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R͜͡a͜͡b͜͡ s͜͡e͜͡ s͜͡o͜͡n͜͡a͜͡ i͜͡s͜͡h͜͡q͜͡ t͜͡w͜͡i͜͡n͜͡j͜͡~E͜͡p͜͡i͜͡s͜͡o͜͡d͜͡e͜͡:75


R͜͡a͜͡b͜͡ s͜͡e͜͡ s͜͡o͜͡n͜͡a͜͡ i͜͡s͜͡h͜͡q͜͡ t͜͡w͜͡i͜͡n͜͡j͜͡💕💕💕


Rahul and Kunj finished their work in anger.What they feeling only they knows.

At tej cabin.

Girish:tej you shouldn’t slap Rahul and Kunj at least. Rahul toh.

Tej:why at least for Rahul haan for me both of them is equal mr Kapoor and I know how to handle my sons.And talking about Kunj it’s my right in his father Their is no place in family for arguments with elders whether with outsiders or friends.


Tej:please Manohar.You go and get all details I’ll see everything personally.

Darsh: uncle I’ll do it na.

Tej:acha Darsh if you did before than I wouldn’t face such big loss.You waiting for Kunj.Get reason to blamed him Darsh get shocked.


Tej:don’t think this I slapped them because of you never ever.Know my sons how responsible they are.He said and went from there. Manohar too Girish and Darsh look at each other’s.

Darsh:wow dad you know when kunj get trophy of student of the year whole stadium people hooting for him today I give him back for that he always win over meThis time not I’ll not let him get that project at any cost.

Girish:and best business man award too my son win.

Darsh:yes dad Everyone dream is at young age it’s hard. But I’ll win and show this tej Sarna in this big race his son lose with me hehe.

Suddenly Lata and Prithviraj get some work so they left for village. Kunj and Rahul finished their work they went to office terrace and sit on wall edge.Both looking at sky.

Kunj: why are you so sad?

Rahul:main kaha tu hai.Feeling bad haan?

Kunj:no because of slap pa slap us because of Darsh he never let me explain Rahul. How much he scold us without any faults. Acha sorry from pa side because of me he slap you. I didn’t argue with chote papa.

Rahul:I know Darsh put everything on us you leave this and don’t feel bad. Don’t be sorry get it.

Kunj:why I’ll feel bad it’s happened with us toh every time last time because of Darsh pa send us to boarding school.

Rahul:hmm just doing in jealousy Kunj he just wanted to complete with us. Ouchh touch his cheek

Kunj: don’t tell anyone about this okay specially mummy.. 🙃🙃.Rahul nodded both cuddles There knees and hide their face under the knees and teasing coming from there eyes.

Rahul:kunjj please tu apni tabeeyat kharab karlega aise toh forget this Chal. We have to submit report let’s complete this okay. They get up and went in their respective cabins and doing their work.

At sarna [email protected]

Tej and Manohar reaches little in anger they went in their room.Get freshen up and get busy in work. While Anjali and twinkle prepare dinner both waiting for their husbands to come back from

Office.After Avantika see tej face feel something is fishy but she wouldn’t ask to him.They all come and sit for dinner.

Rudra:where is bhaiya and G

Usha:it’s late they didn’t come back from office. Manohar and tej didn’t said anything.

Om:maybe they busy in work.They all having their food just than Kunj and Rahul reaches and went inside he come from another door used elevator. They come out of the elevator moving towards their room Priyanka saw them

Priyanka:G and bhaiya toh come.They all too see. They went in room. Kunj went in washroom he look at himself in mirror and closed his eyes recalled that moment when tej slap them in front of everyone tears roll down from his eyes his finger printed on his cheek Kunj touch feel pain.

Kunj:ouch meri koi galti nahi ti pa still. Meri dadi I’ll tell each and everything to dadu and dadi. He wiped his tears and get freshen up. Kunj com out of the washroom take his medicine without having anything and lay down on his bedside. While they all waiting for them but they didn’t come and have their dinner.

Anjali: they didn’t come?

Twinkle:maybe tired.Take in room only. Both finished the work and take dinner for their husbands in their rooms only like Kunj even Rahul too lay down in anger.Twinkle entered in room and get shocked to see Kunj.Arey he toh slept why without having anything. She about to wake up him but stop and Kunj closed his eyes and pretend like he sleeps. What happened to him maybe tired.She keep the food back in kitchen Kunj closed his eyes and wiped his tears and cuddles pillow and sleep.Twinkle come in room and get freshen up she too lay down beside him. She cuddles him from back and kissed on his temple.

Anjali: Rahul have your dinner na?

Rahul: nahi Anjali i had something in evening please not now. Let me sleep.

Anjali: Arey what happened?

Rahul:nothing goodnight at morning have to go for meeting.Anjali leave him She too lay down beside him.

Rahul: in mind this Darsh I didn’t feel bad bade papa slap us but Kunj already told me to keep eyes at Darsh moves I m idiot he manipulates everything and Kunj get slap 🙃🙃sorry kunjjj.sleep took over them too.

