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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 25) Engaged

Hello my dear readers, I am very happy today. Today’s episode is the 25th episode of my FF. I didn’t expect that I can complete Silver Jubilee of my FF. Thank you for the support and love you have given me. Keep supporting me like this always. And Today is my friend Kavya’s birthday…..Happy Birthday dear Kavya❤️😘😘🎉🎂.

So Let’s start……

Vansh : Sweetheart, I have an Idea.

Riddhima : What Idea ?

Vansh : Let’s get engaged now.

Riddhima(shock) : What ?

Vansh : Paris is your Favorite place, right ? We have only one day left in Paris. So let’s get engaged at Paris and make our special moment more memorable.

Riddhima : Vansh, I loved your Idea. But there is a problem. If we get engaged here, then both our families can’t take part in our special moment.

Vansh : You’re right Sweetheart. But I have a solution for that too. Let’s Video call them, so they can be a part of our engagement and we can get engaged at Paris too. How is my Idea ?

Riddhima : Not bad Vansh. Now I am sure that my choice won’t be wrong. So let’s inform this news to everyone. I’ll call dadi and will take her permission. Her permission means……

Vansh : Permission of both Families.

Vansh and Riddhima called others in Paris and informed them about their engagement being conducted next morning. All are excited and they have gone for shopping.

At the mean Riddhima called Dadi.

In Call :-

Riddhima : Dadi, how are you ? Are u taking your medicines daily ?

Dadi : Yes beta, I am fine and I haven’t stopped taking medicines even if my personal doctor isn’t here. By the way how is your trip ? Tomorrow night you all will be here, right ?

Riddhima : The trip is going well and we enjoyed a lot. We will be there tomorrow night. I have called you for a little help.

Dadi : What help Riddhu beta ?

Riddhima : Dadi….vo…Vansh and I thought that why shouldn’t we get engaged here as Paris is my favorite place. But the problem is how to convince you all especially Dad and Ajay dad. I know you’ll surely help me as you’re my sweet cute Dadi.

Dadi : Please stop buttering dear. I know you well and moreover your Idea is not bad. But how will we all take part in your engagement as we have worked a lot for developing your love story. Our participation is necessary right.

Riddhima : You’re absolutely right and even I want you all in my engagement with Vansh. But Vansh had found a solution for that too. He told that you all can participate via Video call.

Dadi : That sounds good dear. Don’t worry I will convince both my sons. You enjoy. We all will witness your engagement. Take care dear.

Riddhima : Thank you so much Dadi. You’re the best dadi in the world. You too take care.

Call Ends.

Riddhima : Vansh, I have convinced Dadi and Dadi will do the rest.

Vansh : Thank God ! Now no more tension. So Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania get ready for our Engagement.

Riddhima : Oh Hello…I am not Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania yet. I am to be Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania. Understood ?

Vansh : Understood ma’am. Come let’s do the arrangements.

Riddhima : Okay.

Next Day

Riddhima & Vansh :

Aryan : Oh God !!! My Sister is looking like an Angel from heaven.

Ishani : My Bhai is not less than a Bollywood Star.

Aryan : But my sister….

Siya : You too please don’t fight. Today is Vansh bhai and Riddhima ‘s engagement. Please don’t spoil it. You too can fight after that.

Ishani : Siya, you…

Riddhima : Guys, please stop it. Me and Vansh are equally beautiful and handsome. We are made for each other.

Vansh : You’re absolutely right Sweetheart.

Aryan : I have to click a photo today with my Cutest princess. Come Riddhu, lets have a click.

They clicked a beautiful photo which potrays the strong and lovely bond with the brother and sister.

Ragini : Hello guys, The Ring exchange has to take place, only then Vansh bhai can call Riddhu “Sweetheart” officially.

Kabir : What are you saying Ragini….Vansh doesn’t need any official license to call Riddhu Sweetheart. He has started calling her sweetheart from the very first day he proposed her.

Vansh : Ya..Kabir is right. Still I want to get engaged to my love fast. I can’t wait.

