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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1st May 2018Written Episode Update kulfi in sikanders house

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kulfi says I won’t give up I will find a way,I will give it a try,and calls security,he has fallen asleep,kulfi says he isn’t listening what will I do now,she tries to sign him alert him,he by mistake presses the bell,kulfi says oh wow now I can get in and excited enters the society and walks to fountain and sees few people entering and leaving from the lift and says what is this one entered and three came out must be magical door.

Kulfi sees a thin lady enter and a fat old lady come out and gets confused,she walks to the lift,but hides seeing a guy,he enters lift and sees dog come out and says god how will his mother recognise him,dog starts barking and security walks,kulfi hides.

Dad says lovely you are making mistake by returning to sikander,he has a daughter,lovely says but

his past is his guilt and I won’t let that get away from him,dad says you have a past too and that should not be revealed.

Kulfi confused and scared,security puts dog back in lift and leaves,kulfi walks out,dog pulls kulfis bag and gets in lift kulfi follows him and gets into lift and gets scared and says god help me,I don’t want to turn to dog or cat,Mama won’t recognise me otherwise.

Kulfi gets out of the lift and sees she is the same and says thank god,and finds herself in new place and says where am I what place is this.
Lovely says sikander you can’t come here,sikander says I know that,I won’t come to you till I gain your trust back,lovely closes the door and leaves.

Kulfi in sikanders house near a pot,sikander near by he feels something different in air and says I don’t know I feel this air is mine something is mine may be because my daughter is back,sikander holds the flower in his hand from the darga,and says thank god,and goes to sleep,kulfis bag is in the room sikander is Asleep.

Kulfi starts strolling around thinking what place is this and why is it so dark,and where is the dog and her bag,the dog walks to kulfi,kulfi says dog please give me back my bag,he starts barking,kulfi says look I won’t spare you,and look dogs don’t steal they guard.

Servants think what’s wrong with Jonny.kulfi says ok stop barking I’m sorry I won’t scold you.jonny runs away,kulfi follows him and lands in the balcony and says it’s so beautiful And I hope my siblings where here with me they wouldn’t believe it exists.

Kulfi starts missing them and asks Jonny are you alone too,I’m alone as well and please return me my bag I have my moms belongings,ok I shall sing for you will you then give me my bag.

Kulfi starts singing for Jonny,asking to return her the bag,sikander wakes up listening to Jonny bark,but goes back to sleep,kulfi continues singing,kulfi closes her eyes and remembers her mamas words and looks at Jonny with the hope he will return her bag.

Kulfi falls asleep with jonny in the balcony,it’s morning Jonny wakes her up barking,kulfi looks around and is surprised with the view of the city,and says ma you are right world is very big,bigger than Pathankot,kulfi smells food and turns around and sees dadi walk to dinning table and hides,oh god if they see me they will hit me.

Pre cap: sikander hands Amyra his book and says guard with your life.amyra in bath tub spills water,kulfi warns her.sikander enters and asks amyra where’s the book she points at the bath tub and kulfi pops out of it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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