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Yeh Teri Galiyan 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Asmita joins forces back

Yeh Teri Galiyan 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ridoy plays with a toy. He says this is dada. I told you asmita is only mine. No one can take her from me. I will send you away from this world if you come close to her. Shan sees her. He laughs and says asmita is only mine. Ridoy plays like a kid. shan says you are doing drama. You aren’t like a kid. You are pretending. Ridoy starts screaming and crying. He says I am a baby. Shan says you are misusing Asmita’s sympathies? She just wanted you to get better.

Asmita calls Khurana and says I am ready sir. I have waited so long for that call. Asmita says I am coming. Ridoy screams Asmita ji Asmita ji.. Shan hits him. He says stop fooling everyone. Asmita says what are you doing shan are you crazy. Ridoy says he is hitting me. Asmita says you are hitting him? He is ill.

Shan says he is fooling you. Asmita says you can’t tolerate me with him. He is ill he needs me. shan says he is acting. I will hit him. Asmita says don’t even dare coming near him. He is my responsibility. Asmita locks him outside.

Shan and Asmita both cry. Ridoy sleeps in Asmita’s lap. Asmita calls doctor. He says there are no doubts. Ridoy is actually ill. Ridoy acts shan will kill me. Asmita calms him down. SHe says why are you doing this shan. Dont’ make is difficult for me.

Scene 2
Shan says to Asmita I shouldn’t have done this. This is very difficult for me to see him with you. I just wanted to stop you. I shouldn’t have done that. Ridoy says asmita.. This uncle hits me. Shan says I am sorry I wont do that again. Shan says I will help you in takin care of Ridoy from now on. You can count on me. Asmita says thank you. I have to go somewhere. Please take care of RIdoy. Shan says in heart I will expose ridoy. Ridoy says please don’t leave me with him. shan hugs ridoy adn says my brother.

Scene 3
Asmita comes to headquarter in uniform. She says I am thankful to this department. The place I was born in.. All girls born there are special. Our police department gave me a chance again to serve this country. Everything happens for good in the end. They have given me a chance. She says nothing would be greater than my family and my duty not even my family or personal life. Everyone gives her an applaud. Asmita says in heart I will tell Shan all this.

Shan takes Riody to a cliff. He says will play today. It will be fun. Ridoy says where are you taking me. why so close to cliff. I am scared. Shan says we are playing this is fun. Shan says this is a good game.
Precap-Ridoy tries to shoves Shan. Ridoy falls from the cliff. Asmita comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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