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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yash asks Diya to test Ratan’s authenticity. Diya thinks today Yash is doubting him, and very soon everyone will doubt. She says she is ready to take his test. Yash says Ratan is in your heart, but you have to leave your feelings and fulfill your duty. Diya takes Maan singh’s sword and swears to bring real heir infront of everyone, thinks he is only my Ratan. Yash asks Diya if she recalls Meethi halwai talking about Dipu. Diya says ok. CT says Bhuvan will get Dipu’s info from Meethi and give to them. Yash says we will go there. CT asks them not to let Ratan know about this.

Diya feels sorry and says I am not telling you this big thing. Ratan gets bad dream and shouts no. he wakes up and hugs Diya asking her not to leave him ever. Diya asks what did you see in dream? He says I

saw you doubting on me and thinking me to be fake Ratan. He asks her never to leave him and says if this happens then I will be shattered. He says you are my strength Diya and hugs her. Diya smiles. Yeh rishta song plays. Bhuvan gives dipu’s address to Yash and says Meethi is useful to us. Mohana comes there and asks yash if he is doubting on Ratan and dragging Diya in this matter. She says Diya loves Ratan a lot and says it is very difficult to take test of own love. Yash says when matter is about duty then she has to face truth. Mohana thinks I can understand your heart feelings.
Ratan comes to diya and asks her to choose between two fingers to know who is real Ratan. Diya says I know. He asks her to choose. She chooses and asks him not to lower his heart. She says I believe that you are Ratan. Ratan shows his fingers and says I wrote my name on both of fingers.

Meethi shouts saying gun. Diya, Ratan and others come there. Ratan says his intention is not right. Imposter says I don’t want to keep weapon with me and shows its licence asking Diya to keep it with her. Yash says we are going out. Ratan says he will also come, but they make an excuse. They come to Dipu’s village and asks someone to take them to Dipu’s house. They see Ratan’s pics in the house. They see Dipu’s mum crying and asking her son to return. She gets Ratan’s call and says he got an idea to catch imposter. Diya thinks proofs are pointing doubt towards him. She asks when did Dipu leave? Woman says 3 years back and asks if they know Dipu, and asks to give crystal balls to him. Diya comes out and says he can’t be Ratan. She says Ratan doesn’t know how to play it. Yash says nobody plays in royal family. Diya comes back to Palace and makes excuse and go. Ratan sees some boys playing there and says I will teach you how to play it. He plays well. Diya thinks what did you do Ratan, now Yash and CT will believe that he is imposter. Diya comes to Ratan and asks how he is playing. Ratan tells that he had learnt in childhood when played with Shamo Kaka’s sons. Bhuvan says he is not our Ratan. CT says may be he said right. Ratan comes to Diya and knocks on the door. Diya thinks about recent happenings and thinks what is happening.

Imposter comes to CCTV room and signs technicians to leave. He then shoots at the CCTV footage screen.

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