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Krishna Chali London 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer and Radhe have a fight

Krishna Chali London 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Krishna saying there is nothing left between us, I didn’t forget what you did, leave me. Veer holds her and says don’t say anything, please, wish me happy anniversary, wish me for coming out of prison on this date every year. She says in your dreams, I don’t believe in this marriage and anniversary. He says you know what, I tried it once, I said, I don’t believe that the sun rises from the east, I asked where is the sun and closed my eyes, it doesn’t work this way, the truth can’t be changed, you are my wife, I have made many mistakes, I m not denying this, just say you don’t love me. She says I hate you. He smiles and says hate is another extreme of love, if you have courage, look into my eyes and say I don’t love you Veer, say. She says please Veer….

why are you making it difficult for me, I have forgotten everything. He asks our anniversary too. She says yes Veer, I have moved on, I forgot you.

Radhe comes and pulls Veer back. He holds Veer’s collar. Krishna shouts stop it. Gajanan says what’s happening here, I will meet Krishna and Radhe. Bela follows. Radhe asks how dare you touch Krishna. He beats Veer. Krishna shouts leave him. Veer ass who are you, I will beat you. Radhe asks how dare you touch Krishna. Veer asks who are you. Radhe shouts I m Radhe. Veer gets shocked. Gajanan, Ajit, Bela and police comes. Veer gets caught. He asks Krishna who is he, answer me. Krishna says take him. Veer says answer me, how can be be Radhe, who is he. Bela says he said Radhe, how can be he Radhe, I have to focus. Veer says answer me, how can he be Radhe. He goes with police. Gajanan says Radhe got angry, he couldn’t tolerate anyone with you, he is Radhe. Krishna says I don’t want to argue with you, I will try to get the Dna result soon. Gajanan says once result comes, I will take my brother home. Bela says this is amazing, this is going to be fun. She records.

Gajanan says be ready, you won’t be able to keep us away from Radhe, he has returned, this is the truth, I will take my brother home very soon. Veer is taken to meet Nayani. She says you called me today to say this, Krishna hasn’t met us, I tried. He says I want you to do this, don’t know how, you need to meet Krishna, no matter what. He says its not about her, its about Radhe, I don’t know who is that man, he calls himself Radhe, how did he come suddenly. She asks what happened. He says I had to meet Krishna on marriage anniversary like every year. He tells everything. Nayani and Shashank get shocked. Veer says Krishna knows everything but she is hiding it from me, will you find out, please. Shashank agrees. Nayani says Radhe is alive. Shuklain is sleeping. She dreams, Radhe saying I m coming back to you soon. Shuklain wakes up and says Radhe is coming back. Shukla says you have gone crazy, you always see this dream, I have done his last rites.

She asks don’t you miss him. He says he was my fav son, my biggest weakness, I m his dad, I can’t show my emotions, Radhe left us. Krishna and Radhe are on the way. She asks why did you beat that man, do you know him. He says simply. She asks what do you mean, something must have happened. He says I felt bad when he touched you and held your hand, I felt like hitting you so I did, I don’t want to answer you now, if he touches you again, I will beat him again. He opens the tiffin and sees kheer. He refuses to eat. She says you eat this, you did a brave thing by beating Veer. He says I would have eaten it, but this doesn’t have raisins in it. She recalls cooking halwa for Radhe. Shuklain smiles and says put raisins in it, he won’t eat it without raisins. FB ends. Krishna thinks he can’t be Radhe, why does he behave like Radhe sometimes.

Radhe says this is not cooked right. Shuklain cries seeing him. She hugs Radhe. Krishna says he can’t be Radhe. Shuklain shouts he is my Radhe. Shukla looks on.

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