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Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Pipladh flies to shani dev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and ravana walking through the desert and ravana says all this time we came so far ganesh ji and still the water in your golden pot hasn’t finished, it being such a small pot. What is the reason behind this? Tell me now. Ganesh thinks what do I do now? Ganesh says oh yes ravana ji, actually the pot was given to me by mahadev and it is a magic pot that has abundant water to last this entire trip. Ravana thinks okay then, you should have told me before. Ravana drinks water and gives pot back to ganesh.
Ravana says prabhu pipladh started flying to shani dev’s lok to punish him for taking everything away from him. Pipladh ji flew and so shani dev watched a kid flying towards his planet, he summoned the entire surya mandal to stop the arrogant kid from reaching

his planet.
Mangal dev, surya dev, Brihaspati lok, shukracharya lok, rahu and ketu, etc appear as they watch piplad ji flying towards shani dev. Surya dev appears and he sees mahadev in the form of pipladh and says it feels like mahadev is inside this child, so divya and mesmerizing he is! Rahu says no surya dev, look at him carefully he looks like he has taken the disguise of mahadev, this kid has to be stopped because he seems he is coming here to bring a trouble with him. The entire surya mandal stands in line to stop pipladh ji.
As pipladh flies, rahu says I will use my powers and turn the planets so that all planets and the entire surya mandal come in line to stop this kid. Rahu uses his powers and all planets come in line with the sun.
Ravana says pipladh ji could not be stopped, he was not going to stop in any case.
There pipladh flies and says no one will be able to stop me, shani dev today I shall punish you because you took everything from me.
Pipladh comes and is stopped by surya dev and the rest of the surya mandak. As the planets of surya mandal come in a line, Chandra dev comes before shani dev, shani dev’s vision falls on Chandra dev and Chandra dev turns all black from shani dev’s stare. Chandra dev goes as he shivers and suffers form the vision of shani dev. Chandra dev walks around the shiv ling and prays to mahadev to save him. Chandra dev prays and mahadev appears, he blesses Chandra dev and frees him from shani dev’s power of vision. Chandra dev thanks mahadev.
Shukracharya says who are you kid? Why have you come here? What has shani dev done to you? Pipladh says he has done insjustice with me, he took everything from me and I shall not forgive shani dev for that. Pipladh says if anyone tries to stop me, I shall go past them but today shani dev cannot be saved from me.

Precap: Pipladh fights the surya mandal and goes to punish shani dev for his injustice done with rishi dadichi and pipladh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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