:- how is she..what happened to her..and I her husband not her ex and she is also not my ex..I want to meet her..where is she?





Receptionist:- Room no.***


And Doctor is waiting for you and your..





Again she was cutted by Vansh..





Vansh:- okay Thank you..





Saying so he left..





He saw Riddhima..from the glass door..


She was sleeping..but not peacefully..he can sense her pain..


He was having tears seeing her condition..





When doctor asked..





Doctor:- Are you Mr.Vasnh Ex husband of mis Riddhima?





Vansh:- no I am not her Ex husband..I am her one and only husband…😌





Doctor:- okay Mr. Vansh I want to tell you about Mrs Riddhima’s condition..





Precap:- Vansh:- No this is not possible..Meri Riddhima ko kuch nahi hoga…🥺





That’s it.I know it short.(very short😂)…it will be in two parts..I want to complete it in one part only but I was no mood to write more…





Do comments..this time I want 30 comments excluding mine..do remember..





Hope you like it..





Bye take care..

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