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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil proves Raman wrong

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mani coming home to meet everyone. He says I can’t believe that woman is an imposter, she isn’t Ishu. Raman gets Yug’s call and says it was Adi, Sahil and Ishita went to their building, we have to go. Bala says I will come along. Simmi says it can be very risky. Ruhi says Sahil is a big gangster. Mani says we should involve police. Raman agrees. Yug says Sahil has kept Ishita captive, we have Ishita’s lookalike at home, I called you two so that we can go in and save Ishita. Vishal says you want us to fight Sahil’s men, they might have real guns. Ranbir says yes, we almost got killed when we went to save Aaliya and Ruhi. Yug says I assure you, nothing will happen, trust me, Sahil thinks someone from Bhalla family has killed his sister. Vishal asks what, its like

you are inviting trouble, you will die and want us to die too, Bhalla family isn’t your family, stay away from this matter.

Yug says I had no family, Raman accepted me as his son, he knew I was lying and cheating him, even then he kept me at his home, I can do this for my family, you can go, I called you as I thought you would help. Ranbir says we are also with you. Vishal says I m not helping you, I m not messing up with any gangster, I have a family, I can’t risk their lives, forgive me. Yug says I understand, just go, I can’t leave my family alone. Aaliya is on call. Amma cries. Raman says Sahil has kidnapped my wife. Yug says I have seen them going in. Inspector says we shall go and ask Sahil. Inspector accompanies Raman, Bala and Mani. He asks Shamshad to call Sahil.

Sahil asks what brings you here at this time. Raman asks where is Ishita, call her, where is my wife, don’t act innocent, I know you have sent her lookalike home and kept Ishita captive here. Sahil says what nonsense is this. Inspector says calm down Mr. Bhalla. He says Raman has lodged a complaint that you have kidnapped Ishita. Sahil says you think I will find Ishita’s lookalike and then plant her in her house, there is no Ishita or Shaina. Raman says I kicked out Shaina so that she comes here, my son has seen her coming here. Sahil says your wife isn’t here. They check the house. Raman says Yug has seen her here, how can this happen. Sahil asks them to leave. Inspector asks Raman to go with him.

Raman says Adi, there is no Ishita and Shaina. Inspector says I asked you before if you are sure, are you using us to get revenge on Sahil, there was no one. Yug says I followed their car, how can this happen. Ranbir says we didn’t see anyone leaving. Inspector says where did that lady go, fine go home now. Raman says we need to find her out. Sahil asks Shamshad to call her. Sahil asks Shaina to wait for his next order and stay there. Sahil says Raman, you and your entire family have to pay for my sister’s death. Shamshad says its good that we dropped Shaina on the way. Sahil says I didn’t become a don for no reason, I know how to deal with such people, Raman thinks he is too smart, he thought he will find Shaina, I knew Raman will come to find Ishita, so I got Shaina off my car to trick Yug. FB shows Sahil seeing Yug following. Ishita says its Yug. Yug says I will find out what’s happening. Sahil asks his man to stop Yug and inform him. A car comes in between. Sahil leaves and drops Shaina. FB ends. Sahil says my plan worked and they couldn’t reach Shaina, Raman will wonder where did Shaina go, he won’t get any lead, Shamshad get the car, we must go and find her, we have to execute her next plan.

Amma asks Raman is Ishita fine, where is she. Raman says we couldn’t find her. Raman says we took the police there, I don’t know what to do. Bala says I m worried that Sahil may harm her. Sahil says you have to come to me to our house, we are safe there, everything is fine now. Rohan comes there. He says Ishimaa….. what are you doing here, who are these people. He asks Shamshad to get back, Ishita is his family. They fight. Ishita says its not imp to beat him, leave him. Sahil says sit in the car. He points gun at Rohan. He says if you want to stay alive, sit in the car and leave. Rohan leaves. Sahil says I m sending an address, come to that place, drug supplier is coming, we have to stay here. Rohan says what was Ishita doing with this don, I should call Karan. Karan asks servant about Rohan. Servant says he didn’t come, he didn’t answer my call. Karan asks him to talk. He says its my fault, I should have stopped him.

Ruhi and Simmi come. They scold Karan and ask where is Ishita. He says I don’t know. Ruhi says I know you are with Sahil, you kidnapped Ishita and sent her imposter, you were involved with Muskaan. He says what, I saved you from goons, I don’t know where is Ishita. Ruhi says I just want to save her. Karan says I m worried for Rohan, he didn’t come home. Karan gets a call. He asks what, I m coming. He says Rohan got beaten up by Sahil’s goons, he has seen Ishita there, we have to go. Ruhi says I should call Raman. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to have food. Raman asks where are Ruhi and Simmi. Mihika says they went out. Ruhi calls Raman and says I came to confront Karan, Rohan has seen Ishita with Sahil. Raman asks where, I m coming.

Sahil asks Shaina to change. He says we have to tie you up for some time, they are coming to find Ishita, they will get Ishita here, once you are back into Bhalla house….

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