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Chandragupta Maurya 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhananand’s Master Plan Keeps Chandragupta and His Team Busy

Chandragupta Maurya 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta provokes Dhananand to come and fight with him and be ready to be defeated. He burns Magadh flag and throwing it in front of Dhananand says he cannot even set off fire and now should dare to come and fight. Citizens discuss they did not see anyone opposing king till now, Chandragupta did. Dhananand says Chandragupta’s sin pot is filling now and he will smash him soon. He asks Govishanka to execute his plan. Govinshak says they should wait for sometime. Sthul informs Chandragupta that they have only 100 soldiers and a few weapons left, how will they defeat Dhananand and his huge army. Indra says they can use curtains as weapons. Sthul asks how. Chanakya says these curtains are fire catching and praises Indra’s intelligence. Chandragupta says their intelligence is

more powerful than powerful army and asks Indra to explain his plan. Indra asks him to just see how he will use curtains in their favor. He and Kshatriya soldiers wet all curtains in oil.

Dhananand asks Govishanka till when they have to wait and looking via binocular says something is different in hawa mahal today. Durdhara notices and says curtains are missing and reminds Dhananand brought them. Dhananand says those curtains are extremely light and fire catching. Chandragupta with his team throws curtains on Dhananand’s soldiers and shoots fire arrow on curtains, burning around 500 soldiers. He praises Indra’s plan. Baldev says future king got his future sensapati. Chandragupta says he does not know about future king and senapati, Indra is his brother and will always be. Citizens praise Chandragupta’s intelligence. Amartya rakhas shouts to shut up.

Dhananand orders soldiers to smear arrows in poison and shoot towards Chandragupta and his soldiers. He orders Govishanka to head a batallion towards hawa mahal’s south door. Amartya rakshas says another batallion is heading towards north, they will attack Chandragupta from both sides. Chanakya notices Dhananand’s soldiers heading towards north and south directions and realizes their plan. Chandragupta is busy planning with Indra and others when an arrow passes near him and hits wall. Mura says she did not see such an arrow in life, it is different and tries to pick it. Chanakya stops her and says arrow is smeared with poison and they should use these arrows to kill Dhanand’s army. Chandragupta says Dhananand sacrificed his few soldiers to divert their attention and attack from both sides. Sthul asks Chanakya what he should do now. Chanakya asks him to keep digging tunnel.

Amartya rakshas informs Dhananand that their plan is backfiring them. Dhananand says it is part of his plan, while Chandragupta is busy tackling soldiers from north, Govishanak with other batallion will shower poisonous smoke emitting arrows from south and kill Chandragupta and his whole army in a few minutes.

Chanakya Niti: If dust falls into one’s eyes, one becomes blind for a few seconds if not removed from eye on time can harm eyes, but same dust falls into sea shell and becomes pearl; similarly if a person gets proper guidance on time, one can excel in their given task.

Precap: Chanakya encourages Chandragupta to use his will power and defeat Dhananand.

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