Angre : Yes. Vansh is correct. (Eyeing Siya) We shouldn’t wait for any auspicious time.

Siya : Anyway exchange Rings fast. There is other suprises too waiting for my cutest couple.

Riddhima(excited) : What’s the surprise Siya ?

Siya : Arrey buddhu….that’s called surprise. If I tell u now then how’ll it become surprise.

Aryan : Wait a minute. I am arranging the Video call.

Then everyone get connected to the Video call. Both Raichands and Raisinghania’s are happy to see the Children happy.

Vansh : Don’t waste time. Let’s exchange rings. I can’t wait.

Siya : Mera bechara bhai (My poor bhai). I have never seen him so impatient.

Vansh : Siya shut up and bring the rings fast.

Siya brings the rings.

Rings :

Vansh puts the ring on Riddhima’s finger and Riddhima puts the ring on Vansh’s finger.

They hug each other and others congratulates them. Their parents and Dadi also congratulates them.

Vansh : Finally we’re engaged sweetheart.

Riddhima : Yes Vansh, I can’t believe that we are engaged. I am the world’s happiest girl now.

Siya : Now its time for a small surprise. Here it is….

It is a framed photo of Vansh and Riddhima.

Vansh : This….

Riddhima : This is the photo we have taken on our first date. Is it ?

Vansh : Absolutely. But Siya, how did you get it ?

Siya : I am Siya Raisinghania. Nothing is impossible for me.

Riddhima hugs Siya.

Riddhima : I really loved it. Thank u so much Siya.

Siya : I won’t talk to you now. I have already said that NO THANKS AND NO SORRY IN FRIENDSHIP.

Riddhima : Okay. Now I want repeat. Now my cute Siya please smile….

Siya : Okay I forgave you this time.

Kabir (To Vansh) : All the best bro. Now I and Aryan will give you classes for a good married life. Getting married is like putting your head in railway track.

Vansh : My dear Kabbu…I don’t want any advice. It may lead me to grave danger.

Kabir : We adviced u to save you. Now your wish.

Aryan : Lets dance guys.

Everyone : woah….

They dance in the song London Tumakda.

Riddhima and Vansh then dance separately on Makhna.

All of them are enjoying the party to fullest. During that time someone grabbed Siya’s hand and pull her to back of wall. It is Angre.

Angre : Are u scared ?

Siya : For a second I thought I lost my life. Why are you secretly pulled me here ?

Angre : Today we will go back to India. Then we can’t roam together as couples. These 3 days are the best days in my life.

Siya : That’s right. These 3 days are my favorite also. I am also sad about thinking that tomorrow onwards we have to meet secretly as before.

Angre : I think its time for you to tell Vansh about our relationship.

Siya : Angre, you’re his best friend and I am his sister. So its better that you tell him.

Angre : How will I say ? What will Vansh think…..his best friend is in love with his sister.

Siya : There is still time. We can tell him later. Till then we can meet like this.

Angre : I’ll miss the moments we have spent here.

Siya : Even I’ll miss the moments.

They are about to hug each other. At that time Vansh is about to see them. Riddhima suddenly pushed Siya to a side and came in front of Vansh.

Angre : Vo…bhabi came to ask about today’s flight details.

Riddhima : Yes. I am asking about the flight details.

Vansh : Its ok dear. But Angre I liked you calling her bhabi.

Angre : I’ll call her Riddhu till wedding because she is like my younger sister. I’ll call her bhabi only after wedding, Right Riddhu ?

Riddhima : Right Angre bhai.

Angre : That’s my Riddhu.

Vansh : Now brother and sister become a gang and I am out.

Ishani came there.

Ishani : All of you come fast. We have to take a group photo. Come.

They all take a group photo.

(Please ignore Dadi and chachi)

Precap : Shopping Mania….

I made today’s episode a little long but don’t know when will this episode get posted. Don’t forget to drop your Valuable comments. And please anyone tell that did you want an OS ?

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