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Main Bhi Ardhangini 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra happily accepts Madhav and Vaidehi’s alliance

Main Bhi Ardhangini 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaidehi talking to Chitra’s photoframe and says she don’t feel peace. She says when Madhav propose me, I was feeling if I am taking your place. She says I wanted to marry him, but now feeling if I am doing wrong with you. Chitra’s soul comes infront of her and says she is very happy and wanted them to marry and start their new life. She says I wish I could tell you all this. Vaidehi says did I harm you and asks her to give some sign. Just then Madhav comes there and looks at Chitra’s pic. He says today she must be very happy. Main toh tere naal……plays….Vaidehi asks really? Madhav says Chitra must be really happy today and says since she left, she always wished that I get a good life partner and today I got it. He says it is very girl’s dream to become a bride

and her husband gives her happiness, color her with love. Song plays again. Madhav says I can’t promise you all this today, and says I like you very much, but I don’t love you. Chitra hears them.

He says love is a deep feeling for me and I need time to reach that feeling. He holds her hand and says will you give me this small time and can you support me till then. Vaidehi keeps her hand on his hand and says surely. She says I will be with him always, I know this is very difficult for you, I will never give you a chance to complain. Madhav says that’s why you are my true friend like Chitra used to understand me. He says Chitra must be happy. Chitra says she is very happy and will be with them becoming their shield. She touches their face. Madhav and Vaidehi come near the frame and their heads collide. Vaidehi says sorry and asks him to collide his head again. He collides and they laugh.

Nilambari comes to Madhav’s room and thinks what Chitra had given him as kawaj, what it could be….She checks in the cupboard and then thinks Madhav must be wearing it. She thinks what is the thing which he doesn’t separate from himself. She thinks and looks at Madhav and Chitra’s pic. She looks at the ring. A fb is shown, Chitra and Madhav come home. Chitra says she gave him ring for his protection. Nilambari asks him to wear it as an ornament. She thinks I will use it against you as a weapon.

Ani comes to Jaichand and says we are going to stay in Himalayas. Jaichand says ghost has won. Rani says mummy will make our chutney. He asks her to be in Nilambari’s party while he will support Chitra. Rani says what mummy will do now and says I can’t accept defeat. Shweta comes there. Rani says didn’t you go till now and asks if she stayed back to eat free food at Madhav’s marriage. Shweta says Neela maa sent me to call you both and asks her to go and fight with Chitra ghost. Rani calls her loser. Shweta laughs and goes.

Vaidehi is calling Dadi, but she is not picking the call. Kaka comes there. Vaidehi says Dadi is not picking my call. Kaka says you would have informed Dadi before. Anuradha comes. Vaidehi says I didn’t want to trouble her and asks what to do now. Lanten comes there and says solution is that you return to your Dadi and leave thinking about marriage. Vaidehi asks what are you saying? Kaka says sometimes we have to sacrifice for our family. Vaidehi says I will call Dadi. Dadi picks the call. Vaidehi is about to tell about Madhav and then says Nilambari fell down. Dadi says you are going to become Madhav’s ardhangini. She says you doesn’t know that I am here. Vaidehi turns and hugs her.

Nilambari asks them to get their clothes stitched and get 1000 kgs laddoo. Sangram asks if there is anything special. Nilambari asks them to celebrate their engagement and says she is Baazigar as she don’t lose.

Precap: Vaidehi tells herself that she can’t even tie the dori. Madhav comes to help her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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