Whole night tej didn’t sleep properly. Why he didn’t control on his anger.

Next day at [email protected]

Twinkle wake up and found Kunj still sleeping she smiled and kissed on his forehead and went in washroom.

She get freshen up quickly and went downstairs.After sometimes everyone wake up.Kunj get up he take his clothes and went in washroom with gloomy face he get freshen up and get ready.Twinkle make today Kunj favourite breakfast last night he didn’t have anything.Kunj get ready and went downstairs within single night he lost his charm heavy eyes.Kunj looking here and there he went in Lata and Prithviraj room. Didn’t find them there. Get confused?

Kunj: where is dadi and dadu?? He

Went in living everyone come for breakfast Rahul come stand beside Kunj

Kunj asked servant where is dadi and dadu servant tell him they went to village yesterday only. What when dadi didn’t tell me.

Rahul: maybe they have work that’s why.

Om:Kunj and Rahul come have your breakfast? Both didn’t said anything.

Usha:missing his dadu and dadi uff.

Kunj:Chal we will get late.He didn’t wast much time immediately left.

Usha:Arey they went??Without having their breakfast what happened?

Rudra:Haan.Kunj message Rudra come outside after breakfast he was waiting for them in his car.Rudra read.Priyanka have fast bhaiya is waiting for us. Manohar gestured tej while he gives helpless look.Twinkle feel bad he went without having with heavy heart she have little bit.Priyanka and rudra or Soumya went and sit in backseat Rudra get confused to see Kunj.But he didn’t said anything maybe he is in tension.

They drove off. Soon they reached college and dropped them and immediately left for meeting.

Kunj and Rahul or Rohan get busy in work fully.They went in tej cabin and give file to his pa didn’t said anything just blow down his head and went from there tej look at him.Whole day passed like this Twinkle missing Kunj she messaging him but he didn’t reply back. He didn’t have anything just stay on his coffee.Anjali call Rahul he pick

Up her call in frustration.

Rahul:kya hai Anjali Haan??

Anjali:Rahul what happened why you sounding angry haan.

Rahul:leave me on myself please.She get shocked Rahul cut the call he feel bad why he take out someone anger on her.Couldn’t help it.

Girish and his wife Varsha invites Usha and Manohar for lunch they both husband and wife get ready and went.

At Kapoor mansion.

They all sitting in living room Darsh too come there.

Darsh:hi bua..

Usha: Haa hi see our Darsh day by day he becoming so handsome did you find any girl for him or not Varsha?

Varsha:with laugh nahi i didn’t you find it.

Girish:haan Manohar if you don’t feel bad can I tell you something?

Manohar:why not.

Girish:I’m thinking why not we can do alliance of tej daughter Priyanka with Darsh.Manohar get shocked he look at them Darsh smiling.

Varsha: haan she is so beautiful I’m too thinking same. Usha smile.

Manohar: I mean? Bhai Saab.

Girish:hoo Manohar see Darsh is all set tej wanted this type of boy for his daughter my son is capable for her. And you are too his father.

Manohar: haan bhai Saab wouldn’t deny me still.

Varsha: please.

Manohar: okay I don’t have any problem.

Usha: our Darsh is so good tej bhai Saab too like him. Darsh smiling like anything.

Darsh: in mind now I’ll break your attitude Kunj Sarna and your second brother Rahul Malhotra 😏😏.they have their lunch with lots of laugh.

Kunj feeling low he finding his medicine. Rohan come at time.

Rohan:Kunj are you okay na?

Kunj:haan please give me my medicine.

Rohan:haa wait a second. Rohan went and bring his medicine he helped him and give him his medicine Kunj take rest feel better. Kunj have something.

Kunj:nahi I have to finished my project.

Rohan:and you both didn’t tell me haan whatever happened yesterday again this Baster.

Kunj:leave na you too finished your work again sir get chance to humiliate us. Kunj take his file and went from office.

Kunj went to cafe which was near beach perfect view is coming. He crying inside his heart he closed his eyes and see today Darsh holding tej hand

Kunj:why pa you understand each and everything but not me.Omkara is right. 😭.He wiped his tears I’ll win and my project will be successful I’ll tell dadi.. where are you dadi and Dadu I need you.Just than he get their call Kunj composed himself. And pick up the call.

Hello dadi And dadu?

Lata: hello Kesha didn’t you miss us haan.

Prithviraj:now he had his wife why he will miss us. Tear rolling down from his eyes.

Kunj:kya Dadu.. why you went haan.

Lata:arey here we have some work that’s why we come .

Kunj: come back please I’m missing you I need you. Lata and Prithviraj send something is not correct.

Lata:Kunj are you okay na beta.

Kunj:ha ha I’m okay dadi.Bas aap aajao.

Prithviraj:don’t worry we will try to come soon. If anything happened tell me did your pa said anything haan? Let me call him he just wanted Chance.

Kunj: nahi nahi Dadu why pa will can’t I miss you both.

