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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti decides not to marry Veer

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Veer notices Mishti’s injury. Mishti says she is fine, Rohan was there and didn’t let her hurt. Veer now thanks Rohan for protecting his Mishti, he was afraid for Mishti. Rohan says he was also afraid, he had to come. Rohan says he was on phone with Pari when Veer came over and said he couldn’t connect to Mishti, I was in Pune and closer so I reached here. Veer hopes Mishti is fine and asks her to go. Rohan says he has his car, he will follow them. Rohan watches Mishti walk away, he thinks she is in his heart, he wish she turns around and looks towards him; this will confirm she also loves him. Mishti finally turns to look at Rohan. Rohan weeps out of emotions. Veer takes Mishti away. Rohan was elated, and fells over the leaves, thankful to God.

Veer drove the car, he calls Pari

to inform her that Mishti is fine. Pari breaks into tears. Veer says Mishti is only silent. He deems it better to let Mishti be alone for a while, she will be fine when back home. He offers Pari to party tonight. Pari wipes her tears and says there must be party, after all they found Mishti.

At home, Pari informs Radhika and Sukhmani. Pari says God is best, but this time they must thank Rohan as well. He reached Mishti in time and saved her. Since Rohan entered their life, he settled everything up. Sukhmani and Arnav share a silent look. Pari says Rohan has taken care of all the situation and asks Dadi if she can call Rohan and confirm if he is fine. Radhika says she must thank Rohan up as well. She couldn’t connect to Rohan. Radhika assures he will be fine, they can talk to him tomorrow.

It was morning now. Rohan drove the car and thinks about Mishti. He day dreams of Mishti standing in front of his car, with his elbow bent over the front. Rohan stops the car and smiles. Mishti now walks to his door and pouts towards him. Rohan watches her walk behind, waving at her.

Mishti still sat silent in the car with Veer. She now day dreams of herself over a bike with Rohan.
Rohan watches then kiss Mishti’s necklace he had found in the forest.

Mishti smiles recalling Rohan’s concern, kissing her arm and wiping her shoulder injury.

There, Rohan watches Mishti kissing his cheek. He was stunned, then smiles over her foolishness. He walks out of the car and throw a whole bottle of water over himself.

Veer stops the car. Mishti walks out towards her apartment without responding to Rohan’s call. There, Pari restlessly walked across the hall and hurries towards the door at the ring. Mishti stood in the door, her clothed torn, filled in mud and blood. Pari hugs Mishti and asks if she is fine. Mishti nods. Inside, Radhika hurries to Mishti and says she is relieved to see her. Mishti was silent. Arnav was concerned for her arm injury. Everyone was worried. Radhika asks Pari to get an ointment. Mishti silently walks into her room. She shuts the door of her room and sits beside her. She thinks the best moment was when she was with Rohan, she had lived a whole life in those moments. She loves Rohan, and can’t live with Veer. When she isn’t happy, how she can keep Veer happy. She is facing the situation which she always feared, but her love was never thoughtful.

PRECAP: Rohan reaches home. Veer clutches his collar and blames he wanted to make Mishti as hers. Upstairs, Arnav tells the family that Rohan just came over but left the society from downstairs. Mishti wonders why he left, she had been waiting for him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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