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Sajna Veh ff – ((Epi – 9)) “New Life”


Episode – 9

@Servants Quarters….

a few servants are shown working, lying, and gossiping about chores, families, etc. suddenly, A maid, called Nupur is shown sitting sadly…

a senior maid comes to her…

rukmini ben – e shivita..what are u looking here and there ?? and whats all this dress up in red hmm ???

nirmala – areh, rukmini ben, she thinks that getting dressed beautifully in red will get her married to sanskar bhai saa…

all servants start laughing.

howver, they suddenly stop on hearing a voice. Kaanchi is shown.

kaanchi – how dare u ????

kaanchi frowns angrily and holds shivita and gets her up. shivita looks on nrvously.

kaanchi – in what tone u all are talking baout my bhai ?? look, bhai is happily married to swara bhabi. and even if he wasnt, atleast he wouldnt marry a it ???

shivita feels embarassed.

rukmini – sorry choti ma’am sahab, she is new here. she wont repeat it.

kaanchi – she must not .

kaanchi leaves smirking.

shivita fumes angrily.

Image result for kanchi singhImage result for saathiya alka

Kaanchi comes out the room…she bumps into Anahita . Anahita smirks.

anahita – lovely !1 fianlly my daughter is getting aware of the importance of naam khoon khandan….good beta… im proud of you !!

kaanchi snaps back and moves anahita’s hand from her shoulder.

kaanchi – actually mom, what i meant was, that sanky bhai loves bhabi alot …so he wont love anyone else !! so..naam khoon khandan nahi mom !!! pyaar wafa aur mohabbat !!

kaanchi laughs off, leaving Anahita disappointed over her upbringing on her children !!

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@Hotel Shang Gri Laa


Image result for hotel shangri la paris

@Swasan’s suite

Related image

A huge and luxurious top floor suite is shown with adjacent pool….

sanskar is shown sitting shirtless , in his boxers onb an armchair beside the open pool.

Image result for penthouse pool

suddenly, swara comes out of her shower, wrapped in silk robes, and her wet tresses falling over her delicate shoulders..

she playfullly sprinkles water on his face. sanskar gets out of thought. he stares at the quintessential beauty…bt then looks away in gloom again..

swara – sanskar ???

sanskar – uh..hmm…say swara !!

swara – where are u lost ?? we’re here on hoenymoon and ur not even paying attention to me..not done..

swara is baout to leave, when sanskar grabs her and pulls her lcose to his chair.

Image result for swasan

swara seductively removes her robe, and sits on his lap…

sanskar – i was just teasing u . ithought u’d pester me. bt madam herself got nagry..

swara – mr. raichand ?? ur goal is to make me pster u …..or….seduce u ??

swara says, as she goes to his ears and nibbles on his left earlobe…sanskar

closes his eyes with a wicked smile…

sanskar – both…

he winks at her….

Related imageswara’s look !

swara gets him up..sanskar looks at her with lust ful eyes !!! swara smirks and goes behind him. sanskar looks clueless.

she blindfolds him with a dark red silk ribbon. sanskar bites his lips…

she handcuffs him, and pushes him roughly on bed…

sanskar – baby..what are u ???

swara – shh!!!

she lingers on top of him and runs her fingers on his lips..and bare chest….

sanskar – swa….

swara nods in disappointment that her hubby wont shut up, and naughtily

prevents him from tlaking by liplocking with her. sanskar smells her sweet frangrance

and stops and urge of touching her milky body. swara goes on top of him

and sensually kisses him….she then leaves, leaving him in surprise…..

sanskar pouts in upsetness !!!!


Annika is shown pacing the hall. she is shown looking, dull and upset…her head is full of 1000 questions…

why did shivaay do this to her?? what did she do to deserve this ??

Image result for anika oberoi

suddenly., SSR comes from behind nad grabs her arm..anika shocks. shet hen grips herself and pushes off shivaay. she walks away.

shivaay – annika, enough !! for how long ur going to avoid me ??

he looks deeply into her eyes.

annika looks away…and shrugs off…

annika – oh plz shivaay…i dont know how ur even looking in my eye, after doing such an shameful act !!

annika smirks to herself.

shivay roughly grabs her amr again….


