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Love vs Revenge : Chapter 5 {The trap}

It’s the morning arohi wakes up and gets ready she goes and takes blessing of Papaji and hugs Nikku chawani and his friends.

Arohi:Virat we have a meeting today so you are comming with me

Virat:Let’s go

They both attend the meeting and after many hours of work they finally are heading towards the home.

Virat:Arohi I am impressed how you were dealing with them was soo professional


She feels pain in her stomach.But ignores it.They all reach home.Arohi goes to her room without saying anything

Vedika:I think deep should come here in two days

Virat:I also think the same

Prithvi:Then I will go tomorrow and tell deep

They all go to their room and sleep.A figure is shown in a dark room

Person:How will you live now I will ruin your life.In two days or so you will die

In the morning arohi again feels pain she holds her stomach in pain

Arohi:If I tell anyone they all will get worried maybe I need to eat some thing

The whole day Arohi works in pain.She checks the new office and also practice shooting in shooting range. In the night she is about to go to her room when vedika stops her

Vedika:Arohi are you alright

Arohi:Yes why did you ask

Vedika:There is a surprise for you tomorrow

Arohi:Let’s see good night

Vedika:Good night

She goes to her room and locks the door.She sees herself in the mirror blood comes out of her mouth. She holds her throat. She falls to the floor lying unconscious.

Deep is in jail.He puts his hand on his chest

Deep:Why do I feel like something is wrong.I hope arohi is alright

In the morning deep comes home when he sees everyone is sad

Deep:What happened why all of you are so sad

He waits for anyone to answer but everyone stays silent

Deep:Where is arohi tell me is she alright why is no one talking fine I will see my self

He runs upstairs to sees arohi.He enters her room and is shocked to see her.He goes near her

Doctor:Sir please go out we are still taking the poison out


Doctor:Nurse please show him the way out

He goes out.He then goes downstairs

Deep:Who did this to her I will kill that person I swear to god

Vedika:Deep calm down she will be alright and virat is searching that person who gave her poison

Deep:Why always her why not me I felt something was wrong and now this happened

Prithvi:Thank god that the doctor was already her to check Papaji or It would be difficult for us to save her

They all are waiting outside her room.
They shadowy figure again laughs

Person:Tik Tok arohi your time is up.

The doctor comes out of arohi room.

Deep:Doctor tell me how is she

Doctor:She is fine now but the poison has done it’s work she is very weak now

Deep:What kind of poison

Doctor:I think based on her condition it’s the best slow poison. It does it work slowly and no one even bats an eye.Anyway I have given her some medicines and sleeping injections

Virat:Come doctor I will show you the way out

Prithvi:I think we should let her rest

They all leave from there. Deep goes inside her room and closes the door.He goes near her and sides beside her.He holds her hand

Deep:You know when I was comming here I thought you will come and give me a big tight hug but no you are here very weak that you can’t even breath properly without this mask

He gets up and kisses her forehead.He is about to leave when arohi holds his hand

Arohi:(In her sleep)Don’t leave me

Deep looks behind.

Deep:She is still sleeping but she said that

He goes and sleeps beside her holding his hand.The shadowy figure is shown again

Person:The doctor would have saved you but I will not stop.He is mine just mine

Deep is caressing arohi hairs. He thinks who can do this

Deep:The only person I could think of is tara But she is in jail

He looks at arohi

Deep:I can’t lose you at any cost

He sleeps.In the morning everyone comes in arohi room with breakfast

Virat:Good morni…

Vedika:Shhhhh..Don’t you see they are sleeping

Virat:But I was trying to wake them up

Vedika:Let’s take a picture of them

They click some photos of them

Vedika:Now we wake them up

Virat:Good morning lovebirds

Deep wakes up and sees them.He gives them a awkward smile.Arohi wakes up and sees deep

Vedika:Morning we cooked breakfast for you two

Arohi:Why are you sleeping beside me


Arohi:No I am asking virat

Deep:Actually I was about to leave but you held my hand

Arohi:Lier when did I hold your hand

Deep:When you were sleeping

Virat:You two fight we are leaving

Arohi:Virat can you please drop chawani and his other friends school


Arohi:Thanks and remember what I told you

Virat:I know it’s ready

They all leave from there.Deep starts eating breakfast

Arohi:I am going

Deep:No you eat first doctor said that you need to eat so you can recover

Arohi:Can you please tell me what happened to me

Deep:Someone tried to poisoned you

Arohi:I think I know who it is

Deep:Tell me


She eats breakfast in a hurry and then changes her clothes.Deep goes to his room.He also changes

Deep:I think arohi also have doubt on tara I should go to jail and find out

He goes from there.Arohi,Virat and Prithvi enter the security room.

Arohi:I think we should watch the office one before the meeting because at home and after meeting I didn’t eat something

Virat:Let’s see

They are looking for that person in the fotage when arohi sees someone mixing something in her coffee

Arohi:Stop look at that person

Virat:It’s too dark

Arohi:Wait a second

She takes the laptop and starts doing something after sometime she shows them a picture

Arohi:Do you know this person

Virat and Prithvi see it and gets shocked

Virat:I know him

Prithvi:He is Roma,s goon.

Arohi:I knew it.I don’t know if tara is also involved in this

Virat:Mom would have brainwashed her against you

Arohi:Virat let’s play some gun gun

Virat:What do you mean

Arohi:Meet me in the garden in 5 minutes

They all leave from there.Deep goes to jail.He looks for tara.He finally finds her talking with Roma. He hide behind a pillar

Tara:I only want deep

Roma:Don’t worry you will get him when arohi will die now sleep my princess

She sleeps

Roma:Don’t worry I will kill arohi and deep

She laughs. Deep leaves from there.Deep in the car

Deep:So my doubt was correct mummyji is using tara I should go and tell arohi

In the garden arohi and virat are having a conversation while playing in shooting range

Virat:Now what

Arohi:We will wait

Deep comes there he sees her playing with virat

Virat:Arohi how sharp mind do you have its a great plan does deep know about it

Arohi:No and now only me and you have access to the you know what

She shoots and hits bullseye

Arohi:3 wins in a row

Virat:Ok I think you are better than me

They are entering the house when arohi sees a spy camera near the bush

Arohi:(So the fish have fallen in my trap just wait and watch)

Deep:What is she thinking

Arohi:(Don’t worry you will find out)

Vedika comes and gives juice to virat and arohi




Prithvi comes there with a phone ringing

Prithvi:We have a call for you Arohi


She leaves from there and goes to her room

Arohi:All set.I want even to be perfect not even a single mistake

She cuts the call.She goes to her bed and sleeps.Deep is in his room is thinking

Deep:What should I do I can’t even find out about who she is doubting. She is not even telling me.I should go and ask her

He goes to her room.Arohi is pretending to sleep

Deep:She is sleeping it’s the right time

He searches the room and founds a key card . Prithvi is outside the security room he tries to open it but he fails.Deep comes there

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