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Mere Sai 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Bhairav Loses Wrestling Competition

Mere Sai 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Wrestling competition starts in Shirdi. Kulkarni takes judge’s seat and thinks Bhairav will win competition and he will let him compete in different villages and shower wealth on him. He asks Anta and Panta to find out where Bhairav is, why did not he come yet. Sai goes begging at a house and seeing lady angry asks her husband if his wife is angry. Husband says he has guests at home and she wants to go to her mother’s place. Wife gives food to Sai and says her mother’s house is 2 lanes away and her mother must be waiting for her. Husband asks Sai if he is wrong. Sai says guest is god’s gift and she can go after guests leave, he is going towards her house and will inform her mother that she will come late. Lady thinks Sai is supporting her husband instead of supporting her.


sees Bhairav sleeping and thinks she should not disturb him, Kulkarni likes Bhairav and will not mind if he goes late. Anta and Panta reach there and seeing Bhairav still sleeping knock door and scolds him to hurry up as competition has started. Bhairav scolds Champa for not waking him up on time. She says she was awake till morning and did not know when she fell asleep. Bhairav shouts she obeys aayi and not him. He hurriedly takes bath, takes Kamla’s blessings and rushes out. Champa brings food and asks him to have breakfast and go as he did not have dinner last night. He says he is already lady and walks away. She runs behind him and clashes with a woman. Woman yells if she is blind. Kamla gets happy seeing woman and identifies her as her sister Sarswati.

Sai walks to lady’s mother’s house to inform her about her daughter and sees lady’s son enjoying peanuts and throwing them floor and ordering his wife to bring fruits for him. Wife steps on peanut shells and writhes in pain. Husband scolds her to get fruits fast. She brings fruit and hearing her son crying picks him and asks husband to pick fruits himself. Husband angrily shouts she is forcing him to get up at last and stepping on shell shouts why did not she remove shells from floor. Mother-in-law/MIL who was sitting silently till then shouts if she cannot serve her husband, men go out and work hard to feed family and it is women’s duty to serve them. Sai asks food. Wife brings food. Sai asks if there is any problem. MIL yells her bahu does not serve her son well. Wife says her husband works for 6 days and takes 1 day leave, but she is not let to take even a minute leave and has to work whole day. MIL says what is special in it, she served a big joint family in her times and never complained. Sai says she is right and says her daughter told she will not come today to meet her. MIL says she is waiting for her daughter since long. Sai says she can go and meet her daughter. MIL says she has knee pain. Sai says he will take her to her daughter’s house. MIL walks towards her daughter’s house with Sai’s support.

Kamla informs Champa that Saraswati is her long distant sister and had not attending Champa and Bhairav’s wedding, so she came to meet them. Champa touches Saraswati’s feet. Saraswati blesses her and says she looks sanskari. Kamla asks her what she would have in lunch. Saraswati says she wants 3 different vegetable dishes, 3 different rice and curries, etc. and if Champa can prepare them on time. Kamla says why not and asks Champa to prepare all dishes. Champa says she knows she has to be awake whole night and need to sleep in the evening. Kamla asks her to try. Champa starts cooking. Saraswati asks her to fry spices well and continues commenting. Champa thinks if she is awake till night, she won’t be able to sleep even at night.

Wrestlers from different villages come to participate in Kulkarni’s organized wrestling match. A man Mathuradas brings his wrestler Veeru and boasts that Veeru never lost since 5 years. Kulkarni says his wrestler Bhairav is much better and will defeat Veeru. Bhairav reaches. Kulkarni thinks he should not scold Bhairav and break his self-confidence, so asks Bhairav to get ready soon. Bhairav goes into tent to get ready. Anta and Panta ask if he had proper food. Bhairav says he did not have time to eat. Anta and Panta taunt that he will lose for sure and will lose chance to work for Kulkarni hereon. Bhairav and Veeru’s wrestling starts. Kulkarni bets 50 rs. Mathuradas says he spits paan worth 50 rs. Kulkarni increases bet to 200 rs. Bhairav loses. Kulkarni pays 200 rs to Mathuradas and scolds Bhairav for spoiling his name, orders clerk to add 200 rs debt in Bhairav’s account and deduct from his salary.

Sai takes MIL towards her daughter’s house. MIL says woman’s duty is to serve and obey her husband and do household chores. She reaches her daughter’s house and gets disheartened seeing her daughter working. Daughter cries that her husband roams with friends always and dumps all work on her and does not let her to meet her mother.

Precap: Lady’s son-in-law repeats her own words that wife’s duty is to serve her husband and obey him. Sai asks lady what will she say now.

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