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Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Venegeance to ishq) Episode 2

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2 months later.


His lips showed a revengeful grin. That eyes threw a gaze of satisfaction at a brute tall goon who is screaming in intense pain. A limped man arrived with accompanying an automatic wheelchair. A gorgeous middle aged lady was sitting on the wheel chair. Her charm and beauty is making her actual age a big lie. She was looking away like an alive corpse. Limped man wrapped her head and kissed on her head.


“It has been 24 years, my Deedi’s  life ceased in this wheel chair.”


The initial guy kneeled and cupped her face.


“Maa look there. Your revenge mission is on.”


That goon was still screaming in pain. Numerous starved slum dogs are having him.


“Maa, look he is suffering from such pain which you had undergone.”


She watched the scene till his death. Past incidents ran through her mind for several times.


“Please leave me. I am pregnant. Please leave me for my infants.”


Lust was ruling that goon’s mind and body. He came close to her. Suddenly an unknown power initiated her, She jerked that brute and ran away. But he hitted her head with a heavy broken metal light…


It was a past. A past before 24 years. Her eyes excreted some expired salty fluid, she passed a smile. It is she. Sometimes tears and sometimes she is just passing a smile. But now this tears, this smile both are made up of gratefulness. She acquired some force from somewhere and the miracle occured. Her hands held that guys fingers.


“Sahil Mamu look Ma is responding.”


That limped man revealed Sahil.

Sahil also kneeled and held her arms.


“Anika Deedi.”, he ecstatically called.


“Karthik,(Siddharth Malhotra) call the doctor right now.”


He nodded willingly.





It has been 2 hours, Adi is sitting in the same posture.


He was looking at his laptop’s wallpaper.


“Saanjh, I don’t know you are moved on or not but I am still at the same station……. Awaiting for your return.


A man jumped onto his bed and Adi fell down in the sudden shock.

That man began to giggle while placing his head phones from ear to neck. He was in a coffee brown T shirt and jeans.


“Vivaan tum bhi na 😡.”

Adi said furiously.


“Hehe Vivaan Randawa likes to give sudden shocks.”


Vivaan took a look at the laptop.


“Waise bro, it’s the time to change it.”


“Why what happened??”

Adi asked while getting up with checking whether his elbow is injured or not.


“Nanis and gang are planning your marriage with Shivaani.”


Adi: What!! You mean that doctor who is settled here with her sister and taking care of Badidadi??


Viv: Exactly.


Adi: No  way  😏😏.


Viv: She is a nice girl. Sanskaari, caring. What do you want else??


Adi: Her sister is also a nice girl.


Viv: Shut up. She is a turmoil bro. Always making me mad.


Adi: Sometimes pure relationships are emerging from such knok njoks.


Adi lost in his yesterdays. Once again his mind followed Shivika. Vivaan snapped in front of his eyes.




Adi: No nothing.

A gorgeous girl in salwar kameez came into room. She is just like the piece of full moon.


“Lo aa gayi chaand ka tukda.”


Adi angrily stared at the floor like she is a third person came across him and his love interest.


“Sweets 😊.”


Adi: For what 😕.


Shivaani (Disha Patani) giggled adorably.


“Bcz you are freed from me. My marriage is fixed with my cousin.”


Adi: 😍😍 really congrats.


Shi: Hmm here you are happy. Wahan sabko 440 volt ka shock laga hai shock😂😂.


Viv: Adi I think you are gonna be a chronic bachelor.


“Seriously Vivaan. I don’t know about Adi but I think you don’t have any scope of getting a nice girl.”


An another girl also arrived with updating this new comment.


Vivaan kneeled in front of her and reached a halfly eaten Apple.


“Will you marry me Vaanika (Parineedhi Chopra).”



Vaan: What??


Viv: Haan you already predicted that I don’t have a chance of getting a nice girl so I thought to propose most worst girl in the world hehe.


Vaanika: You stupid  😡😡


She threw a pillow on him and he reciprocated the step with the previous apple.


Then the mode of their lives started changing. A move to the positive direction. Especially for Adi and Shivika and for our real Shivika. Finally for ViVaanika.


And after all three apples changed the world right. This apple bounded to Rohan’s (Rikara’s son) head. He roared like a lion.


“You blo*dy parasite how could you do this to me 😡😡.”


Rohit (Ruvya’s son) also stood up for Rohan.


“blo*dy parasites. You both belongs to streets. And always trying to consume our luxuries and money.”


“Rohit 😡😡😡”


Rudy shouted from a little away and the naughty boys escaped. But here it was enough for someone.


Vaani: Adi what did he meant?? You can tell us, if you don’t have any problem.


Adi: Woh I am my Paapa’s adopted son and he is Prinku bua’s son. Bua and Ranveer uncle is no more. They demised in a plain crash.


Viv: And Mama adopted me too. Maama is living for both of us.


Shi: Where is his wife??


Adi: He is a divorcee. We never saw her, I heard that she cheated on him and Paapa disowned her.


