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I Desire You Behir SS Part 11(Malhar Kalyani As A Supporting Jodi)

I desire you Part 11

Sooraj and Manjari reached home.

Sooraj went to Bela’s room.

She was surprised to see him:Sooraj bhayya!What a surprise!I thought you will come only for my wedding.

Soo:But I felt that you need me now.That’s why I came here.

She smiled.

Soo:Kalyani told me everything about Mahir’ return.

Bela became dull.

Soo:Do you still love Mahir?

Bela kept quiet.

Soo:Tell me Bela.Don’t hide your feelings from me.

Bela’s eyes became wet:Yes bhayya.Till I breath my last I will love Mahir.

He was shocked.

Soo:Then why are you going away from Mahir?He wants you back.Right?Then why this mental block?

BELA:Bhayya,please don’t ask me anything.I don’t want to talk about this topic.I am engaged to Armaan.Mahir is my past.Why are you talking about the past?

Soo:How can Mahir be your past when you still love him?How can you marry Armaan and live with him if you love Mahir?

Bela did not have any answer.


Sooraj felt upset seeing Bela sweating.His questions have hurt her a lot,he understood that.He wiped the tear drops which fell down.

Soo:All I can say is your brother is always with you.

Sooraj and Bela were very emotional.He left the room.

Prerna:Did Bela tell you anything?

Soo:No mom.I failed in knowing her mind.But all I know is Bela and Mahir love each other a lot.

Soo:There is a very strong reason which makes Bela behave like this.
All were upset.
Kalyani:How can we open the door of her mind?
Kalyani’s mobile rang.Immediately she rushed to a place.Her face blossomed seeing Malhar.He extended his arms.She ran into his arms.She became very emotional.
KALYANI:Malhar,at least now you came back.I missed you a lot.

M:I also missed you.That’s why I am back.
Kalyani rested her head on Malhar’s shoulder.
KALYANI:Malhar…I am really sad for Bela.I want to make her happy.But I am helpless.I can’t bear Bela’s tears.But I am not able to do anything for her.

M:Don’t be depressed Kalyani.We will find a solution.
He tried to console her.

Bela met Armaan.

BELA:Armaan,you know very well that I can never forget Mahir.Do you have any problem with that?

Ar:No Bela.Why do you ask me this question after knowing the whole truth?

BELA:Everybody t home thinks that I am cheating on you by loving Mahir.

Ar:So you doubted whether I changed.But no Bela.Like you even I can’t change my mind.You remember when your parents asked you to marry me you came to me to confess about Mahir?

BELA:Yes.That day I was really upset.But you promised me that we will get married only for the sake of our parents.Because you love someone else like me.

Ar:Yes.I loved only person in my life.And I will continue loving her.She was forced to marry someone else as her father threatened her that he will commit suicide if she does’nt marry that guy.But I can never forget her.Our marriage will only for name sake.We will be a couple only in public.

Bela was relieved.

Armaan became emotional remembering his lady love.

He controlled his tears.

Ar:Bela,why don’t you tell your family why you did’nt marry Mahir?Tell them why you stay away from Mahir.

Bela’s eyes became wet.Her mind flew to her past.

Flash back…

Bela got a parcel.She opened it.She was surprised to see a beautiful stylish saree.

She read the note attached to it.

“Tomorrow morning mom is leaving for Bangalore for an urgent meeting.So come home tomorrow wearing this saree.We will have our first date after engagement. With lots of love…Your Mahir..”

Bela blushed keeping the saree close to her bosom.

The next day

In the early morning…

Sumitra’s head was aching.Mahir noticed it.

MAHIR:What happened mom?

Sumitra:Mahir,my head is aching a lot.

MAHIR:Then we will go the hospital.

Sumitra:No need.If I take rest it will go.

MAHIR:Then cancel the meeting.

Sumitra:No.It’s urgent.

MAHIR:How can you go for the meeting in this condition?

Sumitra:Can you go there instead of me?

Suddenly Mahir was reminded of Bela.

Sumitra:Will you go Mahir?

MAHIR:Yes mom.

Sumitra smiled:You are so sweet beta.

Mahir thought:I have to inform Bela that I won’t be here.

Mahir dialed Bela’s number.But due to network error he could’nt contact Bela.

Suddenly Sumitra came:Mahir,get ready fast.It’s time for you to leave.
MAHIR:Ok mom.

He went to get dressed up.

Bela wore the saree.She smiled imagining Mahir getting attracted to her seeing in this saree.

She went to Mahir’s house.She was shocked to see Sumitra at the veranda.

Sumitra:Come inside Bela.


Sumitra:He had to go for an important meeting in Bangalore as I could’nt go there due to head ache.

Bela was very upset.

BELA:Now how is your health?

Sumitra:Now I am ok.If my head ache had gone a little more earlier you could have met Mahir.So sad.Sorry Bela.

BELA:It’s ok.

Bela entered the house.

Sumitra:Actually before grahpravesh you are not supposed to enter this house.But I don’t believe in such superstition.So I have no problem.Anyways I will take juice for you.

BELA:No thanks.I am going.

Sumitra:Why?You are not happy to spend some time with your future mother in law?

Bela was embarrassed:Sorry,nothing like that.

Sumitra:Then take juice first.


Sumitra brought juice for her.Bela drank the juice.She felt dizziness and she fainted.

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