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UNFORGETTABLE LOVE :SHIVIKA (Part 53)( evil plan and i m here)

Hello guys i m back so make urself comfortable and enjoy

Shivaay pov.

9t tym

I saw aanika moving out of RM secretly so i decide to follow her in my car but what comes next was shocking,she stop her car in mid of forest and two another car came around her car from another direction and raghav and kriyan came frm differenet direction ,trio wait for sometym it seems like they are waiting for someone after few minutes another man in uniform i guess he is officer may be  he salute them and they shake there hand and talk for sometime i can’t hear them bcz firstly it is raining and secondly i was standing little far, suddenly they four start moving inside ,that officer was guiding them to move inside , secretly i was following them they were moving so fast and after 20 mins of chase i lost them gr8 so i came back and wait there for them After sometym officer came back all alone and wait for sometym and 3   ambulance came there , nurses and doctors run inside the forest guiding by the forest ,i decide to wait here only bcz i don’t want a got caught and after sometym they all cameback holding strecher and few mens lying down on them ,it seems like someone beat them very badly  but who there condition was so bad and raghav and kriyan supporting a men whose face is covered and after that my angel comeback in full rage ,her eyes were blood shot in anger, rage and having no mercy and same goes with kriyan and  raghav bt they were little bit relaxed , officer leave frm there with ambulance ,now they were alone ,bt kriyan next stunt make my blood boil, he hold her by shoulder while raghav was busy on call , i clenched my fist , he plant a kiss over her forehead and say something in her ear ,and hug her now she became relaxed and trio left from there in there own car and i also left frm there

End of pov

In car

Aanika pov.

I left home at late nyt and meet kriyan and bhai in mid of forest ,an officer guide us inside forest and help us to reach them ,bt when we reach there we saw few goons surrounding the house , we got in fight with them, we beat them ,at last we reach to him and after seeing his condition my blood boil ,thinking what they do with him in those years, we came back and doctors ,nurses and left with officer and him ,i was not relaxed ,i want either shivaay and veer ji is there and i hug them bcz they are only two person whose presence make me forget my all tension kaas wo hotey ,i don’t know why m i feeling shivaay around me frm starting bt what will he do here i shrugged off my thoughts and saw  bhai who was busy in phone kri who was there hold me and plant a kiss over my forehead for assuring me everything is fine just a friendly kiss and said that everything will be fine and i immedietely hug him and i became little relaxed and we left frm there in our respective car toward rm

End of her pov


Next day

At Breakfast table

Everybody was present there and having there food silently which is so unusual so to break this silence sagrika speak

Sag: Mahi ,Raghav

A&R: yes maa /mom

Sag: last 9t i came to ur room to check u..bt i didn’t find u where were u ??

Sammy: and even kriyan bhai was also not there

Trio look at each other nervously shivaay , karan and adhiraj notice it

R: wo mom…act..ually i went to office bcz of case

Kr: mom wo actually few foreign deligates came so i went for meeting sorry i didn’t inform u

Sag: and u mahi

A: actually maa my friend call me , she needs my help urgently so i went to them

Yash: u trio should do rest ,kriyan beta meeting subha me bhi ho sakti thi ,and raghav and doll u should do rest for few days kyonki tum dono ki tabiyat abhi poori tarah se theek nhi hui h

Trio: sorry and hum aage se dhayan rakhenge

Yash: good for u if u remember this otherwise i know how to take care of u (sternly)

Trio nodded and after finishing breakfast all left to their respective place

Shivaay room

Shivaay on call

Haa khanna do as i say , i want him here today itself ,make sure there is no problem otherwise…

And hang up the call

Shivaay pov.

Un teeno ne itni aasaani se jhoot bol diya bt why r they lying , wht r they hiding frm everybody , they look all stressed and specially aanika , after accident her behaviour is changed completely ,eveeytym she is lost everywhere ,and take stress,doctor has strictly told me that taking stress is not good for her …aanika actions and indirectly talking points that she remember everything bt how is that possible if she remember everything first she confront me bt she doesn’t and top of that her behaviour toward alok and samarth uncle is quite weired,the way she talk to them as if she is talking to culprits and they something wrong,she indirectly threat them…as much i came to know that aanika and gauri separated frm there family 17 years ago and anika was also saying that she knows everything wht happened 17 yrs ago , she knows who is real culprit and who is not,bt aisa kya h…aisa kya hua tha 17 saal pehley…pata lagana hoga or …agar anika ko sab yaad h toh usey pata lagane ka ek hi tareeka h ..uske liye usey aana hoga yaha rm..fir dekhtey h kya hota h

End of pov

Karan room

Ad: karan did u find anything ,what they are hiding??