Lata: Haan we will come now toh soon after all my Kunj missing us. They talk for sometimes than end the call. I don’t think so everything is fine didn’t feel Kunj voice.

Prithviraj:Haan. Lata even I’m too thinking this tejjj.

Lata: you just finished work soon than we should go home fast.

Prithviraj: okay.

After sometimes later.

Manohar and usha come back from Kapoor house tej come early they all sitting in living room.

Manohar: bhai Saab I wanted to talk to you.

Tej:Haan bolo na why you taking my permission.All siblings in room.

Manohara: would bhai Saab Girish tell me something.

Tej: what?

Manohar:woh yeh hai ki he wanted Priyanka hand for his son Darsh tej get shocked completely he get up. Bhai Saab.

Usha: haan bhai Saab even Varsha too wanted they really like our Pinku.

Tej: Acha.

Manohar: Haan bhai Saab.

Tej: what you said to him.

Manohar: for me Priyanka is my daughter so I toh like him. From

My side toh yes.

Usha: even I too like.

Manohar: but decision is yours only.

Tej:with heavy heart nahi nahi you are happy than from my side after my brother decided I’ll go with you respect your and Usha decisions great we have to find alliance for Priyanka as well if you both find than happy.

Usha:I’m so happy. Manohar ji I’ll go and in formed about this to Varsha tej get call he went from there.Usha too went.

Avantika was sitting in her room just than Usha come there.

Usha:arey Avantika. I have good news for you.

Avantika: what tell me you looking super happy today.

Usha: haan first have this sweet she feed him.

Avantika:now tell me fast .

Usha:the news is Priyanka alliance got fixed. Avantika get confused.

Avantika: what. Priyanka alliance with whom.

Usha: Darsh me Saath. Avantika take step in backwards.

Avantika: Dar…sh.

Usha: good na I’m so happy.

Avantika: what tej sad?

Usha:he is ready Acha I’ll come.She went Avantika fully get shocked she sit in shocked.Rahul come back from office he went in his room and get freshen up he went down and make coffee for himself and went in poolside.

Everyone come for dinner Avantika still in shocked.She come to dinning  table she look at tej.

Avantika: Kunj didn’t come back from office still Haan. Tej.

Tej:I don’t know.

Om:Rahul toh come back.Rahul tell Avni he will have later they all sit and having dinner twinkle upset. After dinner twinkle and Anjali get busy in kitchen. While Avantika went in her room. Tej come there.

Avantika: what is this tej Darsh alliance for Priyanka haan really?

Tej: haan.

Avantika: what haan I’ll not happy with this how can you say yes for this haan .

Tej: Manohar and Usha bring this alliance I can’t deny my brother.

Avantika: what do you mean by this If you can’t deny than get ready to put my daughter in hell im not happy with this deny.

Tej:Avantika please stop this this alliance will happen at any cost I can’t disrespect Manohar he give commitment and I too him.Avantika just silent she didn’t say more.While Priyanka was come to call Avantika she stop and listen their all talks and get shocked.Tears escaping from her eyes.

Priyanka:Meri Shadi Darsh me Saath.. 😱😭. Nahi. She run from there. While Usha tell to everyone about all get shocked more Rahul.


Usha:haan im so happy.

Om:MAA when this decided haan?

Rudra:haan that Darsh and my Pinku.Tej come there.

Tej:Rudra no words.Rahul look at Avantika who gestured him helplessly. Rahul hold his hand.

Tej:what they said Usha?

Usha:they too ready.

Tej:good.Tej went from there.

Om:MAA you bring this.

Usha:so what they approach us we didn’t deny.Priyanka standing in side and having tears in his eyes. This sagun send as well.

Rahul:kunjjj.Usha went in her room.

Om:Kunj wouldn’t ready ever


twinkle:what happened.

Avni:twinkle you don’t and didn’t understand.

Twinkle:Jiju where is Kunj.Before Rahul can say anything Kunj entered in living room.Who looking totally lost messy hairs. Kunjjj.He see them but ignore.

Om:where were you haan?

Kunj:kaam ta.Kunj look at them.What happened to you all haan? He look at their face. Kunj eyes went on Priyanka who crying in side. Prinku.again Rudra.

Rudra:no bhaiya I didn’t do anything.

Kunj:than why she crying haan?.

Avantika:what happened to you Haan what you make yourself tell me.

Kunj:first you tell me what happened.

Priyanka: wo bhaiya. Avantika about stop her.

Kunj:no mummy he went near her.She run from there Kunj get shocked.Koi mujhe batayaga koi what is this.

Rahul:I’ll tell you na.Darsh Kapoor alliance come for our Priyanka.Kunj immediately get shocked he look at Avantika his office bag falls down from his hands.

Kunj:whatttt are you in your sense haan in stern voice.

Om:he saying absolutely right maa and papa bring this alliance.

Kunj:and pa..?

Avantika:he is ready.With painful voice Kunj totally blank.

Kunj:what do you mean by this haan? Mummy how can this happened.Twinkle get scared Kunj see sagun basket in side this all is rubbish I will not let happen this.He throw the sagun. Priyankaa he run behind her.Avantika went in her room.Everyone get disappointed.

