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Udaan 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Anjor helps Chakor

Udaan 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chakor asking Raghav about their daughter. He says she is dead, she was 20 years old, she was lovely, she died in an accident, you also suffered, I have hidden this so that you don’t get hurt. Kaki hears him and thinks Anjor is alive, why is Suraj lying to Chakor. He gives her medicines. Someone comes to Anjor’s room and kidnaps her. Its Sameer, who takes her away with him. She screams. He opens the blindfold. She sees him. She asks are you mad, what’s this joke. He says I have to talk to you. They have an eyelock. He says Chakor needs me, Raghav was saying he is Suraj. He tells her everything. Anjor gets shocked.

He says we have to help Chakor, what are you thinking. She asks why are you trying to come close to me. He says sorry, I did this to make you quiet. She asks was

this the only reason, look into my eyes and say you don’t love me. He says that’s the only reason. She says I will go and help my mum, keep your sympathy, I m enough for my mumma. Raghav gets a call and says I have some work, I will come back soon. He goes and hears some sound. He doesn’t see Anjor. He leaves in the car. Anjor rings the bell. Chakor checks. Anjor says I m Dr. Anjy, I have come to meet you. Chakor says I don’t know you, Suraj didn’t tell me about you. Kaki looks on and says Chakor, she is doctor madam, I know her, you can trust her. Chakor asks Anjor to come. Anjor thanks Kaki.

Anjy says I have got a gift for you, you would record everything happened in the past day, so that you relate to it the next day, you will remember everything then. Chakor says its not easy, how will I remember where did I keep the camera. Anjor says don’t worry, I will hide this camera in dustbin, I will call you in morning and remind you, come, don’t forget to do recording, don’t tell this to even your husband. Chakor asks why.

Anjor says you have to keep this to yourself, swear on your daughter. Chakor promises her. Anjor hugs her and thinks you will get fine soon. Chakor thinks I don’t trust even Suraj, I have to get fine. Anjor says I will make you fine at any cost. She goes. She thanks Kaki. Kaki says I can do anything for Chakor’s safety. Anjor asks will you take care of her. Kaki asks her not to worry. Chakor gets the camera and starts recording. Raghav comes home. Chakor tells about herself. Raghav calls her out. She says I m in washroom. She hides the camera. She goes to him.

She says I was coming out, why did you come. He asks did anyone come after I left. She says no. He goes. Pandit gives the marriage mahurat. Sameer comes and argues with them. He says I want some time to think. Jaya says we are also helpless. He asks did anyone think about my feelings. He gets upset and goes out. She calls Anjor and asks how is Chakor. She says you mind your own work, I m with Chakor, you stay away. He says fine, call me if you need help. Sameer sees Kiku with some girl in the car. He fights with Kiku.

Sameer says Kiku is cheating you, my sister is pregnant with Kiku’s child. The girl asks what. Kiku says stop Neha, Vanshika isn’t pregnant, she is just acting. They go. Sameer gets shocked.

Chakor says Raghav isn’t my husband Suraj, he is dangerous, I have to leave from here. Anjor meets Raghav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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