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Kasam 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika and Ranbir hit and miss each other

Kasam 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranbir seeing Malini’s bottle and gives to her. He sees her depressed and thinks she is a mother figure. He comes to her and asks if she is sad because he didn’t give her autograph. Malini says who are you? Ranbir says I am a celebrity etc. He asks why is she sad? She cries. He gives her handkerchief and asks her not to cry. She smiles. He asks her to keep his handkerchief and says I will meet you later. He brings his bag. Mahima asks what about bag wali. Ranbir tells Akki that he felt current when somebody touches his hand. He says I didn’t see, but felt connection. Akki says she is Tanu’s soul. Ranbir asks him to grow up. Kritika asks Malini about the address. Malini says man we are going to meet someone like your father. She tells about her meeting with Ranbir and praises him.

Ranbir, Mr. Kapoor, Mahima and Akki come out of airport. Mr. Kapoor says this sand smell is awesome. Ranbir says it is pollution. Mr. Kapoor sings yeh mera India. Just then a car splashes muddy water on his face. Mahima asks him to wash his face. In the car, Ranbir asks Mr. Kapoor not to sing India song. Mr. Kapoor argues. Ranbir asks him to choose between them. They stop the car and argue. Kritika takes auto and comes to hotel with her mum. Ranbir and Mr. Kapoor argues again. Ranbir gets down from the car to get water for his mum and comes to the shopping mall. Tanuja asks where to go? Malini says that way. Ranbir comes to mall and feels the connection. Akki says she must be Tanu.

Kritika says this mall is big. Malini searches for Arun’s shop. Shop keeper tells him. Ranbir feels connection and asks what is this connection, who is this girl.

Kritika dupatta falls on Ranbir. He feels connection again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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