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Would you watch KZK without Hina Khan?

Kasautii Zindagii Kay will soon be wrapping up Komolika’s character. Actress Hina Khan who is currently seen as Komolika in the prime time show will be taking a break for a while, until her character makes a re-entry in the plot. As per the current track, Komolika will be getting her crimes exposed in front of the Basu family. Moloy Basu has returned to consciousness from the prolonged coma state, much to everyone’s surprise. Komolika attempts to kill Moloy to conceal her truth from Mohini and Anurag. She tries hard to save herself from the police.

Komolika fears her arrest when Moloy reveals about the deadly accident plotted by her. She already learns that Anurag is suspecting someone’s conspiracy behind Moloy’s accident. She doesn’t want Moloy or Vikrant to reveal her real truth to the world. Komolika takes a disguise to reach Moloy in the ICU and execute her evil plan to take his life. Soon, Basu family reaches the hospital to meet Moloy and foils her plans. Komolika will be soon making an exit from Anurag and Prerna’s lives. The show will have a scope of a new negative lead to trouble the lovers. Would you watch KZK without Hina Khan? Let us know your opinion.

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