K: not now bt my all informers are on this work only and don’t worry we will find it soon

Ad: do u know karan wht happened yesterday and he explained conversation between aanika ,alok,samarth,karan and kriyan

K: wht?? Bt how is this even possible, we know that she don’t remember anything 17 years ago ,than what is she talking about , and agar usey sb yaad h toh y she didn’t tell us, everything is getting complicated

Ad: i don’t know bt i m sure both raghav and kriyan knows about it

K: ur ryt

Ad: i hope so everything is fine ..they will be not in any mess

K: i hope so

Ad: did u notice how much they were neevous when mom about yesterday

K: even u notice that too

Ad: yes…


Karan phone ring

K:(call) r u sure …okkk..keep me updated

And he hang up the call

K: i think there is something big which they are hiding

Ad: whose call

K: veer ji my informer told me that raghav contact one of forest ranger and yesterday uskey hi saath tah

R: that means they were lied to us about us

K: yes they were not at that places where they told us

Ad: bt where they can be….

Voice: that i can tell u

Both look toward voice and find shivaay standing there

Ad: u…wht r u doing here?? And how do u know

Karan understand situation so to avoid any further arguement he spoke

K: shivaay u… come inside

S: i can tell u where were they yesterday

K: how do u know that

S: bcz yesterday night i follow anika

Ad: whatt?? How dare u follow my princess

S: i was worried about her don’t take me wrong ,she is my wi…

Ad: don’t she is not

S: cheekney se truth will not change

K: guys relax ,this is not tym to discuss all this we can talk about this later and shivaay u tell where were they

S: yesterday i saw aniika…….

He explained them all wht exactly happened

Ad&k: kyaa

S: yaa they were there and it seems that they went for any mission

K: shayad tum sahi hotey , bt how much i know that was not official mission ,this is something different

Ad: how can u be sure

K: veer ji just think if that was offiial mission they will never brought kri with them that is something different

Ad: u r ryt …he lost in his own thoughts

K: veer ji where u lost

Ad: no where…. I’ll be back

And he left

S: wht happened to him

K: i don’t know… Bt i m sure something big is going to happen ..waise i forget to ask u y u came here all of sudden

S: actually i want ur help

K: for wht

S: actually i thought ki anika kuch chupa rahi h … Bt wht i don’t know i want knew it … Me nhi chata ki she will take any kind of stress or me uski help kr saku…and jo guilt 2.5 se mere dil me h woh thoda kam ho sake

K:i understand ur feelings bt tell me how can i help u

S: i want to know what happened 17 yrs ago,aisa kya hua jisse anika or gauri itney pyaar karney wali family se alag hui or fir anika 2 saal pehley yaha kaise pahuchi, how she lost her memory everything..

K: i will tell u bt not now… Kahi  or miltey h

S: bt y not here

K: trust me

S: okk

K: bt tell me do u have any plan to find out wht they r hiding

S: i have bt i don’t wether it works or not

K: wht is ur plan

S: *********(mute)

K: may be it works


Evening tym


Arohi: shaam (servent)

Servent: yes mam

A: give this juice to mahi mam she is hall

Ser: okk mam

Arohi left

Someone is peeking through window

Person: ohhh this juice is for my anu , it will reach to her bt not like this

He take out packet frm his pocket and smile wickedly

He deliberataly throw vase nearby kitchen and hide behind pillar

Serven: whose there

And he move out leaving juice on shelf

Person enter to kitchen and mix powder frm packet into juice while servent busy in collecting the broken pieces of vase and left hurriedly

Servent enter and take glasa and move toward hall where everybody was sitting on hall

He came and handover juice to anika

Anika makes faces

Ad: no princess u have to

Person(think): yes u have to drink it if u didn’t than how will my plan work… Uske liye u have to..

A: bt veerji

Ad: no

A: okkk

And she drink juice making weired faces

A: eeewww(make weird faces)

Everybody chuckle at her behaviour

Everybody contiue their talking session

Sudenly there attention turn toward a voice

Voice: i m here

All turn and found sahil

OF& karan: sahilllll (shout)

Anika: sahil(whisper in shock)

Adhiraj heared it

OF run to him and hug him

In hugging

R: sahil u here

O: kb

B: kaise

Sa: if u leave me tabhi bataunga yaa aisey hi marna h

They release him frm hug

Sa: wo sso called me and even i was missing u all

Omru: shivaay/bhaiya

S: yaa actually he has vacation for week so i called him here i hope u don’t have anyproblm (to sagrika)

Sag: hame kya problem ho sakti bt chutkii who is he

G: wo maa he is aani….

Stop after realising wht she is going to say

Chaya: who is he chutki

G: he is my brother , q sahil

Sa: yes dii

Aanika who was listening all this ,standing there with moist eyes adhiraj, karan, kriyan ,raghav and shivaay noticing all this

A: sahilll

Sa: mahiii diii

(He came to her anika settle in his knees and hug him tightly with tears)

She broke the hug and cup his face

A: how r u,a nd y u didn’t tell me that u  r coming

Sa: i m fine dii or jaha tk rhi batane ki if i told u toh surprise kaise deta, now tell me how is surprise

Aanika: bahut aachcha

A: aahh

She get up (guys she was injured to zyada der nhi baith skti)

Sa: dii r u fine

A: yaa….(and shw close her eyes and start falling down bt b4 she hit someone hold her)

All: princess/doll/aanika/dii/anuuu/didi

Person (thought): ho gaya kaam

Screen freeze

So how’s it

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