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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi accepts Mishti’s condition

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi apologizing to everyone. She says I asked for Mishti’s hand, not because Kuhu lacks something, today I m sure that my decision was right, Mishti has done a lot for our family, I should have trusted you two, times have changed and we should also change, Rajshri was right, I accept Mishti’s pre-marital courtship condition, I have no problem with them knowing each other, Abir said right, we have to give time to them to understand each other. Everyone smiles. She says if you are still ready for this alliance, I want to give them a chance.

Rajshri says I m with you in this decision. Mishti thanks Meenakshi. Bau ji says Ketki got saved from wrong marriage and Kunal got ready for marriage. Nidhi says Mishti and Kuhu saved Ketki by making a video call,

like Meenakshi did today. Meenakshi says we should go now. Kaushal says yes, she is right. Kuhu says we found you the same, you made the call by mistake and Mishti intentionally made the video call so that you can recognize the place and find Ketki. Mishti says I wanted Ketki’s family to find her. Meenakshi gets shocked and recalls the video call.

Meenakshi thinks I thought that clever girl is Kuhu, but its Mishti. Abir says you can love Kunal and stay upset with me, but don’t leave the house. Kunal says you should promise first that none will leave the house. Abir nods. Nidhi says I promise you, I will not let you go anywhere, forgive me. Meenakshi hugs her.

She says Vishwamber and Rajshri, I hope we can make a new start. Rajshri says we are with you. Bau ji says we did it bro, we teenagers speak like this. Everyone laughs. They leave. Bau ji blesses Mishti. Kaushal thanks Mishti for returning Meenakshi to them. Kunal thanks Mishti and asks her to take care.

Mishti sees the house model. She recalls Vishwamber, asking her to live with them forever, none will ask her to leave. Kuhu says its the best day of my life. Mishti asks her is she eating high calories food. Kuhu says once you get married, I will get everything back, you always take everything from me, you took all the credit, you are a credit thief. Mishti recalls Abir and smiles.

Kuhu says you don’t share anything, when Rajshri got you here, she told me that you have nothing, I shared everything with you. Mishti says you always make me realize that I have nothing of my own in this house. Kuhu says you got my family, relation and now courtship as well, you get married to Kunal and leave, I don’t want anything else. Varsha comes. Mishti and Kuhu act happy and sweet towards each other. Varsha says its Kunal’s call. Mishti takes the phone. She says you would have called to thank me. He says yes, right, I m grateful, we need one more favor, can you come home. Mishti asks Kuhu about it. She says we will come, thanks Kunal. He thanks them.

Jugnu gets the guitar for Abir. Abir says thanks, where is mum. Jugnu says she is with Parul, getting the aid done. Parul says you will be fine soon. Meenakshi says you are right, I had fixed Ketki’s alliance, Ketki and Ved didn’t meet, this won’t happen with Kunal, Mishti will meet Kunal, she will test him and decide if Kunal is right for her. Parul asks are you happy. Meenakshi says a lot, since this will get a lots of time, I need time to break this alliance forever, my bahu will be the girl whom I choose.

Abir plays guitar. He thinks of Mishti. Bau ji asks him to play more, seems the girl and guy just met and something is happening, Katrina is single like me. Abir laughs. Bau ji says Mishti will meet Kunal, you play this tune for Kunal. Abir says no, I need to go. Meenakshi says I will make Kunal sure that Mishti isn’t the right girl for her, I have to show that I have supported them always, they have to support me, I have decided that earring girl, Mishti or Kuhu won’t become my bahu. Parul stops her from breaking the sitar. Meenakshi says I used to play sitar and forget all sorrows, now I have to remember all the troubles, I have to end my relation with music for some time. Kunal is on call. Abir goes out. Mishti and Kuhu come there. Kuhu stops to take selfies. Mishti collides with Abir. Meenakshi drops the sitar down.

Abir and Mishti fall down. Sitar falls beside them. They get shocked. Kuhu runs to Mishti. Meenakshi asks how did this girl come here. Abir sees Parul. Parul says sorry, it slipped out of my hand. Kunal runs out. Mishti gives her hand to Abir. Abir gets away. Kunal holds her hand and asks are you okay. Parul says it slipped out of my hand. Meenakshi says thank God, you didn’t get hurt. Mishti says I m fine. Nidhi says Mishti and Kuhu came to meet Ketki. Kuhu goes with her. Mishti stops Abir. Abir says sorry, I m busy. Meenakshi says Kunal, there was a call for you. They go. Meenakshi says I didn’t want to hurt Mishti, I only want her to stay away from my son, she can never become my bahu.

Mishti says you are the only one who knows me. Abir says listen…. She turns and smiles. Abir talks in sleep and thanks Mishti. Meenakshi says Abir was taking Mishti’s name in sleep.

Update Credit to: Amena

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