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Raja Beta 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Ramesh acts like woman

Raja Beta 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Manjula bringing water and keeping infront of Ramesh (face changed). Vedant asks Ramesh to boil his water. Ramesh asks Manjula to wash the lawn taking water in the pot and clean the floor with broom. Manjula says how to do it with a small utensil. Purva says I will do. Ramesh stops her and says only family member will do it. Vedant feels bad and asks Manjula to leave it, and says I will handle him. He says this is my house and nothing wrong with happen. Ramesh says this matter is between my wife and me. Vedant says this matter is of my mum also. Ramesh says she is my wife and is agreeing to my sayings with her wish. Ramesh gets up angrily and slaps Manjula.

Manjula asks Vedant not to interfere between husband and wife. Vedant says I don’t accept this. Manjula says I have

no complaints with him. Ramesh asks Manjula to go and wash his car taking water in her hand. Manjula cries and goes. Vedant looks angrily at Ramesh. Sanju scolds his friend and says your bhabhi has some work, but I will bring her to party. He hears Pankhudi talking on phone and laughing. He snatches her phone and asks who is this Avika. He asks her to talk to her. Pankhudi says I will not make call and make fun of myself. Sanju gets angry. Pankhudi asks him to trust her. Sanju says you have to win it and tells the conditions of love. She says she agrees to his sayings. He asks about the chain. Pankhudi says it is in the room. Sanju says he is mad Ganga chokra. Pankhudi asks him not to get angry. Sanju says I will not get angry if you keep me cool. Pankhudi wears the anklet and asks can I go and save my patient. Sanju asks her to remember the three conditions. He goes. Pankhudi thinks I will get Vedant, but how to get rid of Sanju. Manjula cleans Ramesh’s car taking water in her hand. Vedant asks her to stop and says this will take all day. He asks Ramesh to stop Maa and says he will do everything he wants. Ramesh says you have to name the hospital and home on my name legally infront of media. Vedant says ok, I agree to this deal. Ramesh smiles and asks Manjula to stop. He sings and goes.

Manjula looks sad and goes. Vedant is angry and says how to stop this man from hurting my mother. Later he calls Media and others to open a free ward for old patients on Dadi’s birthday. He thanks Media. He then asks Manjula to come and inaugurate the ward. Manjula says I…and hesitates. Vedant comes to her and takes her to inaugurate the ward. Manjula refuses. Vedant says please. Everyone claps. Manjula cuts the ribbon and gets emotional. Reporter asks Vedant from did he get this free ward idea? Vedant says he got this inspiration from Dada ji. The girls think he is hot and hope he becomes their boyfriend. The media asks about Ramesh. Ramesh says I have come and comes wearing saree shocking everyone. Narendra thinks what happened to Bhaiyya suddenly. Sanju looks shockingly and says Papa. Ramesh says Vedant is about to give me a gift today. Sanju asks Ramesh if he see his avatar. Ramesh asks what is wrong. Purva asks Vedant to stop Ramesh. Vedant asks her to enjoy. Sanju asks Vedant to throw media out from here. Vedant says he wanted to come infront of media and earn his name. Ramesh acts as woman. Everyone laughs at Ramesh. Media says Ramesh Tripathi came indisguise of woman and tells that may be he lost his mental balance or acting. Manjula cries. Ramesh says how many pics, you will take, I will die. Everyone is laughing. Ramesh looks at Vedant.

Sumiti asks Gomti to see the news. They all watch the news. Ramesh is still in saree and acts as a woman. He comes to the inhouse temple and falls as a woman. He burns the diya and dances…dhol baaje…song plays. Vedant and others smile. Ramesh falls down.

Vedant is going when someone keeps knife on him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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