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Strange magic ( Episode 11) Naagin 3 FF

Hello guys here is episode 11 of Strange  magic..Hope u like it do share ur views after reading

Episode 11

Painting  falls from bellas hand as she saw her mahir as naag with his lover naagin raksha

Bella is in shock …soonshe saw someone caming  near her …A nagin who wear black dress came

Bella never saw her before,…But shes shesha Nagrani of nithok vansh

Shesha-Omg!!Nagrani of sheshvansh is here,How u came here ?This is area of Nithok vash naaglok

Bella-But u?

Shesha-Oh i heard u lost ur memory,so Let me Introduce myself im Shesha Naagrani of Nithok vansh,How u came here?

Bella-Thats not Important,U tell me Do u know Arjun & Raksha(She show her painting of them)

shesha-ohh Arjun…He was the most powerful n popular Naag of Nithok vansh,Hes Selflessness n loyal thats why Nagmani chose him,He was the owner of naagmani  at that time…Every naagin want to marry him because of his Charm,Good looks n power ….Bella listened all this patiently

Bella-He possessed naagmani so he was naagraj

Shesha laugh n said-no bella,He was just powerful naag,In Nithok vansh we dont need naagmani to become naagraj or naagrani,Its all about royalty, my parents was naagraj n naagrani so now im naagrani..moreover he never want to become naagraj,he loves his simple life

Bella nodes

then what happened with Arjun

Shesha-Look like every other naagin I also want to marry Arjun not because i love him i never believe in love but because of powers,But he reject me,thats why i threw  him out of nithok vansh,Then after some years we found his dead body,No one what happened to him?

bella-U throw him out of naaglok because of rejection?

Shesha smirk-Yes i mean how can anyone reject me,Im so beautiful,Powerful naagrani

bella-Now what about Raksh?she is naagin of Nithok vansh?

Shesha-No i Thought she belong to Shesh vansh

Bella never saw raksha in her Naaglok

Vish came there Searching bella

Vish-Bella u here,she greets nagrani sesha

Vish saw painting n gets shock ….

vish bella left from there n came to their naaglok bella told vish about Raksha n Arjun

Vish-Bella,Raksha isnt belong from Sheshvansh,I never saw her before

Now Raksha is the new mystery for bella

Aghori baba comes there,Bella told baba about Arjun

Aghori baba-Yes Arjun reborn as Mahir,but he never get power of Arjun

Bella-Why baba?

Aghori baba-Nagrani U got ur power back at 25 age,Agar mahir ko power milne hote to use 25 me mil jati

Bella-Hes 26 now

Baba-Maybe he born again only to protect naagmani,On the other hand u have so many mission like protecting naaglok,Kill enemies thats why u got ur power back…But still there r so many mysteries to solve naagrani..bella looks on,Aghori baba left

Bella n vish tensed

bella-Vish Muze Jeevika ke pass jana hoga,bella told vish about Niti n karan …

Vish-Bella i will also came with u ….Then both went

But in the midway again maithali came to laugh on their situation

Maithali-oh So u Guys want to karan or Jeeevika or Mahir….Kis kis ko bachaogi bella? u know Niti,I send her to hypnotize karan n now karan is all in her control soon He will be on my side,N Arjun oops ur mahir Now no one can save him from me!n when u lost karan then ur friend that mermaid Jeevika will die for sure

Bella-Enough!! U cant even touch mahir,did u forget How u cannot able to harm me when mahir is with me,why ur powers will become so weak in front of mahir???N U cant seprate karan Jeevika because they truely love each other,Jeevika will never spare Niti

Maithali laugh-Niti knows all kind of dark magic,shes my right hand Now u need to save Jeevika her life is in danger….

Maithali disappeared

Vish trace jeevikas location …They both went to that location

They saw Jeevika is fighting with niti,Jeevikas is very violent n Angry they never saw her in that form

Where as Niti too giving tough fight,she jump from one wall to other she can walk on the wall…But Jeevika didnt give up

Bella n vish also come in their naagin form,Jeevika is in her mermaid form,while niti in her chudel form….

Trio fight with Niti….Niti became more violent,Trio fight with all their strength Jeevika Make her fall from  big stone.

Jeevika says dangerously-Never try to came near my karan,What do u think u make him learn dark magic,Jeevika hurt niti angrily

niti laugh in pain-Today u guys won but remember maithali wont leave u!!! u will also face death soon….( shes laughing)

bella n vish bite her n takes her last breath n dies

Episode ends here




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