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Kesari Nandan 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari and Kalki get selected

Kesari Nandan 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bhairav asking Kesari not to get caught by the other wrestlers. She asks is this training. He says just do what I say, I don’t like questions. She runs and then gets caught. Bhairav says you don’t have to get caught, its my style of training, just do what I say. Kesari runs again. Kalki’s training goes on. She asks Hanumant is this the training. Hanumant says you have technique, but strength, you have to pass the fitness test, else you can’t play wrestling competition. She says I have strength and smartness, I have defeated Kesari. He thinks so she cheated. He asks her not to do cheating and play honestly, else he will tell Rana ji.

Its morning, Kesari and Kalki’s training goes on. Dangal…..plays…. Kesari asks Madhavi about Hanumant. Madhavi asks her

not to worry. Bhairav asks Kesari to continue same practice. Hanumant asks Kalki to get ready for the fitness camp. She says I can win any how, being Rana ji’s daughter. Hanumant says I know you are helpless, because of father’s love, but Kalki has to pass the fitness camp. Rana ji apologizes. Hanumant asks Kalki to get ready.

Kesari runs and doesn’t get caught. She says its four days, train me some wrestling moves, what will I do in front of officials. Bhairav says you are now ready, don’t worry. Madhavi asks Bhairav what is he doing, why isn’t he teaching anything good to Kesari. The officials come. Hanumant and Kalki come. The official says two girls are also there in the contestants, Kesari and Kalki.

Kalki says yes, Rana ji’s daughter, you could have come home to do this. He says we have no time, who will come first. Kalki says I will come. He says come ahead, show style later. Kalki smiles and enters the ring. She asks Kesari not to worry, don’t waste energy if you can’t defeat me. Kesari says Hanumant is a good coach, Kalki is lucky. The official says you will get 30 seconds to show your speed, tricks and talents. Kalki wins the fight. Hanumant gets glad. Kesari worries. Kalki gets praised. Kesari says dad trained Kalki well, Bhairav didn’t teach me anything, what will happen now. Bhairav looks on. Kesari takes Hanumant and Bhairav’s blessings. Bhairav asks her to come.

He says stop Kesari. He asks official to send two more wrestlers in the Akhada. Official says fine. Bhairav says Kesari will fail three wrestlers and prove her talent. Kesari worries. Madhavi wishes all the best to Kesari. Bhairav asks Kesari to go. Kesari goes for the fight. The time starts. Kesari shows her speed and doesn’t get caught by them. Madhavi and Hanumant smile. Kesari runs and pushes the wrestlers. Hanumant gets glad. Bhairav claps for Kesari. The official praises Kesari and her record timing. Kesari smiles. Official says both the girls passed the fitness test, now they can prepare to go to the camp. Bhairav sees Hanumant. Kalki goes with Hanumant. Kesari apologizes to Bhairav. He says its fine, you will face great wrestlers in the camp. She says I trust myself and you. He says great. He goes. Kesari hugs Madhavi. They smile. Madhavi says you have to work hard and succeed to support our family with money and relations, you have to get our lost pride.

Kalki meets Kesari at the camp. She challenges Kesari.

Update Credit to: Amena

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