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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: KK Offers Prabhakar’s Post To Siddhant

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Siddhant, Gayatri and Purva coming back home from Patna. Gayatri thinks of Prabhakar. Siddhant pacifies her. Purva comes to room and thinks of Prabhakar and his sayings. Siddhant takes newspaper and sees Prabhakar’s pic. He thinks he didn’t give chance till end. Sweety calls Siddhant and asks if everything is fine. Khurana also asks the same. Siddhant says he is fine and tells 15 days have passed. Employee asks Anushka what to do with Prabhakar’s stuff. Anushka says I will tell. Siddhant comes to office. Anushka asks him how is he and Purva. Siddhant says I am fine and tells that his father used to tell that life also keeps on going and don’t stop for someone. Anushka says what to do with his stuff. Siddhant asks her to tell that they are cleaning the room

and says this corporate world. He goes to his cabin and takes their photo frame. He sees chocolate and thinks of demanding it. Anushka says uncle brought it for you. Siddhant says you used to discuss me with him. He says his father never understood that he has grown up and can’t be cheer up with a chocolate. He keeps his stuff in the box and asks her to send it to his house.

KK comes to Gayatri’s house. Gayatri asks shall I make coffee for you. He says no and asks Purva to get water for him. He says he couldn’t make himself understand till now and can’t make her understand. Purva gives him water. KK asks Gayatri to tell him if she needs anything. Gayatri says they don’t need anything. KK asks Purva to study well and asks her to talk to him directly or talk to Anu if she needs help. Purva nods. He tells that he has a request and says nobody can take Prabhakar’s place, but if Siddhant takes his post then he will think that Prabhakar is with him. Gayatri says they want to walk on the path wished by Prabhakar. Anushka asks Siddhant to take decision from Prabhakar’s perspective.

Siddhant asks Gayatri why she didn’t make food today also, and says life must go on. Gayatri says we have to make a new start and asks him not to take Reddy Corporation job. Siddhant says you want me to take a new start and at other side, you are asking me not to take this job as Papa didn’t want. Siddhant says I am taking a decision that we will not discuss what papa wants and says we will take our own decision.

Siddhant thinks of Prabhakar. Sweety comes and asks if he is missing his dad. Siddhant says I will thank him, and thanks him for sending him to school where everyone comes in Mercedes and he used to go on scooter. He says his friends used to go to foreign and he couldn’t go to even Patna. He says this fire in me is because of him and says I will show to the world that what this Siddhant Sinha storm will do. He says I will live life on my own terms.

Siddhant tells Anushka that they have some past between them and says he wants their past to come in their present if she wants to help him.

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