Kunj see Priyanka was sitting in her room balcony and crying cuddling pillow Kunj feel so helpless he curse himself. He went toward her and sit beside her. He look at her.

Kunj:pinkuuu. Why you crying.

Priyanka:bhaiya wo😭😭😭. Pa.

Kunj: shhhh cupped her face. Tell me everything...

Priyanka:bhaiya she hugged him..

Kunj: bata mujhe.

Priyanka:bhaiya….i don’t want to against paa decision.i want to be like you who accept every decision of paa..


Priyanka: i was going to tell paa something.but i listen paa and Mummy  conversation.they want to marry me with darsh..She again started crying.bhaiya i don’t want to marry him…i don’t want to go against paa aswell…What should i do bhaiya i don’t want to be a bad girl..who will go against paa….But i also dont want to marry  darsh..Kunj had teary eyes after seeing her sister in this condition.Kunj immediately hugged her tightly he too having tears in his eyes.

Kunj:shhhh..don’t cry now..Your brother is here na .will not let your marriage happen with this darsh.this is my promise.why you thinking this you will go against you just forget everything concentration on your exams.For this all things your bhaiya is here. Don’t say anything Priyanka.

Priyanka:but paa.he will think i m going against him then.

Kunj:no he will not think like this.i will make him understand Till they had not decided anything.they are  just talking.

Priyanka:pkka bhaiya.

Kunj:prinku promise.Now stop crying.handover her his hanky.chal clean your tears.Priyanka clean her nose as well with his hanky..

Kunj:why you both your bhabhi and you are same always clean your nose with my hanky While prinku laughed at this ..

Kunj :that’s like my prinku.always keep smiling..meri best sister. Wiped her tears.

Priyanka: bhaiyaaaa..😭😭😭I’m so


Kunj: don’t pinku meri strong behan you just keep silent don’t say anything I’ll

Handle everything.

Priyanka:what about pa..

Kunj:I’ll go Against him. Now no more. Chal soja ab.don’t discuss about this to anyone my good girl.

Priyanka:okay.Kunj kissed on her forehead.Pat on her cheeks and went from there.

Kunj wiped his tears he saw all siblings and twinkle standing at staircase he avoid them.And went from there in his room.Twinkle went in their room.

Twinkle:kunj kha the tum ? Itni late kuyn hue….

Kunj:bas aise hi..

Twinkle:kya matlb aise hi….yaha mai tension ke mare mari jaa rhi hu ki pata ni tum kha ho or tumhe kuch padi hi ni hai.

Kunj:acha sorry Woh kuch kam tha..

Twinkle:kunj kya hua .kal se dekh rahi hu

tum tension ne ho or sad bhi.

Kunj:kuch bhi toh ni bas office ka koi project that’s it…

Twinkle:agar ni batana toh koi bat ni kam se kam jhoot toh mat bolo…

Chalo fresh ho jao mai dinner lagati hu.

Kunj:ni twinkle bhook ni hai

Twinkle:kunj tumne kal bhi dinner ni kiya tha or aaj breakfast bhi ni kiya ab again..

Kunj:bas maan ni hai karne ka..

Twinkle:theek hai ab ni hai toh fir mai bhi ni karungi….kya fark padta hai…

Kunj:ab drama band kar ja leke aa hum.dono karenge dinner sath mein…

Twinkle went and bring dinner quickly.

twinkle and Kunj.were having dinner then twinkle told him.about darsh alliance for Priyanka Kunj leave his food and went to balcony..

Twinkle:what happened kunj ?


Twinkle:kunj ek bat bolun tumhe darsh prinku ke liye pasand nahi but you said ki elders ke decision me ni bolna h so i didn’t said anything…

Kunj:hmm ( thinks …why paa…why are  you doing this…think you are doing this because of me only.then punish me.not prinku….)

Twinkle:kunj.Kunj comes out from his thought…hmm.chal sote hai ( thinks i have to do something)just than twinkle see redness on Kunj cheek.kunj what happened to your cheek she touch Kunj control his face.Kya Hua.

Kunj:kuch he get up and went inside while twinkle get confused.


At breakfast table everyone was sitting expect Kunj and Rahul who went early.

Tej:We had decided to fix prinku alliance with dars.. Priyanka leave her breakfast and  went to her room.While avantika looked at tej.she knew her children don’t like him.Tej didn’t said anything while

usha:Priyanka sharma gyi …

Tej: where is your son?

Avantika: you know na tej. What happened to them from 2 days seeing them they both staying in their zone.

Tej:I’ll gets late for office bye they both brothers left for office.

Om: whatttt happened something is fishy Kunj and Rahul even this too.

Avantika:haan Om I’m too thinking.Kunj toh didn’t tell anything itself toh mummy ji and daddy ji too not here. I’ll see priyanka this new problem come. She went from there.

Anjali: maa you shouldn’t bring this alliance.

Usha: why.

Anjali:you know everything. They all went from there. Avantika went in Priyanka room and see her she crying like anything.

