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Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein- chapter-32

After exchanging their ring.. gitu and abhimanyu gets down of the stage totake blessing..

Gitu’s leg slips and was about to fall . But abhi holds her ..

Ragini : Wow.. perfect timing..

Sakshi : Ragini!!

Ragini : Sorry..

Twinkle(to ragini) : Where is arjun bhai.

Ragini looks around..

Ragini : twinkle Maya bhabhi is also no where to be seen.. lets look around..

Yuvi and Lucky sees twinkle and Ragini going and they follows the girls..

Yuvi : Ragini

Both ragini and twinkle turns…

Ragini : what happened yuvi

Yuvi : Actually i wanted to talk to her..

Ragini looks at twinkle..

Twinkle : What happened.

Yuvi : Actually.. i am sorry that i mistook you at the last time..

Twinkle : Is this a new method to flort with girls..

Yuvi looks at twinkle confused..

Twinkle : I was just joking..

They both smile and lucky and Ragini looks at them confused..

Lucky : What are you guys doing here??

Ragini : We were looking for Maya bhabhi and Arjun bhai..

They 4 drcided to search them..


Maya : Arjun why did you bring me here..

Arjun waros his hand around Maya’s waist and pulls her closer..

Maya : Arjun!!

Wind flows Maya’s face gets covered by her hair.. Arjun smoothly removes her hair with his hand and locks it between her ear… He touches her lips.. From there he runs his finger down towards his neck.. Suddenly Maya stops him..

She walks a little distance

Arjun back hugs her

Arjun(in her ears) : Don’t worry maya i will make everything back to normal..

She turns to Arjun and hugs her.. Arjunalso holds her tight..

just then the team of four comes there

Ragini : Bhai leave her..

They both are surprised and embaressed to see them..

Arjun: Ragini..

Lucky : Di.. we are about to leave its better yoi come down.

Maya goes from there ..

Twinkle : Bhai you also..

All leaves from the balcony..

Downstairs Rathores bids bye from everyone and leaves.. maya looks at arjun through cars window.. Arjun waves bye to her she smiles..

Car moves ..

All others are at luthra mansion..

Ragini and Twinkle started playing vedio game..

Gitu in her room looks at her ring… she remembers .. She tries to remove it but was unable.. she cries.. holding a pillow..

Abhimanyu on the otherside looks at his ring..

He also tties to get it off.. but was not able to

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