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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kainat decides in Zaroon’s favor

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kainat coming to everyone. She tells about Zainab’s teachings to her. She says Zaroon thinks he can spend his life well with Saltanat, then he should get the permission to marry Saltanat. Everyone smiles. Kainat asks Zainab did she pass or fail. Zainab cries and hugs her. She says you have passed and respected my upbringing, I m proud of you, you are my life. Dada ji sees Kainat crying. He praises Kainat. She says I have taken this decision alone, without listening to anyone, relations aren’t made by force. She returns the bangles. Dada ji gives his approval to Zaroon and Saltanat’s alliance. He asks them to prepare for engagement. Everyone smiles. Rubina hugs Saltanat. Zaroon asks Saltanat to tell her decision. She says but no one has asked me, I will tell my decision

when asked. He smiles and says you are impossible.

Rubina says congrats Saltanat. Saltanat thinks of Kainat’s sorrow. Rubina explains her. She says marriages are made in heaven, don’t do anything, your marriage will be a grand one. Saltanat gets thinking and goes to Kainat. She asks why did you not follow your heart. Kainat says heart is just crazy. Saltanat says you are taking revenge, you want to give your rejected husband to me, right. Kainat says if you feel so, you also refuse. Saltanat asks how can I refuse. Kainat says then prepare for engagement, it will please everyone. Saltanat asks what about your happiness. Kainat says I have left my life to Lord, he will decide for me.

Saltanat asks do you think Zaroon will be yours, engagement is going to happen. Kainat says engagement isn’t a marriage to break by divorce. She goes. Neelam comes and says she is weird. Saltanat says marriages are made in heaven. Neelam says it means Saltanat accepts Zaroon. Hamza and his Dadi celebrate with sweets. She asks did Kainat agree to marry you. He says she will say, she agreed for Zaroon and Saltanat’s marriage, I have saved Kainat from Zaroon. She says foolish, Zaroon will become Dargah heir, you won’t get anything, they shouldn’t marry until you become the heir. He asks what shall I do now.

She says I will talk to Zainab, I will break Zaroon’s dreams. Its morning, everyone gathers for breakfast. Zaroon smiles seeing Saltanat. Zaroon’s parents ask Saltanat to go and sit with Zaroon. Rubina praises their jodi. Zaroon takes permission for a outing with youngsters. Dada ji says we have no such customs, you are going to become my successor today, I hope your dad has taught you the customs well. Zaroon says yes.

Dada ji says learn things from me, I can’t bear any stain on my ancestor’s respect. Zaroon says sure. He promises that nothing will go wrong. Dada ji permits him. Nadim takes the children with him. He asks Saltanat to drive, he will sit back and enjoy. Saltanat drives. Zaroon smiles seeing her. She sees Kainat upset.

Dadi talks to Zainab and says I know everything, Shairiyar hasn’t done justice with you and Kainat. Zainab says no, Dada ji tried, what can we do when Zaroon isn’t ready. Dadi says Dada ji should have decided on own, he would have asked them to go back and break Mamoon’s dreams. Zaroon tries jewellery on Saltanat. Kainat cries seeing them. Saltanat looks on.

Saltanat says person has to sacrifice love between love and duty. Zaroon asks Kainat to talk to her mum and explain her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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