She went and sit beside Priyanka.

Avantika:Priyankaaa she see her and wiping her tears.


Avantika: I know beta but don’t cry everything will be fine.

Priyanka:mummy bhaiya promise me I don’t want to marry please why pa doing this he didn’t understand me😭😭.

Avantika: don’t say anything pa haina and bhaiya he will see everything.Twinkleeee bring her breakfast and beta see Aayat.

Twinkle: Haan mummy ji she went and bring breakfast for Priyanka and give to Avantika than went to see Aayat.

Other side in office.

Kunj and Rahul fully busy in their work Darsh come there.

Darsh:good morning.They both see him immediately turned their gaze.arey what happened he went near them. Arey Kunj now please finished this enemy. Now toh I’m going to become your sister husband Kunj immediately get up and grab his collar.

Kunj:don’t dare to take my sister name from your mouth and fit this in your mind you will get marry to my sister never ever I’ll kill her rather than marry with you. Soch na mat. If you put your bad eyes on Priyanka I’ll kill you till now I control on myself but when matter comes in my sister i wouldn’t Darsh.He jerked him. See Rahul he thinking after become my jija he will make me and my pa bow down in font of them it’s your dream and remain dream only.Out of my cabin.Rohan come there.

Darsh:I’ll give you back Kunj.He went from there.


Rahul: he deserve this only taking advantage of our silence.

Rohan: what happened. Rahul look at him and feel bad.

Rahul: his so cold father wanted to marry his son with our Priyanka. Rohan get shocked.

Rohan:what when this happened.

Kunj:yesterday only and my pa is ready for this.Rahul can see pain in Rohan eyes. Asa pass Khuda play in background.. Kunj went from there in anger he doing downstairs in hustle miss his step and slightly forehead hit with side pillar tej was coming up he saw him.

Tej:kunjjjj. What happened Kunj look at him didn’t said anything see client with him.

Kunj:nothing sir.And went from there. Ouchhh.He went and Bandage the wound.

Darsh went to his Father.

Darsh:dad this Kunj is too much now do something fast.

Girish:hmm don’t worry.Anyhow I have to lock this alliance.Divine and rule this toh not work out years back in tej and Atul hoe can now their sons too same huhu.Wait Usha.Girish talk to usha.Than she too with Manohar.Somehow Rudra make Priyanka mood good take her college.

At evening Kapoor comes at Sarna Mansion with heavy heart.Avantika Greet them.Tej totally unaware about this he reached home than get to know from Manohar he didn’t said anything. While all siblings in anger what so hurry. Darsh was sitting and looking at Priyanka.she try to call Kunj but his call coming busy.

Usha:Anjali bring Priyanka make her ready. Anjali went in room.

Aayat:pinku why you crying haan.

Anjali:pinku get ready.

Priyanka:I don’t want😭😭😭.Bhaiya.

Twinkle:pinku please.Forcefully they make her ready and take her in living room.Usha make her sit beside Darsh.

Varsha:aww she looking so pretty. Everyone is sad.

Girish:see tej I don’t want big engagement so can we now.

Avantika:what why so hurry without mummy ji and daddy ji.

Varsha: just small Avantika.We all toh ready na.

Avantika: whatever is it my sons also not here without their absence.

Girish:hoo bache hai woh toh so much importance to them.

Tej:so what bete hai.deliberately convince tej to do engagement in front of family members.They exchange the ring.

Feed each other’s sweet.They had work so after this they quickly left.Kunj and Rahul come back and see everyone as soon as Priyanka see Kunj she run to him.

Priyanka:bhaiya you promise but see this. She show him his ring.

Kunj:what is this..

Priyanka:engagement ring.Kunj look at tej.

He give painful smile.

Usha:Haan kunj beta you come late.

Kunj:so what maa mere hone se ya nahi hose koi farak toh padata toh nahi hai. Good.

Avantika:kunjjj.what happened to you after see bandage on his forehead

About to hold his hand. He went from there.

Avantika:you are wrong tej this time.Tell me clear what you have done with my son. I can see in his eyes.Avantika went to Kunj and he sitting at pool side tears coming out from his eyes.Kunjjj.

Kunj: haan bolo.

Avantika: I know this all not good I itself didn’t understand anything.

Kunj:why this alliance only for Priyanka mummy. With your own hands you both throwing her in hell.

Avantika:pa didn’t bring this Usha and Manohar he can’t deny.

Kunj:why mummy pa always did this with us only. Avantika cupped his face.

Avantika:How this happened haan.I know you hiding something from me tell your mummy please. He redness on his cheeks she immediately understands.

Kunj immediately turned his face.tej ne kuch kaha.

Kunj:why he will.He never understood me mummy cuddles and hide his face in his embrace and sobbing.

Avantika:please kunj at least me.

Kunj:you stop this go and tell pa.I can’t see this Darsh for a second how can I bear he will be my sister husband noo. You all don’t know how he is mummy his whole family isn’t good.You remember his father hold pa collar at childhood. I didn’t like them since that day and how can pa get ready.He is my enemy because he disrespected my pa.I can understand Choti maa and papa. Twinkle listening everything from side.

