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Vikram Betaal 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update

Vikram Betaal 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram and Betaal are about to go, Bhadrakaal gets up and says if they enjoyed his acting and says everyone shall enjoy. Vikram says he will after his death. He attacks Bhadrakaal with his sword, but nothing happens to him, he gets injured and gets healed instantly. Bhadrakaal asks him to say bhadrakaal ki Jai and disappears. Vikram asks him to face him if he has courage. Betaal says my life’s all hopes had ended, but you have saved my soul. Vikram says you have protected my wife and ujjaini many times. Betaal says you are chakravartin Samrat. He says I am happy that I will be of some use to you. He laughs and asks if he liked his acting. Vikram says liar and smiles.

Vikram comes back to Palace. He says why Bhadrakaal didn’t attack me. Betaal says he was not having

much strength and says what to do. Betaal asks him to think. Vikram says when I have intelligent pret with me then why to think. Betaal says you shall ask putlis. Padmini comes and asks Vikram if he is fine. Betaal says injustice…Padmini says you always helped Maharaj. Betaal says I am hungry and asks Padmini to come. Padmini says she made delicious food. Vikram says I have work and asks her to make Betaal have food. Betaal says come bahu…Vikram thinks betaal showed him way, putlis can tell him about Bhadrakaal’s end.

Vikram prays to Putlis on his singhasan and says I need your help to defeat Bhadrakaal and asks them to appear infront of him and help him. The putlis appear infront of him and says bhadrakaal is alive due to our strength. She says we, three got freed from the curse, but the remaining 29 putlis think that Bhadrakaal will give them mukti. Vikram asks how to give them mukti. They ask him to go to Bhav log and say this light will take you there. Bhadrakaal says I know you both will go to Bhav log and I will make your yatra as the last fight. He says I know where I have to stop you. He laughs. Maha Maya comes there. Bhadrakaal says Vikram is playing games with your putlis, he is going to kill the remaining 29 putlis. Maha Maya shouts and says not anymore. He says I will go and kill Vikram and Betaal myself. Bhadrakaal asks if she wants to save putlis.

Padmini tells Vikram that she will take care of ujjaini and its praja like him. Vikram asks her to take care. She says she will wait for him. Vikram asks the bhav light to show him way. Betaal stops him and says you are going without me. Vikram asks him to end his hunger till he comes. He says after Putlis, I will give you mukti. Betaal says don’t know when you need me. Vikram asks him to promise that he will not start any problem. Betaal promises him and asks him to pat on his hand. Vikram goes. Betaal says I don’t know if I will fulfill my promise.

Betaal and Vikram are on the way. Betaal asks Vikram to give him some water to drink. Vikram asks shall I dig a well for you. Betaal says you are Chakravartin Samrat and can do anything. They see well and a man standing near it. Vikram says we are thirsty and came from very far, and asks for water. When the man doesn’t replies, Vikram touches on his shoulder and he becomes sand. Betaal says what did you do, you made a man as sand. Vikram says I just touched him. He was sand only. He says if this man was here then there must be a village here. She asks the peacock feather and asks to wait there, and says I have to see if the villagers are in problem. They come to the village and see men, women and the kids. Vikram says they are not moving. Betaal says if they are of sand. Vikram touches one of them and he becomes sand. Betaal asks him not to touch anyone now. Vikram says what happened here and says I have to see who is not made of stone. Vikram goes more inside the village and asks if anyone is here, who can hear me. He says it seems everyone has become sand idols, what is the reason. I can’t help them until I find out. He asks who will tell me. He hears a woman crying.

Precap: Vikram hears a woman crying and goes to the hut. He finds the woman blindfolded and says I will open it. The woman tells that she is cursed and whoever she has seen have become of sand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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