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Boss Fallen For His PA- character sketch-By Sweety

So this is my second story which is in my mind since yesterday. Now since many of you supported my 1st work, do support this. Well this will be updated according to your response again…
Target ;
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I am hoping that at least I can expect that!

Vansh Raisinghania: a business tycoon and a very famous personality. He doesn’t trust people easily and never liked people who aren’t confident or who make mistakes. Owner of VR industries.

Riddhima: a chirpy girl and is an orphan

Riddhima: a chirpy girl and is an orphan. Trusts people easily. Her work is prefect. Is a physiotherapist too.Is a physiotherapist.

hope you know all the characters now it’s time to know their personalities..

Angrey: right-hand of vansh (same as per story)
Ishani: is a very kind hearted girl. (Not as the story)
Siya: (same as the story) she is handicapped.
Aryan: he is a good person (not as the Story)

Dadi: is Good and cares about Vansh the most. She hopes for him to change back to his normal self.
Anupriya: same but some secrets will be out soon.

Chanchal and Rudra Raisinghania: parents of Aryan..
Uma and ajay Raisinghania: parents of vansh,ishani and Siya and are dead.

So this story revolves around an office. This will also teach vansh how to trust people and will also make him weak at some points. Hope you like it! The chapter one will be updated when you complete the target… Do support this story the same way you did for the other! 😿🥺😇

one question;
Will Vansh hate Riddhima?

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