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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli and Malai complain to Chaitu

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chaitu relaxing at home and lying on call about his work stress. He tells Bundi and Pakori how he has joined a political leader and took over everything from him. He says I got all of his money and party, I have become a minister. Bundi and Pakori get tips from him to try on him. They smile and stare at him. They attack Chaitu. He shouts to Imli. Everyone comes. Chaitu says they were suffocating me. They apologize. Chaitu says you want to become CM. Puttan comes. Chaitu complains. Puttan scolds them and makes them apologize.

Puttan tells about the potholes on road. Imli asks Chaitu to think about it. She goes on shopping with Imli. Pakori says I wanted to become a minister. Bundi says you can go back to village. They argue. They wish to become contractors.

They wait for their fate to change. Puttan asks Chaitu to see news fast. Khoji tells about Imli and Malai’s accident because of the potholes. Chaitu asks Puttan to do something. Khoji says both Imli and Malai got saved, they spoke to media. Khoji asks Imli how is she feeling. Imli says I m glad that people saved me. He asks how did this happen. She says there are many potholes. They complain to govt. Imli and Malai come home. Chaitu asks them what did they say to media. They argue with Chaitu. He says I m not digging the pits. Malai says there are potholes everywhere. Imli asks him not to give assurance and make good roads. She says built new roads, else protests will stand from home this time. Chaitu asks Puttan what’s happening. Puttan says do something to stop this storm.

Road engineers meet Chaitu and explain about the bad routes. Jha says many people fell on pits. Chaitu asks what shall I do now, give me some idea. Puttan comes to give idea. He says we will get soil from other state and fill the pits. Chaitu agrees. Jha says we should consult an engineer to know about the potholes cause. Puttan tells about his survey results. Chaitu asks how do you get so much info. Puttan says its your blessing. He argues with Jha. Chaitu says minister’s relative shouldn’t fill the tender. Puttan gets angry on Jha. Imli and Malai tell everyone about the potholes. Puttan comes and tells them that roads will be fixed soon. He tells her about Chaitu’s rule. He says I can’t get the tender now. Imli says you can make a bogus company and get tender. Puttan gets glad. He thinks on whose name to make the bogus company. He sees Bundi and Pakori. He chooses them to make them road contractors. He says I will fill tender today.

Bundi and Pakori get dressed in suits and come home. Imli and Malai don’t identify them. Puttan comes and asks who are you. Malai gets cold drinks for them. They get shocked seeing Bundi and Pakori. Malai says its cheat. Puttan beats them. Imli asks the reason for disguise. Puttan says I was making them road contractors, bless them. Puttan takes them to CM office. Jha says Chaitu is not at office. Puttan asks Jha to pass the tender. Jha says this will be checked, it will be rejected if its minister’s relative’s tender, I will meet the contractor. Puttan says that contractors are rich people, they won’t meet you, pass the tender. Bundi and Pakori come home crying. They tell Puttan about the tender result. Puttan asks the good news. Bundi says our tender has failed. Puttan says I know who did this, I will handle the matter.

Jha complains about Puttan’s bogus company. Chaitu passes the tender. Janta gets a notice from govt.

Update Credit to: Amena

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