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Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 21)

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Moments… Happy times

It was a bright morning. Swara was running here and there. Sanskar too was managing the duties. After all it was the haldi ceremony of ragini and lakshya.

Swara came inside the room of ragini. Ragini was dressed up in a yellow saree. Her hair were open complementing her no jewellery look.
Swara: beautiful didi… Very beautiful..
Ragini: not more than you swara.
Ragini made her stand in front of mirror. She looked at herself.
Ragini: look yourself from the eyes of sanskar.
‌Swara looked at herself. Her loosely braided hair with gajra. Her beautiful jewellery..her eyes adorned with kajal..a red bindi on her forehead… With a light green lehanga.. . Swara blushed hard.
Swara: di… Aap b na…

Ragini smiled….
Swara: didi… Is it my marriage or yours?
Ragini: my love has been already blossomed. But now it’s your turn to give your love some attention.
Swara blushed. Ragini made her sit on the couch. Swara looked at her.
Ragini: he loves you very much swara. More than his own life. You are not only his wife but the only one who can fill his life with love. Accept your feelings in front of him. You need to confess everything in front of him so that he can also understand your feelings.
Swara nodded.

Everything was beautifully decorated. Silver and golden curtains everywhere. All the women were gathered in the courtyard to apply haldi to ragini. Her face was glowing with happiness. Swara was too happy to look at her. Happy songs were playing everywhere.
Ap: all the happiness has come to this palace at once.
All the girls were dancing in a group. Swara was sitting near ragini. Everybody was enjoying the function.
Ragini: swara… Won’t you sing something today…
Swara: anything for you didi..

With a mesmerising voice she started to sing. Her voice was enchanting the whole palace. Suddenly swara stopped singing.
Ragini: what happened?
Swara: Didi… It seems that your husband is too eager to see you..
Swara signed ragini in the direction of backdoor. Ragini turned a little bit and found lakshya and sanskar both trying to peep in.
Ragini: yours too…
Suddenly they heard a loud voice..Aaaaaaahhhh
Swaragini looked in the direction and couldn’t keep control over their laughter. Ap was holding a stick in her hand and sanlak have been fallen in floor.
Ap: you mannerless morons…

Swaragini had a good laugh.
Lakshya: are… Ma…. Who beats the groom like this?
Sanskar: exactly…
Lakshya: give the beatings of my part to Bhaiya…
Sanskar: exactly……wait… Lakshya…
Sanskar gave lakshya a death glare.
Lakshya: ma.. it was Bhaiya… It was his idea…
Sanskar: dhokhebaaz… You will pay for it…
Suddenly they stopped hearing the laughing of swaragini.
Lakshya: ragini… I am being beaten here… Your husband is being beaten here… Will you not say anything…

Ragini: definitely… I will say… Ma beat him some more..
Sanskar: are….
Swara: what are… We know you are the heir of the kingdom but your order will not be followed here.
Sanskar: you… I will see you…
Swara came near them and closed the door. Sanskar opened it again… Swara made a funny face and again closed the door and bolted it.

The function was over. sanskar was sitting in his room checking some papers. He put the paper near the corner table. He overlooked another paper already placed there.

Swara was sitting with ragini deciding her jewellery for the mehandi ceremony next day. Ragini took a blue sapphire necklace.
Ragini: hwz this swara

Swara: perfect didi…
Ragini: then you are going to wear this tomorrow. Sanskar Bhaiya will go drooling upon you..
Swara blushed.
Ragini: when will you confess swara…

Swara: I don’t know didi..
Ragini; are… What’s this i don’t know… You are going to confess your feelings today otherwise don’t talk to me.
Swara: didi…
Ragini: go n confess and then come to me.
Ragini literally pushed swara out of the room. Swara smiled at her gesture. Her eyes were filled with determination now.

Swara went to her room. She opened her braid. She looked at herself and blushed.
Swara was too nervous. She was roaming here and there in her room. Her eyes were waiting for Sanskar. Their memories were dwelling in her mind. Suddenly she saw a paper on the corner table. With curiosity she opened it. She smiled seeing it. It was the same letter which earlier created misunderstanding between swasan. She didn’t want shadow of past to devour brightness of the future. She tore that piece of paper in little parts and lit the fire. She was trying to see their bright future in that light.

Her trance was broken by the voice of sanskar” what are you doing swara?”

Swara looked at him at once. She felt butterflies in her belly. But sanskar’s looks were saying a different story.
Sanskar: do you even know what you did just now?
The butterflies in her belly vanished at once listening sanskar’s voice. His rage was clear in his voice. Before swara could say anything sanskar held her arm tightly. The remaining voice of her was vanished looking at the enraged eyes of sanskar. Her heart beating fast.
Sanskar: why did you burn that paper? It was good that kaveri ma had seen you burning the paper otherwise i would have wondered tomorrow in search of that.
Sanskar was saying these words very calmly yet rudely. Hearing kaveri’s name caused an anger building up in swaraa’s heart. She somehow controlled her anger and looked at sanskar
Swara: at least ask me ….
Before even completing her sentence sanskar shouted.”DON’T UTTER EVEN A SINGLE WORD SWARA”
Swara closed her eyes with fear. She was now trembling with fear. Sanskar’s anger was yet not over.
Swara was trying not to cry. Sanskar was holding her forearm tightly without realising the amulet she was wearing was broken and it was causing her skin to bleed.
Swara felt his words were piercing dagger in her heart. She was feeling her heart being torn into pieces.