She feel so bad to see her husband Like this. Kunj get up and wiped his tears and went from there.

Avantika:I’m sorry let mummy ji and daddy ji come I’ll end this drama.

Twinkle entered in room.She see Kunj she went and sit beside him caress his nape hairs Kunj turned and see her she can see tears in his eyes.Cuddles him and caressing his hairs both didn’t talk.Kunj just resting his head in her embrace. Within no time he slept in twinkle arms she put his head on pillow And kissed on his forehead.

Twinkle:you didn’t speak up Kunj tell me what bothering you so much.Whole night twinkle didn’t sleep peacefully she didn’t feeling good already.

Another morning.Kunj wake up with heavy heart recalled everything he get call from his pa and get up and sit busy in his laptop twinkle wake up and see him she get up and get freshen up went downstairs and make breakfast for him. Rahul wake up and come in Kunj room both sit.And finishing their project.

Twinkle come with breakfast and coffee see Rahul.

Twinkle:good jiju you come now you too have breakfast and make him too. I’ll give you your medicine she bring and give to him.Rahul gestured Kunj lets have.Both doing work and have breakfast too twinkle get happy.Om come there.

Om:kunjj what happened why you so silent.

Kunj: nahi..

Om:I know because of Darsh.

Kunj:Leave na Om.I have important work.

Om:okay.later they get freshen up and all left for office.Kunj and Rahul working their work with full determination.Lata and Prithviraj come back from village at afternoon all get happy.Avantika told them everything they get shocked.Just waiting for tej and Manohar how can they do this. In their absences

Avantika:mummy ji Kunj totally become like before staying in his zone kishi koi Ba’ath chit nahi.

At office:

Manohar: we got this two deals what about this.

Tej:send Kunj and Rahul.They stay together do masti. In formed them about this.Tej pa in formed them about this Kunj get so angry.

Kunj:again pa doing same.I’ll not go anywhere. Priyanka come at office due to some work. Darsh see her he hold her hand she get shocked try to free herself Kunj come there and see this and get hell angry he went towards them. Darsh pulled Priyanka to himself.

Kunj: stay Away from my sister

Darsh: fiancé hai meri.I have full right on her.

Kunj:Rohan go and take Priyanka home back.

Rohan:sure come pinku.She hold his hand and went with him Darsh see this.

Darsh:you kunjj.Don’t forget after marriage what you will do than toh I can do anything with your sister winked him Kunj raise his hand but stop.He curse himself and leave him in anger.Darsh laughs out. I’ll make you busy in this and win project..wowo😛.

Lata and Prithviraj was in shocked they both just thinking about Kunj only.Why he doing this.They wait for him whole day tej and Manohar come meet with their parents.

Prithviraj:great tej in our absence so many things happened.Engagement really.

Tej:I didn’t get time this all happened so suddenly. Manohar bring papa.

Lata:whatever tej. Didn’t expect this from you all. And what Avantika telling me about Kunj and Rahul.


Lata:that toh I’ll ask him only directly na.He didn’t said anything.

Rudra: now raj and Simran back train will be back on track. 😛😛. All giggles.

Later Kunj and Rahul come back from office they were hell tired and angry too Kunj sense his dadi and dadu presence.He looking here and there.

Kunj:meri dadiiii.I’ll tell her everything. About this. 😭😭. He went to their room and see them sitting their room.Kunj entered in room.Tears coming from Kunj eyes.Lata and Prithviraj see him. Kunj went near them. Immediately cuddles his dadi,Dadiiiii. You come back.

Lata:Haan kunj. Kya Hua.Why you crying. She cupped his face everything clearly written on his face they can read. Why this tears in your eyes.

Kunj:something went in my eyes .

Prithviraj:ab jhoot hum se.

Kunj:daduu pa.. 😭😭.Rest his head in their lap Lata caressing his hairs while Prithviraj holding his hands. Don’t go anywhere without you both I feel empty no one understands me.

Lata:don’t hide tell me I’ll talk to tej.

Kunj:nahi dadi bas aise hi just let me stay like this only I feel so peace.They both smile.Kunj spend some times in his dadi and dadu embrace.After sometimes later Kunj bring come with tickets Kunj and Rahul and see and get shocked.And see the file Manohar handover project to Darsh.Now it’s enough. Kapoors come due to some work. Kunj went in living room fully in anger. He went towards Manohar.

Chote papa what is this?

Manohar: hoo Kunj you both doing so now Darsh will handle this project.

Kunj:but why.Our all hard went in water.

Manohar:last week only your presentation not well.

Kunj:because Darsh Copy my things.

Darsh: heyyy😡😡.

Kunj: don’t Darsh. All get up. And this tickets we will not go anywhere.

Tej:but why.

Kunj:why really pa I should ask you this. All family members staying In side, it’s my project how can you give him.Since starting me and Rahul give our All time now you giving him. Last time too we didn’t do anything he itself does everything don’t know what problem he have with me just wanted to win over me. In painful voice.

