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RadhaKrishn 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha Meets With An Accident

RadhaKrishn 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna tells Balram that love will end from the world and it will affect most his lady love Radha. Radha feels severe headache while traveling in bullock cart. Balram says Radha’s condition is deteriorating. Krishna says he Dwapar yug’s Krishna and not Treta yug’s Ram to make thinks unseen. He calls himself and says Radha called him. Balram says he called himself. Krishna says he and Radha are same and he should go to Radha. Radha collapses and falls from cart. Krishna reaches and holds her, say this is Radhha and krishna’s life’s most difficult moment, love is going to end from whole world; he wants Radha to stay with Krishna at any cost. He snaps finger, Radha wakes up and asks why did he come when she asked not to come till she calls him. Krishna says she called

him and forgot. Radha asks when did she call him. He says her each breath called him and her vision was searching him, her mind was calling him and how could not he meet her. Radha says but…and collapses.

Kans tells Akroor that with each dropping leave of love tree, love is ending and Krishna’s end is also near; once all leaves fall down, Krishna will be powerless. Akroor asks if Krishna will not do anything. Kans says Krishna is his nephew and would try his best, so he has to keep Krishna busy till sunset. He calls his monster slave Dimirasur and asks if he knows what to do.

Krishna takes back Radha to Barsana. Vaidyas check treat her. Kirtida asks what happened to her Radha. Vaidya says her condition is deteriorating slowly. Climate changes suddenly. Balram asks what is happening. Krishna says when arrow of love breaks, this is what happened. Dimirasur attacks them. People panic and run around. Vrishbhan asks Krishna to take Radha inside home. Yashoda tells Kirtida that she will get Radha’s medicine from Vadiya. Kirtida accompanies her. Dimirasur kidnaps Yashoda and she pleads for help. Dimirasur warns Krishna to forget his mother’s safety and disappears. Balram says he will go kill monster. Krishna says he will go. Balram says Radha’s life is in danger and she has time till morning. Krishna says maiya needs immediate attention, he will follow his duty. He walks to Radha and holding her hand and says he is going to fulfill his duty a belief that Radha will relieve her love, her Krishna will be with her after sometime.

Krishna walks to Dimirasur. Dimirasur laughs. Krishna says he has crossed his limit by kidnapping maiya. Dimirasur says he is not bothered about punishment as this world and love will end soon. Krishna says love has not ended yet and until a strand of love is present in the world, Krishna will end asuri/monster powers.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that everyone want success and run behind it, but if one faces failure, people get sad; they should realize that they cannot value success without tasting failure.

Precap: Vaidya says Radha”s body is degrading. Krishna asks Radha to relive her Krishna within. Kans laughs that love will end soon. Balram asks Krishna when he is creator of universe, why don’t he end Kans. Krishna gets his sudarshan chakra.

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