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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Mirchi puts Akhilesh in trouble

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mirchi wishes Adi good night. How are you? He is taken aback. What are you saying? How were you in such deep sleep? Don’t give me any excuses. She asks him why he brought her here. He asks her how she got out of coma. She refuses to tell. He tells her not to act smart with him. I saw you lifting the car with one hand and hit me with your extra hot hand. How did you do it? She turns to go to her room but he blocks her way. She tells him to let her rest in her room. He pulls her by her locket as she begins to walk again. Show me how you will walk now! She recalls Akhilesh’s command about not letting anyone touch this locket. She slaps Adi, extends her hand and lifts him high in the air. She drops him at a distance. Adi is in utter shock. He tries hitting her but she lifts him in the air and swirls

him around. Adi shouts for help. Akhilesh comes home just then and is shocked seeing them thus. What is Mirchi up to! I have to stop her or her truth will come out before everyone! He asks her to leave Adi. Mirchi readily accepts the command. Akhilesh asks Adi why he is on the floor. Devina and Pushpa hear the commotion and come running there. Adi says Mishri isn’t normal. She has some superpowers. I saw her extending her hand. She was choking me and lifted me high in air! She is not natural. Akhilesh picks the wine bottle. Ira and Devina reason that Mishri is a small kid. Akhilesh points at the empty bottle. This is what will happen if you will drink the entire bottle! Adi swears upon his mother but gets slapped in return. Don’t you dare swear falsely upon me! I don’t wish to die so soon. He insists he isn’t lying but Ira insists that a small girl cannot pick a guy like him. There is something called science. Devina and Akhilesh second her. Devina takes Adi with her. Adi shouts while being taken away that Mishri is possessed!

Ira tells Mishri not to take his word to her heart. What are you doing here at this hour? Akhilesh says she was waiting for me. I went to get ice cream for her. Ira reminds him that Mishri just recovered from pneumonia. Pushpa assures her she will be fine. Ira says I know what is good for her. She cannot sleep after eating sweets. She will sleep with us. Akhilesh gestures his mother not to react. Pushpa goes to her room. He sends Ira upstairs and agrees to bring Mishri.

Akhilesh tells Mirchi not to use her powers unless he asks her to. Why did you do all that? She repeats his command about the locket. I lifted him in the air because Adi touched the locket. I strangled his throat to protect Mishri’s life. Akhilesh apologizes to her for shouting on her for no reason. Did you feel bad? She denies. That feature is not in me. He nods realising the same. Just follow the command that I give you. Ira is waiting for you. She accepts it and goes upstairs with him.

Devina throws water on Adi. What is wrong with you? Will a small girl lift you in air? He insists that Mishri actually did that. Something is surely wrong with her! Devina asks him what he means. Adi tells Devina that he feels Mishri died in coma. How can a girl recover completely from that kind of situation? I think it is Mishri’s ghost. Devina asks him why he is talking like Pushpa. Sleep now. Maybe you will feel better. She walks away in a huff. Adi decides to prove Mishri / Mirchi’s truth.

Ira asks Mirchi if she isn’t sleepy now. Have more ice cream. You don’t want to listen to Mapu! I will do oil massage. Mirchi points at specific points where she can apply oil. Ira asks her curiously about those points. Mirchi replies that it is to keep the parts safe and active. Ira goes to bring oil. Mishri is acting strange after her accident. She is halting at every little thing. Or maybe I am over thinking! Akhilesh tells Mirchi to turn her hand to normal. Mirchi accepts his command. Akhilesh does not let Ira massage Mirchi. She is taking many medicines anyway. She will fall asleep. Say a story if you want to do something. It will work wonders. Ira agrees. He makes Mirchi lie down between them. Ira tells Mirchi Snow White’s story. Ira finds Mirchi very unresponsive and staring at the ceiling blankly. Akhilesh thinks to do something. I will make the sound of train to try putting her to sleep. Ira smiles seeing him make the sound of train. He touches her pony but Mirchi makes the sound of train perfectly to prove him wrong. Ira and Akhilesh step back in shock. Ira asks her who taught her this. She replies that it is inside her system. Akhilesh opens youtube by then and tells Ira that Mirchi was lying. Ira smiles. He pulls her pony somehow and Mirchi bids them good night. Ira says you both have made a team so soon. I was trying since so long. I knew that you will become world’s best Bapu. She rests her hand on Mirchi as she lies down next to her. Akhilesh thinks he will get that award when he will bring Mishri home safely.

Next morning, Pushpa comes to Akhilesh’s room and finds Mirchi sleeping peacefully. Her Amma was saying she cannot sleep after eating sweets. She fails in waking her up. She does not even feel a pulse. She calls out to Akhilesh. Ira comes there followed by Akhilesh. Ira is about to reach out to her but Akhilesh offers to wake her. Pushpa complains about Mirchi’s pulse. He pulls her pony when the ladies aren’t looking. Mirchi greets them. Akhilesh says she slept late. She might be in deep sleep. Ira says it is sometimes difficult to find the pulse of kids. She sits down to check herself. I can find one. You need little practise for this. Pushpa nods in relief. Ira wants to show Mirchi / Mishri once to neurologist. She is fumbling while talking and is walking stiffly since her accident. I hope there is no neurological problem. Akhilesh imagines doc checking Mirchi and finding out her truth. What have I gotten myself into? How to save Mirchi’s truth from coming out?

Precap: Mirchi sings in male voice. Everyone looks at her in shock. Akhilesh hears it too and wonders why Mirchi is singing in male voice. All the eyes are focused on Mirchi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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