Swara didn’t say anything. Her eyes were closed with fear. Sanskar pushed her away which caused her to fall on the floor. Her veil dropped from her head. Her hair were scattered. Her mangteeka scratched her forehead causing it to bleed a little. Swara took a look at sanskar who was standing facing away from her. A tear escaped from her eyes. She stood up. She wanted to say a lot of things but she couldn’t. All she could say was

Swara: meals have been served. Please….. please have your dinner.
Saying so swara tried to move out of the room as fast as she could but her foot slipped. A moan escaped from her lips. It was difficult to assume whether she moaned from physical or emotional pain. Whatever it may be but i brought sanskar back to reality. Sanskar turned at once.
Sanskar: swara…
Swara: i am fine…. Fine…. Don’t worry… I am fine..
Sanskar felt a deep regret building up in his heart. Swara tried to stand up but again fell down.
Swara: don’t worry… I can….manage..

She stood up and managed a smile on her lips. Sanskar felt as if someone was piercing his heart. Before he could say anything swara went out of the room. She went to the lake inside the palace. The reflection of moon was visible in the lake. She looked at the reflection of moon. Suddenly someone threw a stone in the lake and the reflection vanished. Swara felt her dreams were vanishing with the reflection. She wanted to cry her heart out but she couldn’t as she heard foot steps. Swara wiped her tears and turned around. Kaveri was standing there laughing cruelly.
Kaveri: tch tch… Cry… Cry on your fate swara…
Swara was not in a condition to answer.

Kaveri: you thought you will destroy my son’ s life… My daughter’s happiness and i ll let you be happy.
Swara felt tears streaming down her eyes.
Kaveri: well… Now you have understood one thing for sure… Sanskar and you can not be equal. Kaha woh ek Rajkumar aur kaha tum ek bhikhari…. And if still you have some self respect left than don’t you ever come between he and his works… You moron.
Kaveri smirked evilly seeing swara crying. She went away from there leaving an inconsolable swara behind.

Swara felt her body could not bear her weight. She sat on the bench nearby. She cried. She cried till she felt her eyes would bleed. She cried till she felt her head would burst in two. She then stood up and washed her face. She walked towards palace. Her steps were heavy. She was dragging herself towards the palace. She didn’t want to go to her room. She didn’t want to recall anything. She straight went to pooja ghar. She knew nobody could have knew she was here as it was she who wakes up first. She sat on the floor and looked in the eyes of the idol.

On the other hand sanskar was cursing himself in the room for doing this. Suddenly he felt a paper near the corner table. He took it and opened it. He sat on the bed with a thud.
Sanskar: the paper which i thought swara has burnt is here. Then why did i scold her? Which paper was she burning?

Sanskar held his head. He gave punishment to swara for tge crime she had never commited. He wanted to find swara. He wanted to ask forgiveness from her. He wanted to seek solace in her embrace. He knew she would have cried. He wanted to wipe her every tear. He moved out of his room. He tried to find her out everywhere. He searched the terrace…the garden….the lake…. everywhere in the palace. But she was not there. Sanskar’s heart started to beat faster. The fear of losing swara engulfed his heart. This was when he turned his feet towards temple. In his heart he was praying for the wellness of swara. Sanskar felt as if god listened his prayers as soon as he opened the door of the temple. His swara was asleep on the floor. Her hands trying to reach the feet of the idol of devi ma. Her hairs were scattered and opened. Sanskar felt a deep regret seeing her in this condition. He immediately sat near her. He looked at her face. Her eyes were swollen. Her nose had become red. A dried drop of blood starting from her forehead and ending near her chin was glorifying the deal he made her go through. Her forearm was also injured due to the amulet. Immediately sanskar felt tears in his eyes. He tried to control those. He put a flick away from her face. This was enough to wake up swara.

Swara opened her eyes and saw sanskar. She woke up with a jerk.
Swara: ji… Aap…
Sanskar: are you alright swara?
Swara nodded. Sanskar was noticing an emptiness in her eyes.
Sanskar: swara… Which paper did you burn?
Swara didn’t answered. Or maybe she didn’t listen.
Sanskar: swara..
Sanskar pressed her hand. Swara shivered
Swara: ji… Ji … Woh… Had your dinner?

Sanskar: swara… I asked something.. which paper did you burn?
Swara: ji… That fake letter… I am really sorry sanskar… I didn’t know that was so important.
Sanskar: no swara… I thought you burnt that document which i had kept there. I am so sorry.
Swara didn’t reply. Neither she responded. She was staring blankly towards the wall. Sanskar understood her pain. He understood what his words did to her.
Sanskar: swara… Plz forgive me for whatever i did. Chlo… Lets go to room. You must take rest. You have done a lot of work today.
Swara looked at sanskar. Her eyes were still blank.
Swara: i have some more work. You go.. i will come later please.

Sanskar: swara… Please… Please forgive me.
Swara tried to smile. It was not a real one.
Swara: are.. don’t ask for forgiveness. You did what a prince must have done. You didn’t know the reality that’s it.
Sanskar: but i failed as a husband swara.
Swara again smiled. This was also not real.
Swara: no prince… You have done what a prince must do.

Sanskar: acha lets go.. at least let me do the dressing of your wound.
Swara: i am alright. Don’t worry. I will do dressing myself.
Sanskar’s eyes were moist. Before he could even stop swara she went out of the temple. Sanskar turned and folded his hands in front of the idol.
Sanskar: please god….
This was the only line which he could say when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to find lakshya standing before him.
Lakshya: Bhaiya… You were wrong.

Sanskar: how did you get to know?
Lakshya: your voice was very loud. I was trying to meet you when i heard you were shouting on bhabhi. That too because of a little piece of paper.
Sanskar bent down his head. He knew he was wrong.

Swara dances on raglak mehandi ceremony. Sanskar too joins.

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