O jaana
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ye kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
O jaana..

Ishq hai aansu ishq hai naghma
Ishq sukoon hai raahat hai
Ishq hai sehra ishq hai dariya
Ishq junoon hai zahmat hai (x2)

Tanha adhoora sa
Khaamosh lamha sa
Tehra hua hai dil yahaan
Mehsoos kar le tu
Jazbaat ki khushbu
Khud se karun kya mai bayaan

Dard hai jo halka sa
Khaab khaab chalka sa
Tu muskuraaye har jagah
O jaana..

Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ye kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
O jaana..

Kis pe karun zaahir
Hain dard kya aakhir
Kyon sukoon mujh se khafa
Betaab lamhon mein
Benaam aashqon mein
Yeh aaks kis ka ban gaya
Ghum ko aazmaane de
Dil ko chot khaane de
Kya h chale kuch to pata

O jaana
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ye kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
O jaana.. O jaana o jaana..

they share a spicy eyelock !!!


Related imageRelated image

annika looks away…

shivaay smirks…

shivaay – oh so..u wanna say that ?? u dont love me anymore ?? or u wont love me again ???

annika – beshaqh shivaay, beshaqh !! magar udin, jis din aap humse bewafa bin beintehaan muhabbat karenge. us din kasam se..puri kayanath jal jaygi, itni bepannah beyhadh mohabbat karenge !! par afsos, na aap ko hum se mohabbat hogi, aur hum iss kadar, apke ishq rah dekhte rahenge !! hum

shivaay looks on…

annika – magar koi nahi..aap ke liye na shivaay ?? is duniya ki har sitam sina phar ke sahenge…

(undoubtedly, i shall love u !! bt that day , when u shall love me wihtout any limits, !! i will love u so much that it’s warmth shall burn the world ?? bt u shant fall for me, and i shall remain waiting for u…bt its okay, for u i can face nay situation shivaay !!

shivaay – u…

anika – in other words, the day ull stop treating me like ur property, Mr. SSR


anikka storms off, leaving shivaay flaggerbasted.

@Swasan’s suite

Swara grabs a bottle of chocolate wine from the fridge. she pours in on sanskar’s chest , and licks it off hungrily

from his chest. Sanskar moans heavily !!!

sanskar – open me swara !!!

swara rubs on his chest and starts gicing him love bites on his neck, shoulders …

sanksar – open me…swaara……

swara smirks….

she gently bites on sanskar’s lips ,

and continues sucking hisa abbs,,,,,

sanskar – i beg u na…swarrra !!!!

swara pulls of his bindings….sanskar then turns arounf, and jumps on top of her wildly, tears of her lingerie, and starts kissing her wildly…

his tounge probes her mouth ,while he kneads her upper private portion…

they continue their hot love making !!!

@Walia mansion

Ishani is shown walking in the lawn, waiting for someone….she is shown walking restlessly…

Related image

suddenly. she spots ranveer….

ranveer gets out of his car…anmd comes towards her…

ranveer – ishani….did u call me ??

ishani -= kun..umm..ranveer….

ranveer – ishani, we are over..why dont u get it ??

ishani – i know…u hate me ranveer…after all…i have such cheap mentality isnt it ???

ranveer -isha…

ranveer makes a fist…

ishani – and that tanya, is rich, pretty, better than me…

ranveer – ish…

ishani – ull stay happy with her.. and forget me !!

ranveer – thats it ishani !!!

ranveer shouts on her, and pushes her hard to a tree. Ishani gets startled…

raNVEER – HOW DARE U ISHANI ?? how dare u say so ! ur not cherap.and i love u and only u, ill marry u , and i cant forget u ever !!

ranveer says in one breath!!

Image result for shakti arora

ishani smiles….

ranveer. – i love u yaar !!!

ranveer hugs her tightly..ishani smiles wide !!

ranveer breaks the hug and stares at her lovingl y !!

ranveer – i love u sweetie !!!

ishani – i knew it !! this plan would work…

ranveer makes an o face !!

ishani bites her tounge .

Image result for ishani pic

ranveer – okay baby !! last time i forgive u !!

ishani smiles ….

Precap – Is anikka pregnant ???

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