Rahul:Haan he knows before only stock market going down.Ask him how can their company share in profit and ours in loss.Bade papa.Tej tell him about how can they slap him.

Darsh: no uncle.

Kunj:Chal don’t act innocent in front of me. I know you since childhood how baster you are.When my own father didn’t believe me he always trust others over me why pa. Last time too you send me boarding school away from my family how we stay there.Only we know.So much tortured. Because of him only today also you sending us.Why pa. At school too he did everything and put all blame on me.Till now he is behind me we are his competitor.Didn’t get student of the year trophy now too.I do each and everything whatever you said never ask you back in your all things always respect everyone. Respect your decision. You all take me granted agar me kam bolta hu that doesn’t mean I didn’t understand anything I understand each and everything it just I don’t wanted to argue with anyone and you thought I’ll argue with chote papa haan.

Everyone having tears in their eyes. .

My dadu and dadi teach me this.I do whatever they teach me.Maybe I didn’t stood up at their value.And how can you ready for this alliance haan.And you Darsh Kapoor what you said divine and rule.You just knows how to break families nothing else, till now I stop because of my maa.Today not now matter comes on my sister.You wanted to give him this project you can I M DOWN NOW Pa.removed his office batch.I’ll not go anywhere.Sorry for this I speak in front of you.But I’m helpless I never wanted to speak in front of you.

Kunj see priyanka and remove ring from her hand and throw it.Take your ring back Darsh Kapoor behan hai meri you win I lose. What did you said no body remember who run marathon only who run in race.It’s your mistakes Darsh Kapoor. You are right humhara koi comparisons nahi hai.He grab his collar.Do whatever you wanted to do but stay away from my family Get it.Specially from my family.

Aur pa who filling you ears Against us haan only he is. I break this alliance. You can’t deserved my sister you take all decisions ours pa not this time.

Girish: kunjjj chalo Darsh he take his son outside.

Usha: what is this Kunj?

Kunj: Haan. Maa I’m right he is not good.

Tej: kunjjjj. Hold his hand about to raise his hand all get shocked Lata come hold his hand on time.

Lata: nahi tej. Don’t try to raise your hand on my Kunj. Leave his hand.

Tej: maa see him what he said to them.

Lata:whatever he said it’s truth tej.You are very lucky you got son like him.Still

Now you tell me what happened fully I know you done something with them. Avantika try to taking Kunj.

Manohar: woh maa. Bhai saab slap them.They all shocked.

Lata:tej apne jawaan bete pe kaun Haath uta hai haan. Answer me.

Tej: I’m sorry I didn’t do purposely.

Prithviraj: acha..

Kunj:I wouldn’t talk to you pa now.I was mad who try to become normal. He said and went from there Rahul behind all having tears in their eyes Avantika look at tej with pain.

Avantika:this time tej you are fully wrong how can you slap them Haan for that Darsh haan.

Tej:no are you mad. Lata and Prithviraj went to Kunj. Kunj get up and hugged them.

Kunj: dAdi I didn’t do anything sorry I talk in front of pa. This all happened because of Darsh 😭😭😭. I’m really sorry.

Lata:don’t be sorry tej should be sorry. Wiped his tears you know na your dadi can bear anything but tears in her Kunj eyes never ever.

Prithviraj:you are absolutely right this is normal in family. I’m proud of you you listen everything didn’t went tej. He slap still.

Kunj:nahi Dadu I didn’t feel bad pa slap me it’s his right he can do anything with me. Kunj get call and shocked Rohan tell him their project disk missing.

I’ll not leave Darsh this time Kunj went outside in anger and see Darsh. Darsh. He grab his collar. Why you do this haan.

Darsh:Leave me Kunj.

Kunj:acha I’ll leave you.Again cheap trick na.

Darsh:haan good. Darsh Give him punch Kunj about to push him he stop. Both holding each other’s collar in anger. Darsh take out  gun from his pocket. while Kunj too his guard both pointing gun on each other’s.

Their everyone come. Avantika and tej rush toward them

Kunj:remember my aim never failed in this I’m good than you.

Avantika:Kunj Leave this.


Twinkle:kunjjj.Kunj throw gun in side. While Darsh from stone at Kunj which hit on his head.

Kunj: aha all shocked and scream Kunj name kumjjj.

Tej:Darsh. Girish about to use his hand on Kunj.Tej hold don’t try don’t this I give this right to only Manohar not everyone Girish.

Girish:first see your son tej.This upbringing you give them haan.

Tej:acha my upbringing is best look at yours who wasn’t under control yours. I slap them because you get back.I’ll not come in anyone talks.Here only I’ll break this partner ship nothing Is More important than my sons for me.About Priyanka alliance I did because of Manohar.He find you better if I did toh I’ll not give you reject option also.Haan Rahul is right absolutely I just observing you how much stoop you low.Till now I give you respect you are Manohar relative nothing else.He hold Kunj hand rahi Ba’ath meri parwarish ki toh. Mene apne bete ko aisi tarbiyatdi hai andere me bhi ujala ho jata hai. Yeh meri hi upbringing hai they standing like this. So kindly he fold his hand I’ll not do what you have done with me last time you can take leave sorry.Chalo he take Kunj inside Girish and Darsh went in anger.Each and everyone is in tension why this all happened so suddenly.

