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Saath Samander Par Tera Saath – Episode 2

Epi 2:


Ayat was worried bcz she had kidnapped. All the family was worried about her.


ammi: where is my Ayat did you find her?

Papa: no…😢 i m very tensed. we did not find her.

Uncle: relaxe we inform in police station dont worry.

In Dark house…

Ayat: leave me plz…plz leave…

Goons: shut up…sit here

Ayat sees some girls in house. They are all afraid.

goons locked her with girls and went.

Ayat: who are you?

one girl comes to her.

Girl 1: so you one the next.

Ayat: what?

Girl 1: They kiddnaped us and after some days they will sell us.

Ayat: 😨 no…no…😢

Girl 2: you are so beautiful…”tum kisi achi jaghah bechi jao gi”.

Girl 3: We are all live here from many days and now we are waiting for our turn.

Ayat: “tum sab buzdil ho…bhag q ni jati yaha se”.

Girl: “yahan se ghar jana hamare lia ruswai ban jaye ga…ghar wale humme kabhi ni apnaye gay… is li hum ne khud ko kismet k hatho chorr dia hai.

Ayat: No…never…i m not a thing to sell. i escapes from there very soon you all just wait and watch.

kidnapers group…

Kidnaper 1: so what you decide boss. there are so much girl and time to sale them.

Boss: yes… i arrange a ship. that ship take all the girls to Iran. here our dealers waiting for us. A black ship. (laughing)😀😀

In morning…

Papa: “hum Ayat k bina nahi jaa sakty”.

ammi: yes…i will only go when my daughter is with her.

Uncle: yes yes ofcourse.

Aunt: dont worry we ‘ll get her very soon.

In ship:

Kid 1: commone girls get in.

Ayat sees him very angerly.

Ayat: (thinking) how i can escape from here.

Girl 3: what happened…”kya tum ne b khud ko kismet k haatho sonp dia hai”.

Ayat: never…

What happens next how Ayat will escape from this hell?

plz share your reviews.

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