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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak and Uma’s Wedding Finally

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhabho tells Kanak, Uma, Saras, and Suman that everything is fine now, let us go home. Kanak tries to sit into Uma’s car. Bhabho stops her and says she is not yet married to Uma. Kanak makes garland of her dupatta and says here is the bride and groom and tries to garland Uma, but Bhabho stops her. Kanak says she accepts Uma as her husband and no one will come between them. Uma says she accepts Kanak as his wife and he will not let any other problem in his life except Kanak. Kanak acts as fuming and says she will marry Uma today itself.

They all go to temple. Kanak and Uma sit in front of fire and pandit starts chanting mantras. Kanak asks if she can start pheras soon. Bhabho says this is first bride who wants to go to her in-laws soon. Pandit asks them to exchange

garland and then finish pheras, put mangalsutra in Kanak’s neck and apply sindhoor on her forehead and finally pronounces them as husband and wife. Everyone congratulate them. Bhabho gives them good news that they have become both phupa and phupi and mama and mami as Saras is pregnant. Everyone congratulate Saras next. Kanak sees Uma tensed and asks if he is not happy. He says he is and hopes problems does not creep again.

Kanak and Uma reach home and someone sends them a big gift box. Someone peeps via a hole in box and watches them. Maasa goes to bring aarti thali. Kanak asks Uma to lift her. He hesitates. She acts as falling unconscious. Maasa and Suman go to bring water for her. She opens eyes and says Uma she is giving him chance to lift her and asks to hit rice bowl from her leg when Maasa brings it. Maasa returns. Uma says Kanak collapsed due to weakness and will fine fine soon. He walks lifting her.

Babasa distributes sweets to whole neighborhood and tries to feed sweet to Bhabho. Bhabho shyingly says kids are in front. He says they are becoming greatgandparents and very few get this chance. Purab congratulates Payal for becoming chachi. Bhabho says Ved is elder than Vansh for 3 seconds, so Payal is taimaa. She says she will finish Saras’ goad bharai ritual tomorrow. Payal says it is done after 5 months. Bhabho says she cannot wait for 5 months. Payal looks jealous.

Uma and Kanak return to their room. Uma taunts that Kanak has put on weight, so his hands are paining. She says his biceps have become weak. Their romance starts. Someone peeps from gift box. They get suspicious and ask who is it. Aditya gets out of box and says sorry to disturb them, he just wants to serve them and will promise that he will not call Kanak as chipkali. They both laugh. He gifts them watermelon, does his usual jokergiri and leaves. Uma and Kanak hug each other and their romance starts.

Precap: During Saras’ goad bharai ritual, her swinger breaks and she falls down.

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