Vaani: And what about his second wife??


Adi: Second wife!! He isn’t remarried anybody. He is living for both of us only. One minute, how do you know about his remarriage?? Even we are also unaware of it.


Vaani: Nothing we heard a rumour may be.


Vivi: Leave it yaar. Mama is still a Casanova.




Vaanika splashed some water on Shivaani’s face. She again took some water from the pool for doing the same.


“I’m so happy Shivi. Finally my dream gonna come true. My family photo. I’m gonna unite Mumma, Paapa n Shivika Adi. Then my perfect family photo. Mumma,Paapa, You, Ahaan, Shivika, Adi, Karthik, Ankita, Bademama, Chottemama, Mamis Chachus, Chachis, Nani, daada daadis and finally me. Itni badi family hai meri itni badi.”


Shiva: Tujhe na Kapoor and sons dekhni hi ni chahiye thi. We are here for avenging these Oberois.


Vaan: Not we only you and your gang.


Shiva: Yeah me and my gang. Ohh now you’re the great optimistic Oberoi and we all are the antagonists right. Go and join their gang. Don’t come back.


Vaan: Shut up  😡😡. Doesn’t you heard?? Paapa is not remarried with anybody.


Shiva: So what. It is his life and he has the right to move on and after all we don’t have any relation with him. But he is the reason for our Maa’s condition. He had sent that goon for killing us and our Maa.


Vaan: I don’t think he can do that.


Shiva: Phir humhaare Chote mama kya jhoot bolega 😡😡.


Vaan: Maybe it is a misunderstanding also. I think we should talk to him.


Shiva: Do one thing. Call a press conference and announce everything  😡😡.


Vaan: Okay my Siso. What about Kitto and Adi.


Shiva: Karna kya hai  hamein donon ko ek karna hoga 😏😏.


Vaan: Call her and inform.


Shivika was talking to Adi’s pic.


“Our love is a sin. But why I’m unable to forget you.”


Suddenly her phone alerted that someone wants to call her.


“Tell me Shiva. Adi is ok na.”

The phone was in speaker mode.


Vaani: Haan haan our would be Jiju is fine.


Shivi: Shut up. Stop kidding Chiku. This is a sin.


Vaani: Not anymore. Arrey buddu he is adopted.


Shiva: Haan Kitto, he is Mr Oberoi’s adopted son.


Then no reply from other side.  Another two can feel her weeps from the another side.


“Aajkal sab kuch acha acha ho raha hai. Hai na Shiva. Maa also showed some signs of recovery. Everything gonna fine soon. Don’t you feel.”


“What’s going on.”


Shivaay approached them friendly. He seated near them with dipping legs in the pool.


“Nothing Uncle. Bas yun hi.”


OmRu and Vivaan also arrived…


“Vaanika don’t you think. Your name is the rarest of rarest. Why Vaanika why”, Rudy’s comment.


Vaanika sighed, “Hmm, Uncle, ‘Y’ is the hint. Our Mom was an expert in naming.”



“Our Mom was an expert in naming.”, it hollowed in Shivaay’s eyes for numerous  times.


Om: But Shivaani is a common name.


Shiva: You all are failing to see Shiva’Ani’s logic.


Suddenly Vaani noticed Shivaay who is deeply battling with his weird thoughts.


“Uncle What happened?? You are looking too much nervous.


Om: Haan Shivaay. Me too noticed. You are looking tensed.


Shi: Nothing Om. We lost a big deal due to Adi’s carelessness. And that Vikram Veer Talwar is trying to take over our company.


Rudy: Who is this new Avatar.


Shiv: That VVT. I have hired a detective for keeping an eye on him.


Shivaani smirked while hearing this.


“Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi. After all I am your daughter you know. I can predict your moves before you. Your so called detective is bribed by this Shivaani Singh Oberoi. In fact Mama is not Vikram Veer Talwar. He is Vishnu Vardhan Trivedi. Son of Mr Harsh Vardhan Trivedi”


Shivaani said in mind.


Shiv: Leave it, I can manage. But I am worried about Adi. He doesn’t cried yet cz of scaring about my health. He is my one and only asset, I can’t loss him.


A bulb flashed in Vaani’s mind.


“Uncle you want him to sob right. Then send him to a holiday trip. He can refresh his mind and sob alone.”


Shiv: Good idea.


Vivi: Then me too will accompany him.


Vaani: Mind refresh karne ke liye bhej raha hoon. Ganda karne ke liye nahi😏😏.


Om: Correct. He will visit the destination alone.


Rudy: But which is the destination.


Vaani: Manali 😊😊.


Vivi: Mama, can’t you smell some kind of foul play. She found out the destination immiedietly. I think it is pre planned.


Vaani: No  Uncle I love Manali therefore I am preferring it to everybody😔😔.




Shiv: I know beta that you are our well wisher.  If Manali then Manali. Vivi book the ticket.


Vivi: Maama please  😣 2✌️.


Shiv: No way.


To be continued…….



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