Everyone is in living room.

Usha: I’m sorry for this all I don’t know about them.


Tej:you both don’t be sorry.Avantika holding Kunj head blood Oozing from side.And you kunj I don’t know still everything is in your heart.I didn’t send you both because of Darsh but I don’t wanted my kids come in any bad things. I promise someone i will do each and everything to make you both reached their what dream we saw for us we toh couldn’t our all hopes and dreams with you all only.Yes I’m strict with you both because I know my right on you.Didn’t give them my time but for you both.And you thinking it’s torture than I’m sorry. And I’ll do this only.I know your potential. Yes you both did each and everything what I told you both I’m thanks full to god I get son not son but sons like you both.Every parents think for their kids betterment I too. And you take in punishment. Sorry really.

Rahul:please don’t be sorry we didn’t mean like this bade papa.All looking at tej and Kunj.

Lata: we all know this tej.

Tej:nahi maa your Kunj toh thinking this only his pa understand everyone not his own son who told you.I know you more than your own self.You aren’t happy with anything why I’ll do. Tej said this and went in his room. All feeling bad whom evil eyes put on their happy family. Twinkle went towards Kunj in their room she sit beside him.

Twinkle:dressing kardu.


Twinkle:Kunj why you said this all.Papa is absolutely right.acha kunj mai tumse ek bat puchu….

Kunj: hmm..bolo in cold voice…

Twinkle: kunj jab humare bache honge toh tum unhe life me successful banane ke liye kya kroge ..

kunj:twinkle why are you asking this question at this time….

Twinkle:arey batao na…

kunj: i will do every possible thing ….

Twinkle: phir chahe tumhe uski wajh se hurt hona pade phir bhi …

Kunj:haan phir bhi….

Twinkle: so same cheez papa ji ne ki thi tumhare saath ….tum hi kahte ho na tumhe papa ji ne push kiya har cheez ke liye isliye tumhe sari cheeze aati h …you are successful because of him only….shayd isliye woh tumhe humesha best beta mante …i know woh kabhi dhikate ni h but he loves u very much…….

kunj:hmm ..

twinkle:chlo phir mere wale sadu sarna ban jao meko ye sad sarna ni pasand..

Kunj:twinkle tu aisi kuyn hai yaar matlab meri family ko kitni achi se smjhti hai

Twinkle: woh toh hu after kunj sarna ki wife hu toh kuch talent toh mere me bhi hoga na…while both laugh at this. ..

Lata and Prithviraj listen this and get so happy proud on twinkle.

Twinkle: now go and patch up with my papa ji I like that Kunj woh pa.. chalo

Kunj: now I behave so bad today. She hold his hand and take him in their room. Kunj entered in room with hesitation. Twinkle stand outside

kunj: paaa.. I’m sorry for each and everything I didn’t meant it I don’t know I can I said this all things I’m not in my sense tears escaping from his eyes Avantika and tej look at him tej went towards him.

Tej:i m sorry beta..you are upset with me na because of that decision na..

Kunj: no paa no need of i m happy …if you didn’t had taken that  decision then i wouldn’t have become so successful thank u paa i know it was difficult for you also..don’t be sorry you are my

Father you always think about me.

both hugged  each other while twinkle & avantika smile.

Tej: I’m sorry I slapped you without any fault. Just than there Rahul come.

Rahul: so what you slap us we didn’t get it from many years feel happy ears get clean 😝😝.They smiled with tears. Rahul too hug. We should thanks to god got father like you who find his all dreams in us wanted to represent us.

Kunj: haan pa. We toh you right and left hand

Rahul: haan dad used to dad this.! You look good in Hitler avatar this not suits in you.

Tej:acha.kish mitti ke bane ho tum dono.

Cupped their face kissed on their forehead. Again sorry.

Kunj:don’t be make us feel more guilty.

Rahul: see it’s so true pain bring more closer divine and rule toh fuss and here we are in Hitler arms 😝😝😝. Rest their head on tej shoulder Avantika smile.

Twinkle:aww best moment.I prayed till last page of this story they just stay like this only.. lafzo Ka Yeh Rishta play.

Kunj / Rahul: just wanted you behind us only. Kehte hai na maa jannat hai. But

baap bhi jannat ka darwaza hai. 😘😘😘without you how we will entered pa.

Avantika:we both blessed with best after having you both share a group hug.

Twinkle: I promise Kunj you I’ll always connected this family. 🙂🙂.

Episode freezes..


Finally done with this no more drama in my tale 😂.That last threat between Kunj and tej too end up with this understand.

How was the episode

Not good I know 😝😝still try. No proof.

In family you have to think about each and everyone. That tej did..

Please share your view.

Bye love you all


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