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Laado 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka determines to search Juhi for Shaurya

Laado 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with guest congratulating Shaurya for getting Juhi. Shaurya thanks god and gives credit to his karma for getting Juhi. Shagun asks Anu why did she agree for engagement and says if he is pressurizing you then we will get him arrested. Anu asks didn’t you all know. Shagun says no and tells that they were unaware of Dadi’s plan. She recalls hearing Shagun giving idea to Dadi to get them engaged. Dadi gets happy. Shagun says we shall get them engaged. Dadi says I am living to see this day and says she will tell Laado. Shagun says we will keep this surprise for her. Dadi says ok. Anu thinks why she wants me to get engaged to Shaurya. Shagun comes to Amrish and says work is done. She says it will be fun when Anushka refuses Shaurya, then he can’t bear this insult and broke up with him. Then

nobody can stop her from signing the papers. Fb ends. Shagun asks her to throw ring on his face and says she will get him arrested. Anu says I know what you are upto? Shagun asks what do you mean?

Juhi serves food to Rantej. Rantej eats food and asks her to ask whatever she wants. Juhi says everyone tells that you are not a good man. Rantej asks who told you, your father? He says I am not that bad. Juhi says then you were taking food for whom? Rantej says whenever he gets sad, then he takes place and have food there. He asks her to promise that she will not go there. Juhi promises him.

Anu tells Shagun that she knows that she worries for her and thinks of her betterment. She says her happiness lies in everyone’s happiness. Shaurya announces his dance with Anu. They both dance. Kagaz ke panno… Rabba Mere Rabba plays…..Amrish says what an idea? Shagun says this girl is very clever and playing trick with us. There is something wrong, how did she agree so soon. Everyone claps for Anu and Shaurya. Shaurya says you have taken two births in one life and did all possible efforts to unite with him. He holds her hand and says we will never get separated now. Anu thinks I can’t tell him that I am his juhi. She tells that she will meet the guests. Shaurya says you can go, but remember that you will return to me as you are mine now. Anu goes from here and takes Komal with her to room. She cries. Komal asks what happened? Anu says Shaurya is thinking me as Juhi and I can’t tell him and playing with his feelings who doesn’t know betrayal. She says what he will feel when he gets to know this, he can’t fall in love again.

Komal says what is the need to tell him anything and asks her to forget everything and move on with Shaurya. She says may be that Juhi has forgotten everything and says she would have returned if cared for him. She says you are his future and juhi was his past, asks her to get married. Juhi checks food and thinks even today food is over. I have to find out for whom Rantej took food. Malhari comes to kitchen. Juhi starts cleaning utensils. Malhari blesses her. juhi goes to that side of house where Rantej took food. She hears woman screaming and thinks someone is inside. Anu says she has to search juhi for shaurya and my heart says I will find her. Komal says you wants to search Juhi, but this ring is not fake. Shaurya comes there.

Komal informs Juhi that papers are ready. Anu says she will not sign. Juhi tries to open the door. The lady from the room calls Anushka. (may be Meera is inside)

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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