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Jhansi Ki Rani 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Moropant gives precious teachings to Manu

Jhansi Ki Rani 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the ladies in the palace welcoming Manu with aarti. Manu steps on the red colored water and steps inside. Janki and Saku bai are angry. Manu and Gangadhar sit for post wedding rituals. Pandit ji asks Maharaj to write Manu’s marital name. Gangadhar writes Rani Lakshmi Bai on the rice. Everyone praises her new name, when Pandit ji announces her name. Moropant gets emotional and says Rani Lakshmi Bai. Peshwa says our Chabili will bring prosperity and happiness like Maha Lakshmi and she will make new sun rise in Jhansi. Everyone say Jai…of Rani Lakshmi Bai. Janki and Saku Bai get angry. Lachho Bai thinks my eyes are on you Saku Bai. Ross thinks this is british’s big defeat, Ross is never wrong.

Peshwa says now time has come for us to live, and asks her not to forget

what he taught her. Manu says but I will miss you a lot. Peshwa says your Azooba is always with you. Manu then takes blessings of Peshwain. Peshwa hugs her and gets emotional. He says they shall leave now. Manu hugs Moropant. Peshwa says I can understand what you are feeling and asks him to stay for some more days. Tatya guru says I will also stay here for some days. Peshwa says ok.

Ross tells Robb that he didn’t plan this attack and someone else is behind. He says easiest way to defeat them is divide and rule. He says we have to put ghee in fire. Robb says you are right. Ross says there are three queens Saku Bai, Janki Bai and Laccho Bai, and they want to become Maharani. He says most dangerous is Saku Bai and she must have planned this attack. Robb asks why didn’t you arrest her. Ross says sometimes we shall get the termites do their work. Robb asks about their stories. Ross says lets start with first one and says Saku Bai is so dangerous and she tried to kill her son for the throne. A fb is shown. Robb asks if Ramchandran was saved. Ross says Saku bai was his death and gave him poison. She says she called her daughter Ganga bai and her son Krishna Rao was called from Sagar. Fb is shown, Saku Bai asks Ganga bai to announce that Ramchandran has adopted Krishna Rao as his son, and says she will rule and get the throne. Ross says it was not easy to get throne. There were two claimants, Raghunath Rao and Gangadhar Rao. They took our help, and says they made Raghunath as the king who was a leprosy affected. Janki was his wife, but she never came near him, so Lachcho took advantage and gave birth to two sons and 1 daughter. He says Raghunath Rao died then and then they both fought. He says he threw Laccho out of Jhansi and made Gangadhar as the king. He says after Gangadhar, Jhansi will be in their control. He says he will fight easily with Saku Bai, Janki and Laccho Bai, but worried about the fourth claimant, Rani lakshmi bai.

Manu is sad. Moropant comes to him. Manu hugs him. Moropant says you made me feel proud and everyone will feel proud of you. He says I will give you some teaching which you make you marital life work.

Moropant tells Manu that she has to remember her sayings and do accordingly. He says you have to protect both families now and protect it. He says Shrimanth Sarkar wanted to give you some jewellery, but I refused as the teaching which I will give you, is not less than the ornaments. He says your beauty, behavior and values are your true values, and you shall use it to beautify yourself. He tells that she shall make Mayka as sasural in a moment. He says your husband will be your friend, husband and guru, and asks him to share happiness and sadness with him. Manu says I will become incomplete without you. He says if any thorn get pierced on her foot then she shall thank God and think it didn’t pierce in her eyes. He asks her to see goodness and move on in life. Manu says ji baba. She promises to protect both Newalkar and Tambe’s prestige.

Precap: Gangadhar gives kataar to Manu. Manu says she is sure that some insider is involved behind the attack and want to check everyone. Janki tells Maharaj that this is insulting for them. Gangadhar scolds Manu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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