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Troublemaker by Sana II Ishqbaaz Fanfiction II Prologue


Hey there, this is Sana or thedreamsoul, author of The Story of Us, is back with a new story. I hope you like them and your response will decide the future of this story on this website. Keep supporting and showering your love, love you all.

Read the first three chapters in advance in Wattpad and don’t forget to vote, comment and follow me.


Anika Reynolds is the troublemaker of her school. It is like she attracts trouble like a magnet or they are so much in love with her. She is someone who you don’t want to mess with or else you will be in trouble. But is there a sweet, kind, innocent girl under her rebellious, arrogant and cold face?

Shivaye is the perfect boy. Boys want to be him, girls want to be his girlfriend, parents want him as their son and siblings want him as their super brother. The boy is blessed with a genius brain, soccer talents, charming personality and not to mention a handsome face.

But secretly Shivaye is her knight in shining armor who saves her every time but only because of a pinky promise. A pinky promise made when they met at a park.


“I’m in trouble, Shivaye.”

“When you weren’t in trouble, Anika?

“Shut up and can I crash at your place tonight?”

“You know I don’t have any choice but you just left yesterday morning after the stunt you pulled.”

“This stay is going to be longer than others.”

“What the hell did you do this time to be thrown out of the house?”

“I may or may not have dyed my mom’s hair violet.”


Thank you for giving this book a chance. I’m grateful for this and when I read each and every comment and it fills my heart with happiness. Thank you so much for the support and for always being there. I have got many awesome friends here and don’t shy away from texting because I would love to get to know my readers. Thanks to my family and cousins for always encouraging and cheering me. Thank you for reading and showering love, without you, this book cannot be completed. Thank you ✨

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