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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 1st May 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini confronts Darsh

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 1st May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nandini saying Darsh can’t see me in trouble. Darsh leaves. Nandini sits waiting. Darsh recalls her and cries. He steps in the pool. He gets angry and splashes the water. Shobit check the recording. Charmy says Vanlata kept this condition in front of Rajvi, Nandini will marry Darsh if you marry Gunjan, Nandini tricked us, I was coming to meet you, Nandini locked me in a room. Shobit cries. She says I don’t understand why is Darsh silent, I told him everything, I had seen him fulfilling rasams nicely, you can’t hear a word against him, but he didn’t tell the family, maybe he would have ousted Nandini, I m sure they are enjoying their wedding night. Darsh goes. Nirali sees him and thinks why is he going in study room. Charmy says I m not in your life, maybe Darsh changed, learn to know people, you didn’t change, you just know to sacrifice love, Darsh couldn’t sacrifice his love for you. Shobit cries. He says Darsh would be planning to bring out her truth, he can’t let anything wrong happen with me, I trust him. Rakla calls Gunjan. She turns and sees him in her room. They argue. She insults him.

He says I don’t have an AC, but I have a wife, you sleep in AC without your husband. He laughs and goes. Nandini says what did I do, why is Darsh doing this. Shobit says Darsh would be in his room. Nirali says no, he is in the study room, any problem. He says no. He goes and sees Darsh. He thinks he would be angry on Namrata. He says I m seeing since childhood, you sit alone when you are upset, I know you don’t like anyone disturbing you, Charmy attempted suicide, she would have died because of me, I know Charmy told you everything, could we imagine that Nandini can do this, I m feeling bad for you, Nandini took an advantage of all of us, I can’t even meet Charmy. He asks Darsh to bring him out of this situation, Nandini should have not taken an advantage of us, I know you love her, but we have to solve this, I m ready to do anything you say, bring me out of this mess, I can’t live without Charmy, I love her a lot. He goes. Someone else was inside. The man removes the ear plugs and goes. Shobit cries.

He says my brother is imp than my parents, he will find some solution soon. Darsh says whoever makes my brother cry, I will fill that person’s life with tears, welcome to hell, Nandini. She sleeps in the washroom. Its morning, Darsh wakes up Nandini by opening a shower tap. She asks what are you doing. He catches her. She says I have spent entire night in the bathroom alone, you were outside, I heard you, why did you not open the door, it was our wedding night, why, what did I do, why did everything change, answer me. He applies soap to her face. He says my answer is, I don’t like dirty people.

Darsh says don’t dare to say anything to my mum. Nandini says I m ready to fulfill first rasoi rasam. He says just pretend to be happy. Shobit sees them. Darsh asks Shobit to have breakfast. Shobit says I have work. He goes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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